WPX Hosting Review: How Good Is It?

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If you are frustrated with the frequent downtimes and slower than turtle loading speed of your website and looking to migrate to a better host, you should read this WPX hosting review. I will talk about a little history of this hosting, its key features, the pricing plans, and its pros and cons.

So make sure to read this review till the end because who knows; you may discover that perfect hosting provider you have been searching for an eternity. So without further ado, let’s get started:

WPX Hosting Review: Is it as good as people say?

WPX Hosting Review

What is WPX Hosting?

Previously known as Traffic Planet Hosting, WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress optimized hosting provider that is co-founded by a well-known internet marketer; Terry Kyle. WPX Hosting was started in 2013 with the name Traffic Planet Hosting which was changed to WPX Hosting in October 2016.

WPX has established itself as a reputable brand by providing robust hosting in the past few years and is continuously doing so.

So if you want to know what the features, prices, pros, and cons of this WordPress-optimized hosting provider are, then keep reading this WPX hosting review.

Features of WPX Hosting:

Free Website Migration

One of the best things about WPX hosting is that it offers free website migration and the process is pretty straightforward as well. When you get the hosting, all you need to do is to open up a ticket saying you need to migrate your website and in response, they will ask for the credentials for your current hosting.

After using SiteGround for three years, I decided to migrate to WPX Hosting. Mainly because of the performance and speed that I was hearing from people. I wanted to test myself.

WPX support

Now you just need to provide them with the credentials, and they will take care of the rest. This is as simple as it sounds! This feature alone makes WPX hosting pretty awesome and highly affordable as most of the hosting providers charge a lot of money for website migration.

WPX migration

As you can see in the above screenshot, this blog was migrated within 3 hours after submitting my credentials of old host. They took care of everything.

Very Reliable

One of the problems that most of the people who are not satisfied with their hosting provider face is frequent downtimes. You would not want to show your visitors a page apologizing for not being able to show them your website because it’s down, people may get annoyed and not come back again.

But, with WPX hosting, downtime is a foreign concept. Though you may see a downtime maybe one time a year when they are doing maintenance but not otherwise. Their servers are based in the most significant data center of the world; 350 E. Cermak which spans over 1.1 million square feet.

They have two server location options; USA and UK. I chose the USA server for my blog.

Lighting Speed

Another problem that many people wanting to change their hosting provider face is the speed. This is probably the most common issue that makes people want to migrate to another hosting company. And the best part about WPX hosting is that speed is not an issue.

WPX Hosting + W3 Total Cache (minify disabled)

The primary reason behind the rapid speed of WPX hosting is the fact that they leverage SSD with their servers making them probably the only hosting company that uses SSD. And if you don’t know, SSDs are faster than the traditional HDD whether on PC or on servers.

Furthermore, WPX hosting works with PHP 7.0 which is a recent improvement in WordPress and has increased its performance to multiple folds. So the combo of SSD and PHP 7.0 compatibility helps WPX speed up your website like a Ferrari on steroids.

Not only that, even you can see the huge difference in WordPress dashboard performance.

After moving to WPX Hosting, I saw a noticeable spike in impressions and traffic mainly because Google started showing featured snippets more often than before. I believe it has to do something with the speed.

WPX Cloud: Free CDN

WPX Cloud: CDN

Another reason for the high performance and speed of WPX hosting is their custom-built CDN (content delivery network).

They have their end-points at 25 locations across the world to make sure that your website loads within seconds everywhere.

WPX Cloud is available for all plans and it’s enabled by default for all your sites.

Highly Secure

Everybody wants their website to be super secure and not a victim to the playtime of hackers where their first ‘fun’ activity is to perform a DDOS attack. Well, guess what? They provide FREE DDOS protection. And that’s not the only attractive thing in the basket; you will also get an application firewall, unlimited SSL, daily backups, and daily malware scans. And the good news is that all of these security features are free!

