12 Best Domain Registrars to get your Business Online

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When it comes to the registration of a domain name, there are a plethora of domain name providers out there and that can confuse any person especially if you are new. Besides, everyone has their own needs when it comes to domain registration. Some prefer to get a domain and hosting from one place and some need … Read more

How to Link Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting

link godaddy and hostgator

Creating a Self-Hosted Blog/website is quite easy. All you need is, a domain name and a web host. And then you need to Link the domain and hosting together. Once you’ve registered your domain name on Godaddy and brought Hostgator web hosting, you need to link it together. Today, I’ll share a detailed tutorial on how to Link Godaddy Domain … Read more

How to Effectively Prepare Your Blog or Website to Be Sold

Sell websites

One way to make money as an internet entrepreneur is to sell your website. There are pros and cons to selling a site, which I won’t get into in this article, but selling a profitable site is sometimes an opportunity to make a large sum of money quickly. The fact that you can sell a website … Read more

Important Things to Consider While Registering a Domain Name

Having a website for your company or brand is essential, it’ll help you grow your business; But many make mistakes while registering a domain name unknowingly. Some simple mistakes can cost badly. So, in this article i’m going to explain you what are those mistakes and the things you should consider while registering a domain … Read more