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Top 5 Advanced Keyword Research Tools to Use in 2024

You rarely publish something without keyword research or advanced keyword research, and readers would come in a pile within a day. Considering today’s highly competitive online market. Without knowing what people are searching for, it’s hard for content to rank and provide you with benefits.  Thus, you need keyword research, and for that, you need … Read More

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Your Site Getting Penalized by Google

Running a website or blog isn’t easy, there are many challenges. One of our main challenge is to rank higher without getting penalized by Google. It’s a big challenge and it should be done precisely without breaking any Google’s rule. Many things can go wrong; Google can even make our site disappear from their Search … Read More

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Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid for a Long-Term Success

Predicting Google and its SEO is like predicting the weather forecast; sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t. The methods we used to rank websites yesterday, won’t work today. SEO is a continues process, Google changes its search engine algorithm on a regular basis, and the metrics they consider to rank is kind … Read More

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