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I recently wrote an article about the fastest WordPress hosting that I’ve used over the past few years; in that list, I showed how is better in terms of performance. So today I’ll share my detailed review of and what makes it number one in my eyes after using it for over twelve months (As of March 2024, I’ve been with them for over two years).

Unlike other hosting providers, leverages the Edge hosting infrastructure with the help of Cloudflare Enterprise; for those who don’t know, Cloudflare is one of the popular CDN providers that has been innovating to make the web fast and safe.

If you’re looking for a short answer to know whether they’re worth the money? I would say — Absolutely yes. Within a few minutes after testing their speed, I decided to migrate this site to

If you have a decent website and can afford $30/mo, then you can go ahead and test its performance with their $1 first-month launch offer without hesitation. If you’re looking for a long answer and need some clarification, keep reading.

Overview of

Year Founded:
West Palm Beach, FL
Service Types:
Managed WordPress Hosting
Base Plan:
Customer Support:
Ticketing, chat, and phone
Data Centers:
20+ Edge Locations across the world
Cloudflare Enterprise WAF, Imunify360, SSL
Refund Policies:
30-day money-back guarantee
CDN Type:
Cloudflare Enterprise
Email Boxes:
Not available
Not available

Founded in 2020, is relatively new compared to its competitors like Kinsta, WP Engine, WPX, etc.

The founder of Ben Gabler has over seventeen years of career experience in web hosting and CDN and worked with reputed companies like HostGator, GoDaddy, Stackpath, etc. So he started to utilize his knowledge and offer the Fastest WordPress Hosting service.

Cloudflare Enterprise with

While the Cloudflare Enterprise pricing is not revealed on Cloudflare’s website, it is estimated that the Enterprise plan starts at $2000/mo and is only used by reputed brands and companies. However, has partnered with Cloudflare to provide all of its customers with Enterprise CDN which claims is worth $6000.

All these terms sound exaggerated but once you use, you’ll be blown away by its performance. What’s more fascinating is that; no configuration is required from your end and your site will receive Cloudflare’s Enterprise-level CDN straight out of the box.

Also, it’s worth noting that Cloudflare Enterprise is totally different than the other plans Cloudflare offers in terms of speed with full access to its 250+ Edge locations across the world.

After using WPX for nearly three years, I was on Cloudways, but soon after migrating to, Cloudways announced they were offering Cloudflare Enterprise CDN as an add-on. However, according to the founder of Ben Gabler, is years ahead in terms of Edge caching and they have perfected it to maximum combability for the past couple of years.

Most of the web hosting reviews are corrupted by marketers who are trying to earn more commissions; however, the Trustpilot rating for is the highest among web hosting companies with an average of 4.9 out of 5.

Main benefits of Cloudflare Enterprise with

Full page caching: with, your site will be fully cached with Cloudflare’s 250+ Edge locations on their network. While companies like Cloudways and Kinsta started offering Cloudflare APO, claims they’re ahead of it.

Cloudflare’s APO feature is similar to what offers; it allows your entire site to be cached and served by Cloudflare’s edge network. Many hosting companies seem to realize this and are starting to implement it.

Smart Caching: also uses smart caching, which only purges necessary URLs and only purges HTML content, improving the cache hit ratio.

Automated Image Resizing: also resizes your images and converts them into WebP, which will help you increase your page speed scores without using image-optimizing plugins. However, I still use these plugins and it doesn’t conflict with

WAF: WAF (web application firewall) protects your site from various attacks and malware. As you know Cloudflare is also famous for its security features which can eliminate any type of attack.

With, you don’t have to depend on the security plugin anymore; while I still use Wordfence, I noticed that I no longer get login attempt notifications from it; Cloudflare is eliminating almost all the spam bots before they reach my site.

TTFB is better than any other hosting I tested Review TTFB
KeyCDN Tools — Performance test

Before migrating to, my TTFB (server responsiveness) in Asian countries like India and Japan used to be higher and it would take nearly one second even with CDN.

