9 Best Kinsta Alternatives for Managed WordPress Hosting for 2024

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Kinsta is one of the top performers when it comes to managed WordPress hosting but some webmasters might not find it useful for their purposes because one size doesn’t fit all. So to help those who need some good or even better Kinsta alternatives, we have created this detailed guide.

This blog post contains a list of the eight best Kinsta alternatives with different features and offerings. And out of these alternatives, we are confident that you will find your perfect match, just make sure to stay with us till the end. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:

Best Kinsta Alternatives Compared

Web Host
Basic Plan Pricing
WPX Hosting
Media Temple
Liquid Web



Finally, a web hosting provider has managed to blow my mind with their unbelievable site loading speed across the world. For the past few years, I’ve hosted my sites with SiteGround, WPX Hosting, and Cloudways.

They all were good, but somehow I felt things could be improved a bit in terms of performance and site speed, so I started researching; that’s where I found Rocket.net. You won’t find many reviews on Google about them because they’re relatively new; in fact, the company was established just two years ago.

What made me migrate to Rocket.net?

I was with Cloudways for a few months, but the TTFB was not constant across all locations. So on coming across Rocket.net, I decided to test it out with their $1 first-month opening offer; It took just a few minutes to make a decision.

Unlike others, Ben Gabler, the Founder of Rocket.net has vast experience in WordPress, CDN, and hosting. Rocket has managed to implement and provide Cloudflare Enterprise Plan to every customer; this resulted in good TTFB scores across the World.

When it comes to hosting and CDN, certain locations like India, the Middle East, and African countries are ignored and they have a very bad TTFB, but Cloudflare has a vast number of data centers here which solves the problem.

The pricing of the Cloudflare enterprise plan is not revealed and it is custom-made for each client. According to a Reddit post, the Cloudflare enterprise plan’s pricing starts at $2000/mo; Rocket.net says it’s worth $6000. Anyway, the result is in front of you and I’ve been happily using them for the last few days.

TTFB of my site hosted on Rocket.net
TTFB of my site hosted on Rocket.net
GTmetrix Speed test of my site
GTmetrix Speed test
Performance metrics of my site
Performance metrics of my site

Just the couple of above tests made me decide to migrate this site to Rocket.net.

What is better in Rocket.net?

Although Rocket.net’s base plan is only $5 cheaper than Kinsta, it provides better performance and features. Limitations on Kinsta seem too much; for example; the base plan of Kinsta only offers 25,000 visits per month, compared to Rocket.net’s 250,000 visits per month.

Also, Kinsta has a PHP workers limit, while Rocket.net doesn’t have any limitations at all. This can cause a lot of issues if you’re running a high-traffic site and might have to upgrade to higher plans on Kinsta. Not to forget, Kinsta itself declares on the pricing page that the base plan is not suitable for e-commerce or membership sites.

So in conclusion, Rocket.net is far better than Kinsta. Read my comprehensive Review of Rocket.net here.


ScalaHosting managed WordPress Hosting
ScalaHosting managed WordPress Hosting

ScalaHosting is a reliable and feature-rich hosting platform. The platform delivers exceptional performance across its range of services. ScalaHosting shines with its cloud and VPS hosting options. It offers powerful resources and user-friendly tools like the proprietary SPanel dashboard to manage your website.

SShield Security and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to ensure a safe hosting environment on the platform. The platform has data centers in different parts of the world that are integrated with AWS. 

With its global reach and cost-effective pricing, the company makes an excellent alternative to Kinsta. All packages come with 30 days money-back guarantee. Over 700,000 websites are hosted by the company for more than 50,000. Read my review of ScalaHosting here.

Key Features of Scalahosting 

  • Free Migration 
  • You will get a free domain with WP Start or higher plans
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Advanced spam protection 
  • SSD storage
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee 

WPX Hosting


One of the best Kinsta alternatives founded by Terry Kyle, WPX Hosting, focuses on providing far better and superior managed hosting for WordPress than its counterparts. And it would not be wrong if we say that it does the job well.

WPX Hosting leverages Google Cloud Platform and allows up to five WordPress installations in the basic plan while you only get one with Kinsta.

Furthermore, WPX Hosting offers free site migration and one-click installation making it a piece of cake for you to set up your website. Lastly, it is more affordable than Kinsta which is also a plus. You can read my detailed review.

Some of the primary features are:

  • Full SSD servers
  • Staging area for site mirroring
  • Top-class security with free unlimited SSL
  • Offers 99.9% uptime
  • Outclass support with an average response time of 30 seconds

What is good in WPX?

Well, apart from the apparent pricing difference, WPX hosting’s base plan offers up to 5 websites; which will definitely help beginners who want to host more than one website.

This makes WPX an affordable option among these premium-managed WordPress hosting providers. Also, there are no visit limits on WPX, however, they have a 100 GB bandwidth limit; unless you have a high-traffic site, this should be sufficient.

