Important Things to Consider While Registering a Domain Name

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Having a website for your company or brand is essential, it’ll help you grow your business; But many make mistakes while registering a domain name unknowingly. Some simple mistakes can cost badly. So, in this article i’m going to explain you what are those mistakes and the things you should consider while registering a domain name.

When I wanted to resister my first domain, I struggled to lot; I struggled to find the available domain names. This is the first problem you’ll face while registering. Already there are millions of websites, and finding a domain name that suits your brand is quite difficult.

It’s always good to choose brandable, and easy-to remember names in domain. It’ll help others to recognize your brand easily.

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Important Things to Consider While Registering a Domain Name

Check the Domain History

Once you pick the desired domain name, you should be aware of the fact that the domain name could be expired one. An expired domain is a domain that was used before, and it was left to expire. There may be many reasons why the domain names are left to expire; the domain might be banned or blacklisted by Google, or the owner had no money/forgot to renew.

If you choose an expired domain name, you’re likely to face problems; your site might not get good SEO results. So always check before registering a domain name. There are tools like WaybackMachine to find the complete history of an expired domain.

Avoid Trademarked Names

Many people make silly mistake here; they choose a trademarked name as their domain. For example; if you think picking a domain name that looks something like ‘’ is cool, then you’re wrong. And you’ll definitely end up in trouble. Because ‘Google’ is a trademarked name, and using trademarked names in your domain is strictly prohibited. So always check before registering a new domain.

There are some online tools to check whether the name is trademarked or not. Below I’ve listed some tools;

Avoid Confusing names

I’ve seen many people using numbers, abbreviations and hyphens in their domains. That’s the very big mistake they do; it not only looks bad as a brand, it’ll also confuse people. For example; if you choose a domain name ‘’, the domain name can be confused as ‘’. So always avoid these kinds of silly mistakes. Choose easy-to-remember keywords, and never choose long or difficult to spell words.

There are many domain name suggestion tools online, you can use them to find good domain names. Below I’ve listed out some tools;

Choose Top-Level domain extension

There are three top-level domain extensions in the web. Those are .com, .Net and .org. It is best to choose among these three for your business. I prefer .com extension. Because I think Google usually gives little more importance to .com extension. Also, people are more familiar with .com domain extension than other two.

However, you can choose .net and .org domain extension. Usually, all the domains are priced around $10/year, which I think is affordable.

Also, there are country level domains like; .in (India), (England), etc. Only choose these types of domain extensions if you’re targeting specific country audience.


These are the major things to consider while registering a domain name; Avoid making simple mistakes like trademark violation in your domain, and choose a simple, brandable domain name

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