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Running a successful blog is not a walk in the park because you have to familiarize yourself with different things. Not every blogger understands all the requirements for a successful blog, and that’s why The Blog Metrics is here to help you.

Who We Are

The Blog Metrics is your perfect destination for insightful blogging tutorials and marketing metrics. Our primary goal is to assist bloggers, mostly beginners and small business owners, with highly informative guides that will help them run their blogs successfully. We share easy-to-understand tutorials related to blogging, WordPress, and marketing.

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A few words from the Owner

My name is Adithya Shetty, and I’m the founder of The Blog Metrics. I am a passionate blogger and tech enthusiast. My blogging journey dates back to 2011 when I started with a Cricket blog on the popular Blogger platform before moving to WordPress after learning the benefits of professional blogging through the platform.

I fell in love with WordPress, and in 2013, I decided to start Passive Blog Tips, which I later rebranded to The Blog Metrics in 2019 as a resource targeted at new bloggers, WordPress beginners, and small businesses. You won’t see any Ads on my platform except for affiliate links because I strongly believe in the 51/49 rule (give more, take less).

Academically, I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Diploma, which was not my career path. Being from India and earning dollars inspired me to become a full-time blogger, which I am forever grateful for.

Mission Statement

To provide cutting-edge insightful blogging and marketing strategies that are simple to understand for bloggers, small businesses, and WordPress website owners unfamiliar with the technical part of running the platform.

Vision Statement

To convert our platform into a brand that promises a fast approach in providing you with all the information you need to make your blog successful.

Why Choose Us?

At The Blog Metrics, we provide you with unique content on the different topics related to blogging that can help you elevate your blog. We help you learn different strategies you can incorporate to make your blog successful with the much-needed industry expertise.

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