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Best Cloud-Based CRM Software to Grow your Business Venture

Cloud-Based CRM Software

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a system that has become more popular over the years. The system refers to strategies, technologies, tools, and techniques to help enterprises acquire, develop and retain their customers. There is a common misconception that CRM only originated towards the tail-end of the twentieth century. Although the term CRM may be …

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17 Google Analytics Alternatives to Analyse your Traffic

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics software used by businesses to track website traffic and visitor behavior. Despite its widespread use, many marketers are still unaware of alternative tools that can perform the same functions and more.  Granted, Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool and is widely used by marketers …

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11 Thrive Leads Alternatives to maximize your Conversion rate

Thrive Leads Alternative

Want to grow your eCommerce business or build a subscribers’ list for your blog? Well, you need a lead generation tool for this, which entices visitors to give their emails to you via beautifully designed pop-up forms.  Thrive Leads helps users do just that, but some may find its pricing or features not very attractive. …

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Astra Review: One WordPress theme for all your needs

Astra Review

A website is necessary for every business, especially in this Age of Technology and Pandemic, as most companies have turned to the online space to grow their businesses. A website is your business’s first impression. If it doesn’t stand out, the user will be hesitant to do business with you – that’s a fact. Since …

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