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Benefits of CRM with Case Study Examples

Trade, the earliest form of business, has been a mainstay of human society right from our first interaction with one another. Of course, business then cannot be compared to what it is now, but the basic concepts have always been the same. There is a value exchange between one person and the other. This means … Read More

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Cloud Based CRM Software

Best Cloud-Based CRM Software to Grow your Business Venture

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a system that has become more popular over the years. The system refers to strategies, technologies, tools, and techniques to help enterprises acquire, develop, and retain their customers. There is a common misconception that CRM only originated towards the tail-end of the twentieth century. Although the term CRM may be … Read More

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Hubspot CRM

7 Best CRM software for Small and Large Businesses

Want to streamline your sales process, gather and organize leads/customers’ data effectively and maximize conversions? Well, then you need a CRM.  This review will help you understand what it is and provide you with a list of some best CRM software for small and large businesses. Ready? Let’s dive right in: What’s CRM & What … Read More

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