How to Link Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting

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This article was published in 2014, and even though the UI has changed, the process remains the same.

Creating a Self-Hosted Blog/website is quite easy. All you need is a domain name and a web host. And then you need to Link the domain and hosting together.

Once you’ve registered your domain name on Godaddy and bought HostGator web hosting, you need to link it together.

Today, I’ll share a detailed tutorial on how to Link Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting.

First, you need to have;

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How to Link Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting

Step 1: Find the Hostgator Name Servers

A Name Server is a specialized thing on the internet that handles all queries and points to the location of a domain name. As Godaddy doesn’t host your website contents and files, you must point your name servers to the HostGator server.

You’ll get your Hostgator Name Server details through an email on buying Hostgator web hosting. You can also find your Name Servers on the Hostgator Control Panel (cPanel); Once you’ve logged in to your cPanel, scroll down to the end and there you’ll find your Name Servers. Usually, your Name Servers look like this; and See the below image for more reference. Control Panel

Step 2: Log in to Godday account and enter Name Servers:


Now log in to your Godday account Click on Domain Management and select your Domain. Now click on Nameservers and set Nameservers. Now a Popup with Nameserver Settings page will open up. Now select Custom and Enter Hostgator Nameservers. Then click Save. See the below screenshot.

Step 3: Add Domain On HostGator:

After you’ve configured your name servers properly, Go back to Hostgator cPanel. Click on Addon Domains under Domains.


A new page will open up. Fill in the required field.

  • New Domain Name — add your domain name.
  • Subdomain/FTP Username — This field will be created automatically, it’s better if you don’t change it.
  • Document Root — This field will also be created automatically, don’t change it.
  • Password — Enter a new password

Now click on Add Domain. See the screenshot below for more reference.


You’ll get a message saying that your domain has been added. Done. You’ve successfully Linked the Godaddy Domain Name with HostGator Web Hosting.

It might take some time for your Name Servers to propagate. Sometimes it might take more than 48 hours to access your site.

Final Words

This is how you can easily Link the Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting. If you’ve any doubts, feel free to contact me.


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