The best part about the daily malware scans and the daily backups is that they seamlessly run in the background without interrupting you. Well, the treat for your security needs doesn’t end here. The free DDOS protection that you will get comes from Incapsula which normally would cost you $299 for one website.

And their DDOS protection is geared towards providing a defense from very big DDOS attacks. If you enable this feature from WPX hosting, you will not have to pay the $299 that you would’ve paid otherwise.

Don’t go to the next feature yet, let’s talk about the SSL. You may already know that the SSL costs around $10 for one year if you want a good one. And Google also gives a little extra benefit of ranking to websites with HTTPS instead of HTTP so you will be getting that for free as well. Isn’t it just awesome?


One of the crucial factors behind the success of a hosting company is its support. It will either break the company, or it will make it! Seeing the success of WPX hosting as one of the best hosting providers, what do you think? That’s correct! Their response time is absolutely unbelievable for a company that has tons of users.

Their support guys are so active and ready to respond like it’s their hobby to do so! No more hours or even days of waiting and opening up several tickets to get the response, they respond within minutes. This fast response time has only added to their success and has helped them enter the top 1% in less than a decade.

Also, they have 24*7 chat support for quick and easy fixes.

Multiple Websites

People who like to launch new websites like an entrepreneur likes to launch new startups are in for a treat with WPX hosting. This is because even their basic plan allows you to host up to five websites. And if you go for the professional plan, you can host up to 15 websites.

And I’m not done here; the elite plan allows you to host a whopping 35 websites. Personally, I brought the basic plan that costs $24 per month.

Are you a website entrepreneur or affiliate marketer? Well, then why you are still here? Go grab your subscription to WPX hosting now!

Content Management Systems

Another benefit of using the WPX hosting is that it doesn’t restrict you to using WordPress only like most of the WordPress-specific hosting providers do. Though it is WordPress optimized, you can use other content management systems as well.

This is especially useful for people who already have a different CMS in place, but they want to change their hosting to WPX, well you can!

But keep in mind, they’re mainly WordPress experts and you might not get the necessary technical support for other CMS systems.

Pricing and Plans of WPX Hosting

We hope you are getting tons of value from this WPX hosting review till now. Well don’t leave yet, this review has a lot of other things for you to know about. Let’s discuss their pricing plans:

WPX hosting pricing
  • Business Plan: This is their first plan that starts with $24.99 per month if you choose to make monthly payments. This business plan will enable you to host up to five websites using different domains and you will also get a storage space of 10GB along with all the dedicated features. If you pay annually, you will save $5 per month which means $60 per year.
  • Professional Plan: This is their second plan that starts with $49.99 if you choose to make the monthly payment. You can host 15 websites with this plan with different domains. Furthermore, you will get a 20GB storage with every one of their dedicated features as well. If you make an annual payment which is $39.99 per month, you will save $10 each month which means $120 per year.
  • Elite Plan: This is the third plan that will cost you $100 per month if you make annual payments. You can host 35 websites with this plan under different domains. This plan will provide you with an unlimited bandwidth along with 40GB storage. And if you decide to make the annual payment, you will be paying $79.99 per month which means you will save $240 per year.

Charity Works

WPX hosting dogs charity

Apart from being a hosting company, WPX also does some charity work. They help 350+ homeless dogs feed and nourish every day.

It’s always good to see companies doing some social work instead of only focusing on profit. These principles are highly admirable.

Final Verdict on WPX Hosting

So now that I’m done with the review, you may think that I have only discussed the positive sides and have shown biases towards WPX hosting, but the truth is that they do provide this incredible service.

And you will become their fan as well once you try out their service. So the verdict of this WPX hosting review is obviously in its favor because no matter how hard you try to find the wrong sides of their service, its awesome speed and performance make it worth the investment.

WPX Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable, fast managed WordPress hosting? Then read this WPX Hosting review to know the pros, cons and insights of it.

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