How to Find High-Paying Google Adsense CPC Keywords

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You might be aware of various high-paying Google Adsense keywords that are able to attract profitable ads and when used the right way result in you getting ads with amazing high CPC. Then how do you find these high-paying Google Adsense keywords and how can you use them on your niche sites?

If you were able to find these keywords and use them in your niche sites, would you get ads with an incredibly high cost per click? I will answer these questions by showing you the top ways of discovering high-paying Adsense keywords.

Firstly, let me let you in on how you can increase your options of acquiring these high-paying ads by employing Adsense keywords. First of all, you have to ensure your blog theme talks about a topic that’s based on high-paying Google Adsense keywords. To achieve this feat you will need to run some Adsense keyword research.

This important research can be done by the use of paid keyword research services or if you are on a budget, you can run the research yourself. You would then be in a better spot to exploit the latent power of the high-paying keywords associated with your chosen topic because of your background research for rich Adsense themes.

You can also increase your chance by creating an impressive high-quality Adsense website. When your website contains a lot of pages with targeted keywords, it tends to achieve a lot more authority on the given topic it’s based on. This translates to even greater page visibility on google and on your website having better quality ads. Likewise, the more pages with targeted Adsense keywords, the higher the chances of getting high CPC ads on your website.

How to Find High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

Now let me show you one top guaranteed way you can get these high-paying Adsense keywords fast. You already know by now that to improve on your Adsense earnings, you will have to discover targeted high-paying keywords which have the immense potentials of generating an unending flow of traffic to your site. You also need to know that searching for top-paying keywords in your niche is the best way to go because it can be a lot easier to rank for niche keywords than general keywords.

There is one incredibly phenomenal tool that can work you through the arduous process of discovering these targeted and highly profitable keywords and this tool is SEMrush.

SEMrush can find these niche keywords for you to rank your website on and it can also look for other detailed information on your keywords like the number of results, trends, and search volume among other statistics.

To use this tool is pretty easy. You will have to open a free account on SEMrush. Then make a list of niche authority blogs that are top sites in your niche.

1. To get started, get into your SEMrush account and type in one of the authority niche blogs you have discovered. In the below example, I’ve entered this popular website

How to find High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

2. Next, you will be able to view a complete report of the top keywords that are driving traffic to that particular website. To get down these high-paying keywords, click on the CPC tab and reveal them.

how to find high CPC keywords

Also, you will discover some keywords are long-tail keywords that even afford a greater earning potential for your Adsense. Then, start copying these keywords down. Repeat the above steps for the other niche sites on your list to gather rich keywords for the next process.

Now that you have gathered these top niche keywords, the next step will now take you to start writing blog posts that target your laid down keywords. Honestly, it will take a little bit of time to rank high on these earnings but to speed up this process ensure you optimize your blog post-on-site SEO the right way to rank high for your targeted niche keywords.

Final Words:

As you can see it is not quite difficult to get the most out of targeted high-paying Google Adsense keywords. It will only take some hard work on your part to accomplish this feat. In the long run, all your efforts will bring about incredibly high Adsense earnings for you and your website.


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