How to Choose a Blog Name

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2024 and Beyond

Coming up with a blog name could be time-consuming if you don’t know the right way to name your blog.  Whether you’re starting out or making changes to an existing one, a blog name always matters. And if it’s a personal blog, things become a bit intricate. Because for a business blog, all you need … Read More

High Paying Google keywords

How to Find High-Paying Google Adsense CPC Keywords

You might be aware of various high-paying Google Adsense keywords that are able to attract profitable ads and when used the right way result in you getting ads with amazing high CPC. Then how do you find these high-paying Google Adsense keywords and how can you use them on your niche sites? If you were … Read More

Drive Steady Traffic

Drive Steady Traffic: Ways to Promote Your Existing Blog Post Content

Being consistent in blogging not only refers to publishing new blog posts correctly. You will have to breathe life into old blog posts too. Just publishing as many blog posts and forgetting about it, is useless. The blog post content type is immaterial. Most bloggers try to do so. Unfortunately, bloggers might not be clear … Read More

blog make money

7 Ways to Make Money Blogging

“I don’t want to find out more ways to make money blogging.” ~ No Blogger Ever Once you learn how to blog, practice writing, create value and build connections you can earn more money through your blog. The essence of your blogging cash flow rests itself in following the above fundamentals. Blogging income streams are … Read More