Cloudways Review

Cloudways Review: Is it better than mainstream Hosting?

Before migrating to, I was with Cloudways for a few months; so in this Cloudways review, I will share my personal experience and the pros and cons of this managed cloud hosting platform. Cloudways is one of the last three hosting providers I used to host this blog and they’re pretty fast, But I … Read More

SiteGround Alternatives

7 Best SiteGround Alternatives in 2023 (#1 is the fastest)

Today’s website visitor doesn’t have time for slow websites as there are thousands of results in Google that he can go to. People now put their trust in businesses that offer fast service. Be it in terms of customer support or a web page that loads in a blink of an eye; less waiting time … Read More

Fastest WordPress Hosting

3 Best Fastest WordPress Hosting I’ve personally used

I’ve been blogging for the past nine years and during this period I’ve been with various managed WordPress hosting providers, but not all of them were super fast.  Modern websites need to be fast in order to rank and compete with the world. So my quest for the fastest web hosting provider led me to … Read More

Cloudways Coupon Code

Cloudways Coupon Code 2023: Get 20% OFF

Are you searching for a reliable hosting provider for your website? You might have heard about Cloudways — a managed cloud hosting platform.  Cloudways stands out among hosting providers due to its unique features. With 50+ data center locations and advanced support and security features, Cloudways provides excellent speed, uptime, and load handling. You can … Read More