SiteGround Review 2020: After using for 3 Years

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No matter how good your content is, without a stable hosting server you won’t succeed; In this SiteGround Review, I’ll explain the pros and cons of this Managed Web Hosting Provider.

I’ve been running this blog for more than three years, recently I moved this blog to SiteGround from Hostgator and it’s the best decision I’ve taken.

SiteGround is one of the Top hosting provider founded in 2004, currently serving over 450,000 domains worldwide. After hearing a lot of praise from my blogging friends, I decided to migrate this blog to SiteGround. The first thing I liked about them is that they offer many features with affordable price.

SiteGround Review: Is it Good?

First, let me explain why I chose SiteGround Hosting. I’ve been using HostGator since 2013, they were good initially, but in the recent months their service quality has been decreased dramatically; even to get connected to their chat support, I had to wait over 30 minutes.

So After giving it a lot of thought I decided to move this blog from Hostgator. I was hearing lots of positive opinion on SiteGround, so I went ahead and chose them.

I’m writing this review after using their service for several months.

Main Features that I liked about SiteGround

In this review, I’m not going to copy-paste all the features displayed on SiteGround website, instead, I’ll try to share the features that I found useful so you can get an inside view of SiteGround hosting.

Affordable Pricing

When it comes to managed WordPress Hosting, companies like WPengine charge quite a lot. But with SiteGround, you will get quality WordPress managed hosting for Affordable Price.

This is the main reason I chose SiteGround hosting over other hosting companies. Currently, I’m on their GrowBig plan which costs me less than a $10/mo. In this plan, I can host multiple websites without limitation.

Siteground GrowBig plan
Update: I brought another GrowBig plan to host my several websites

Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround offers Managed WordPress hosting services for all plans, which means they almost completely take care of your WordPress website.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround automatically updates your WordPress to ensure better security. Also, they offer features like SuperCacher to speed up your WordPress website.

Ability to Choose server location

Siteground server location

SiteGround also lets you choose the server location for your website, not many hosting companies offer this feature. Location of your server plays an important role in getting traffic from targeted countries. I’ve chosen Chicago servers since traffic from the USA has high value.

Free Site Transfer

After seeing SiteGround offering free site migration for all plans, there was no looking back. I straight away opened their support chat system and their support representative assured me they’ll safely transfer my site for free. Although I could have transferred my website myself, I didn’t want to risk or break anything.

SiteGround Review: Best Managed Hosting Provider

Even though some other web hosting providers offer migration service, they usually charge $20-$30, but with SiteGround, you don’t have to pay any extra pennies.

Free SSL

As you probably know, Google announced that they would consider HTTPS as a ranking signal. It’s a good idea to get an SSL certificate to your website, but SSL can be costly — not with SiteGround. SiteGround offers one-year free AlphaSSL and completely free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

SiteGround Reviews: Free SSL

Integrating SSL certificate with SiteGround is quite easy, with a couple of clicks I was able to install completely free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

SiteGround Review SSL

The Best thing about this Let’s Encrypt SSL is, it’s automated. Your SSL certificate automatically renews itself.

Free Daily Backup

Another best thing I liked about SiteGround is that they offer Free Daily Backup for all plans, which means you can have a peace of mind that your website is safe in case something goes wrong.

SiteGround backup

Having a backup copy of your website is essential; there are some instances where people lost all their contents from hacking and malware. With SiteGround, you can restore your website with some clicks.

Technical Support

When it comes web hosting, you need a good technical team to solve your problems; many times you might face difficulties with your website that are out of your expertise.

SiteGround offers 24/7 Technical Support over a phone, chat, and email. I found that SiteGround staffs have more knowledge compared to the other hosting providers I’ve used.

SiteGround Technical Support

To my luck, my website migration didn’t go as per plan, but the SiteGround support team was very patient and after some attempts, they successfully transferred my Blog.

The web chat support with SiteGround is very fast compared to any other hosting companies.

99.99% Uptime

I’ve never faced any downtime with SiteGround after hosting this Blog. So far they’re up to their mark and name.

SiteGround Uptime Technology
PassiveBlogTips was re-branded as TheBlogMetrics in 2019

SiteGround uses an advanced technology that ensures and minimize the risk of downtime for our websites. You can also check your website’s Real-time status with their tool.

SiteGround also claims to have a new backup system that prevents any downtime during the emergency, this new backup system can recover 4TB of data in just 4 hours.

It’s good to choose a hosting company that uses advanced infrastructure and backup system.

SiteGround Performance: Superfast

SiteGround offers SuperCacher feature that optimizes your server to dramatically increase your website speed and performance.

SiteGround Cache

With SuperCacher enabled, you will see a greater difference in speed. Not many web hosting providers offer this kind of features.

SiteGround speed test

As you can see in the above screenshot, my Blog loads within half a second at Dallas server. With the SiteGround server, you don’t have to worry about Speed and performance. Since Google considers website speed as one of the ranking factors, it’s important to make sure your website is on the right server.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a little commission if you purchase any hosting plans using my links. However, I only promote quality products which I use or familiar with.

Final Verdict on SiteGround:

I’ve been using SiteGround’s GrowBig plan since March 2016 and I’ve never faced any trouble or downtime with them. SiteGround Hosting is very professional with their service and customer support.

Do I recommend SiteGround? Definitely Yes! I highly recommend SiteGround web hosting for Bloggers and Internet Marketers who wants to run long-term blogs/websites.

This is my two cents on SiteGround Review, I hope I covered all the necessary details for you.


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