However, is quite different; now my blog loads quite fast across the world, this is because’s servers are being statically placed in Edge locations. has over 20 edge server locations across the globe which you can choose while installing your WordPress website for the first time.

I picked the New York location for this blog, still, you can see that my TTFB is constant everywhere. claims that their average TTFB is 70ms, and my above tests prove that they’re not wrong.

Apart from sites using CDN with LiteSpeed server, I haven’t seen any other managed WordPress hosting with TTFB this low; Although runs on Apache, the LiteSpeed web server is faster than both Apache and Nginx. You can see the results here of Litespeed WordPress.

However, many companies such as NameHero and ChemiCloud are offering managed LiteSpeed web servers for WordPress for an affordable price that has low TTFB. You can also utilize LiteSpeed using VPS or cloud hosting by installing a control panel such as CyberPanel on your server, here is my guide to achieve it.

Speed Test of site hosted on the

You might be aware of the importance of website performance and Core Web Vitals, the site hosted on passes all these metrics.

According to Google, if the web page loading time increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases up to 32%. So, it’s a good idea to pick a hosting server that’s optimized for speed.

Below I’ve shared some of the speed tests of this site using Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. PageSpeed Insights Desktop
W3 Total Cache plugin with minification turned off
PageSpeed Insights Mobile
Performance on mobile

As you can see, I could easily achieve a 100 Performance score using with just a free version of the W3 Total Cache plugin using default settings. However, recommends the premium cache plugin WP Rocket to fully utilize your site’s performance.

Cache Plugin Update: I just started using FlyingPress and it’s better than any other free and premium cache plugins in the WordPress market. It instantly made my site performance visibly better. And the process of setting up takes a few minutes; everything is in-built and automatic.

With, FlyingPress is working smoothly without any glitches. FlyingPress also offers CDN starting from $3/mo, but since I’m already getting the Cloudflare enterprise CDN, it’s disabled.

I would also like to mention that the GeneratePress theme that I’m using on this site also played a role in this 100/100 performance.

Usually, getting the perfect score on mobile is not easy, but made it possible and I no longer use AMP; Setting up a different version of my site on mobile with AMP was kind of irritating, but now many reputed sites are already getting away from it. As long as your site meets the core web vitals metrics, it shouldn’t be an issue. GTmetrix
GTmetrix test

You might think I’m only showing the homepage test results as the homepage doesn’t have long content and images. To show the true performance of, below I’ve tested the page that had over 50+ images and 3000+ words. page speed
Post with 50+ images & 3000+ words

The above result shows the full-page cache of in action; their smart technology even bypasses caching for WooCommerce, blog comments, etc. which can cause issues, eliminating the need for plugins. Also, they optimize Google fonts, supports, and file compression through Brotli, etc.

Free Migration

Another benefit of is that they’re beginner-friendly; they provide a free migration service for your WordPress site if you decide to migrate your site from another hosting.

Their experts will help you move your site with zero downtime. Also, the Cloudflare DNS is very fast, and the DNS update takes place within a few minutes. Free Migration

Although I migrated this site myself, I recommend using this service to avoid any mishaps. Just create an account and submit your migration request.

Intituive Control Panel provides its very own custom-built control panel with an intuitive Dashboard. It is quite easy to use and very helpful to manage your website. In the “Sites” tab, you can manage your website’s plugins, themes, backups, etc. Control Panel Dashboard

You can also view the reports of your cache status which displays the hits served by Edge and hits served by the server also with the WAF reports.

In my case, just over 50% of hits are served from the Edge. However, claims that its Cache Hit Ratio is 96.21; there’s also a case study to back up this data. I assume that the high-traffic sites get more out of Cloudflare’s Enterprise caching due to end users accessing that site from every major city. cache status cache status

Returning to the dashboard, you can create a staging site with one click. also allows SSH access, Database management, etc. site settings site settings

Anyone without any technical skills can use the dashboard with ease and it also feels secure with options to add 2FA. Specifications’s base plan comes with 10GB of Disk Space with 50GB of monthly bandwidth. They also count hits and allow up to 250,000 visitors per month. All the plan comes with free Redis which can massively help if you’re running a high-traffic WooCommerce site. uses NVMe drives instead of SSDs that are used by many hosting companies, also each server configuration gets 32 cores and 128GB RAM.