Kinsta’s base plan doesn’t offer a Staging environment, but all the WPX plans include this feature. WPX has its own CDN called XDN, while Kinsta depends on a basic Cloudflare CDN; they recently started offering Cloudflare APO, however, they’re nowhere close to what Rocket.net offers.

WP Engine

WP Engine
WP Engine

The company that initially set the standard of managed hosting for WordPress is unequivocally WP Engine. Then other players entered the market and now virtually every hosting company offers this service.

They are the authority when it comes to keeping the site up during a lot of traffic. Furthermore, they offer free SSL along with managed security allowing you to stay up and secure 24/7. The best part of using WP Engine’s service is the availability of 250 WordPress experts in customer support. You might want to check out some WP Engine alternatives as well.

WP Engine has a plethora of features and some primary ones are:

  • Comes with free CDN
  • Offers blazing-fast speed
  • Immediate recovery from disaster
  • Daily & on-demand backup
  • Has a site staging feature and offers free migration

What is better in WP Engine?

The base plan of WP Engine is $12 less than Kinsta, which can be beneficial for new website owners who are just starting.

Also, WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, compared to the 30-day of Kinsta. WP Engine also provides 10 premium themes for all plans. However, I don’t like the addon features and pricing structure of WP Engine; For example, Automated plugin updates on the base plan cost an extra $3 per month which is totally unnecessary.



Next on the list of best Kinsta alternatives is Pressable which was founded by Vid Luther in 2010 and it has been providing managed WordPress hosting since then. The company offers managed WordPress hosting to thousands of customers worldwide including medium-sized businesses, startups, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Pressable offers almost all of the benefits that other managed hosting providers do including staging mode, automatic upgrades, free CDN, daily backup, and more.

Some of the most popular features include:

  • Unlimited monthly transfer and storage of data
  • Automatic malware scans and daily backup
  • Admin-level access lets you work with other managers of the site
  • Guarantees 100% uptime
  • Offers a free trial of 15 days



Reasonable features, top-class speed, and appreciation by top bloggers in the past few years, all of these things make FlyWheel a worthy addition to this list. Just like most managed hosting providers for WordPress, FlyWheel also offers free SSL while CDN needs to be purchased for $10/per website.

What makes this service provider stand out is the hosting plans it offers based on visitor count per month and if the number of users goes beyond the limit, you won’t be charged any overage.

Some main features are:

  • Sites are hosted on VPS servers
  • Auto data backup every night
  • Free migration for unlimited sites
  • Free site staging
  • Multisite is also free

Media Temple

Media Temple
Media Temple

Media Temple is actually a merger between a company named Intergress Technology and Media Temple.

The company offers top-class managed WordPress hosting to all kinds of businesses ranging from innovators, creative agencies, and digital entrepreneurs, to web designers and developers. The best part of using their service is the high level of reliability and top-notch performance because they leverage SSD for all plans.

Some main features are:

  • Front-end review of the site (free)
  • One-click script installation (free)
  • Unlimited transfer of data
  • Excellent security with malware alert and DDoS protection
  • 30-day backup and restoration of files


Liquid Web
Liquid Web

It is one of the best Kinsta alternatives in terms of excellent speed and continuous customer support. Though LiquidWeb doesn’t just focus on offering managed WordPress hosting, they have specialized servers dedicated to WordPress websites.

Furthermore, with awesome budget-friendly plans that have no overage charges, LiquidWeb is a pretty affordable option. Another best part of using this hosting is that all of your websites hosted on their platform will automatically get SSL without any fee, pretty awesome, right?

Some main benefits are:

  • No visitors count or page views limit
  • Allows site staging
  • Access to developer tools; WP-CLI, GIT, and SSH
  • Auto SSL on your websites
  • 24/7/365 expert support



With more than 12,000 servers from 43 countries, Cloudways is surely rising to compete with the big players. The best feature of Cloudways is that they store the site of the user on multiple servers which means an easy migration if there is any incident.

Furthermore, they offer SSD-based servers with fantastic uptime allowing you to provide your customers with a seamless browsing experience. Cloudways has a pay-as-you-go billing model which means you won’t have to pay for unnecessary services. Read my extensive review of Cloudways.

Use our coupon code to get 20% OFF on your first 3 months’ purchases with Cloudways.

Some main features are:

  • Takes care of migration
  • Comes with CDN
  • Has an Auto-healing feature for resolving issues
  • Dedicated firewall for security along with two-factor authentication
  • Excellent 24/7 expert support


Having managed WordPress hosting surely takes a massive workload off your hands but you need to be very careful in choosing the service provider. You will be relying on the service provider for most of the things like updates, security, backup, and more.

After testing several of the above hosting companies, I would recommend Rocket.net or WPX Hosting to be the fastest and Cloudways to be an affordable choice.


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