Drive Steady Traffic: Ways to Promote Your Existing Blog Post Content

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Being consistent in blogging not only refers to publishing new blog posts correctly. You will have to breathe life into old blog posts too. Just publishing as many blog posts and forgetting about it, is useless. The blog post content type is immaterial.

Most bloggers try to do so. Unfortunately, bloggers might not be clear about the efficient ways to repurpose existing blog posts. We will ignore the chances to promote existing or old blog posts. In this post, let me share a few ideas to promote existing blog post content.

Before that, let’s have a glance at why it is more significant to promote old posts.

Why is it Essential to Promote Existing Blog Posts Content?

Both the search engine and the audience love fresh content. Hence, it is obvious to keep updating our old blog posts to drive constant traffic. Bloggers will share across social platforms once or twice, and let it die.

Writing quality and SEO-friendly content is crucial. Anyways there are plenty of powerful tools available to create quality content and proofread it. Indeed, you can avail such SEO and marketing tools at discounted prices.  Still, with no promotions, it makes zero.

Drive Steady Traffic

Besides putting all your efforts, money, strategies, and time into creating content and then discarding it in the archive is a massive waste. You will not even be harvesting the entire benefits that you are supposed to get. You will have to miss huge traffic and potential readers to your blog.

By promoting existing blog posts, you can increase your reader base and followers. Merely re-sharing the existing blog posts does not work well. You will have to refresh the blog post’s content before promoting it.

Here are a few ways to energize your old blog post content and promote it to generate steady traffic to your blog.

First and Foremost, Refresh Your Old Blog Posts Content

Before getting started with content marketing or promotions, it is essential to repurpose the content. However, refreshing the content is itself a way of promoting it.

Before all, you have to list down all your blog post titles or URLs and decide which post you want to refresh and uphold. Some of the posts are worth marketing, with their conversion rate, more shareable, most-curious among your readers, and in-depth. Considering all these metrics, you will have to pick the best post for further promotions.

Once you have handpicked the particular blog post, research more in-depth on the topic. Google can help you with this. There will be plenty of the most recent and updated articles with the latest trends and statistics on your topic. Extend your content length adding those current updates and ideas. Now, your old blog post content is holding new and fresh ideas with stretched content length.

You can benefit to the maximum level now by promoting this particular blog post with updated content.

Best Ideas to Promote Existing Blog Posts

Here are the most actionable and hassle-free ways to give re-birth to your idle blog posts. These few ideas would not be killing your time much. Considering the benefits of your efforts in revitalizing

The practice of promoting old blog post content is worth doing.

#1 Share on Social Media regularly

Social media has a great role in boosting your website SEO in some way. Re-share the re-energized article on popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While posting, don’t forget to mention that you are presenting updated or revised content.

Make sure to have an eye-catching description, hashtags, and visuals to grab your follower’s attention. With this, the chances of getting noticed by a wider audience will be high.

There are various tools and plug-ins available to schedule, monitor, and respond to all your social engagements or mentions. You may utilize such tools to automate your social media marketing tasks. If you prefer doing it manually, schedule at least 10 minutes every day. With this regular practice, your posts will get more exposure resulting in more traffic to the notable old blog posts.

#2 Internal Linking in the New Blog Posts

However, you will frequently be coming up with trendy and well-informed new blog content. Properly plan to link your old blog posts to the latest articles and craft the content accordingly. By this, Google will determine that your old posts are still active and relevant. It is nothing outdated.

While promoting new articles, you will gain more readers to the specific posts. Those readers will get a chance to redirect to your existing posts that are interlinked. This way you can generate more relevant and interactive signals to search engines.

In general, internal linking has its own significance in boosting domain authority and SEO benefits. Interlinking can either be old or new blog posts. Why shouldn’t we make use of this practice to promote old blog posts’ content?

#3 Make Use of the Navigation Features

Navigation is one of the simplest ways that you have the most control over it. You can use navigation features for your existing blog post promotions. You can employ sidebars to showcase the list of recent posts, most popular posts, tags, and categories.

WordPress has a wide range of plug-ins to have custom widgets to meet all such needs. Related posts plug-ins, popular posts plug-ins, and Widget Logic plug-ins are handy and preferable. The widget logic plug-in helps you to create a customized category template. By which, you can display specific posts in each category.

You can make use of header menu pages to link to your top content or lead-generating pages. ‘About us, the page is a perfect place for this. Also, you can mention your old blog post URL (which you want to promote) at the bottom of the other posts. This will send a decent number of readers to that specific post.

#4 Include Old Blog Posts in Blog Commenting

You can claim the entire benefits of blog commenting to bring up your old posts. For that what you will have to do is find your topic related to other blog posts for comments. While blog commenting, you can include the URL of your old blog posts within your comments. Furthermore, your comments should be more insightful to get approval and ensure readers click on the link.

Another option, while responding to the commenter on your blog posts, is to include the desired blog post URL. But, add it only if it is relevant and necessary. Else, it is of no use. This way of promoting old blog post content through blog commenting will get you good traffic to the particular page.

#5 Link Old Posts in Email Newsletters

Every business holds a major part of the benefits of email marketing campaigns. Regular email newsletters are the one that denotes your clients or prospects about your brand activeness. Either, you can shoot email newsletters about your particular old blog post content with a unique subject. Or, you can link the old blog posts’ URL to the newsletter content, naturally.

But, you are supposed to do it only if you are updating your content. Else, you don’t. Similarly, there are loads of email marketing ideas you can apply to reap the maximum benefits from email marketing.

The first few emails to a user will get higher open rates. You can include this old blog post URL in those early auto-responder emails. This practice will raise your content marketing opportunities, notably old posts content.

#6 Researching on Potential Keywords and Adding

There is an easy chance to increase the search traffic effortlessly. From Google Analytics, you can have the list of search queries for which you ranked on Google over a particular period. Pick the keywords that are related to your desired old blog posts. Indeed, the keywords you are focusing on should have an average search volume with medium competition.

Also, you can find more profitable LSI keywords to spread within your content. By which you can increase your ranking possibilities for multiple keywords.

#7 Link it in your Latest Guest Post Articles

Guest blogging is a powerful way to get featured on authority blogs and to broaden your audience base. You can generate quality backlinks through guest posting. There are endless benefits. If the guest post article is relevant to your particular existing blog post topic (which you want to promote); then you provide a link within the body of the content.

In this way, you could gain immense improvements in your traffic growth to your specific blog post URL.

Another way, you can create an expert roundup on the topic and publish it on your blog providing a link to the existing blog post. You can make more eyeballs to turn around that particular page through this.


I have precisely presented this article about promoting old blog posts. I hope, now you realize the importance of existing or old blog posts content. By using the above-said ideas to promote your most profitable old blog posts, you will see a drastic increase in your overall website traffic and conversions.

Now it’s your turn to refresh and promote your old one to become the newest and worthiest blog post.

I would appreciate it if could share any other best practices for boosting existing blog posts, that you recommend. Or which of these above ideas you are going to use. Keep contributing your views and opinions in the comments section.

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