In some hosts, while updating the plugins or themes my WordPress site would go into maintenance mode for a few minutes, but not with; the power allotted for each plan is good enough for most sites. Support offers excellent support through chat, ticketing, and phone; although the base plan is excluded from phone support, my overall experience with them is pleasant.

rocket net support
Support Email

Initially, I faced an SSL issue while setting up this blog, however, the support team was able to fix it for me through chat.

I also had an issue with PayPal making duplicate payments for my invoice, which was resolved within an hour after opening the ticket by the founder himself. Pricing pricing pricing pricing starts at $30 per month for 1 website, which is a little expensive compared to some hosting providers like WPX which offers up to 5 websites for just $20 per month. Invoice
My invoice from for the past 12 months

However, because offers Cloudflare Enterprise, pricing seems reasonable.


Plus, you can get 2 months of hosting for free with an annual purchase. The $60 per month plan offers up to 1,000,000 visits to 3 websites.

Feature Requests and Upcoming Innovation has a tab for its customers where you can request a feature and view the upcoming innovative tools. You can also submit your vote for any feature you like displayed on the dashboard; Not many hosting companies take this type of feedback from the customers.

Feature Requests
Top feature requests

As you can see in the above screenshot, some of the feature requests are in progress such as the SMTP email solution and WP cache plugin;’s upcoming very own cache plugin can eliminate the need to use third-party plugins.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup
Daily backup status offers a daily backup service for your sites, the backups will be retained for up to 14 days. You can restore your site from these backups in case of any emergency. It also allows you to take manual backups at any time. Pros and Cons


  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Full-page caching
  • Fully Optimized for speed
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 20+ global servers
  • 200+ Edge caching locations
  • Free Migration
  • Advanced Security with Cloudflare WAF
  • Daily automated backup
  • Free Staging


  • No Email services
  • No domain registration service
  • Little expensive for beginners Discount

Currently, offers discounts for new customers; you can get the first month of hosting for just $1. Use my affiliate link if you find this review helpful. Alternatives

Some of the Alternatives to consider:

WP Engine: WP Engine claims to be the number one hosting platform for WordPress.

Kinsta: Kinsta offers WordPress-optimized WordPress hosting using the Google Cloud Platform.

WPX: For years, WPX has been known for speed and having its very own CDN.

Cloudways: Cloudways is another alternative that comes close to what is offering; they also offer Cloudflare Enterprise with an add-on. Read my extensive review.

Final Verdict on the

This is my comprehensive review of after using it for the past twelve months. If you can afford to spend $30 per month on hosting, then it’s worth it. And I absolutely recommend them without an ounce of doubt.

However, if you’re just starting out and want to try a little less expensive hosting, then I would say Cloudways is your best choice.


  1. Does offer domain registration?

    No, it doesn’t. is mainly targeted toward advanced users, however, if you already have a domain, you can easily connect with it.

  2. Does offer Email services?

    No, currently they do not offer email services. You can rely on third-party email hosting services such as Google Workspace, Rackspace, etc.

  3. Does have a refund policy?

    Yes, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the plans with no questions asked.

  4. Is Beginner-friendly?

    Yes, is beginner-friendly with an intuitive dashboard.

  5. Does offer Reseller Hosting?

    Yes, the reseller plan starts at $100/month. You also get a White-labeled Control Panel with an Agency Toolkit. is one of the fastest WordPress hosting provider which leverages the Edge Technolgy to run your site faster. is highly Optimzed for WordPress by experts with the help of Cloudflare Enterprise.

Price: 30

Price Currency: $

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