6 Types of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Work

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Do you start a blog recently? Are you struggling for some excellent ideas to write the posts?

Some blog posts go viral, whereas some never come on the screen. It is because of the type of the post. While writing the post, you should always think from the reader’s perspective. What they want and how well you can solve their problem.

If you continuously publish the same type of content, your readers will switch to another blog brand. So, NEVER waste your time on writing mediocre posts if you are so serious about building a loyal audience.

Then you may ask me, what posts will work well?

6 Kinds of Blog Posts That Go Viral

Let’s check out a few ideas that would skyrocket the performance of your WordPress blog/website.

Types of Blog Posts That Are Proven To Work

#1 Evergreen List Posts

List posts are the posts that grab the attention of the readers. It gives the best information that too in an understandable manner.

It is so easy for your audience to take action on this kind of post. Besides, it will mostly get shared on social media sites.

On Lifehacker, 6 out of every 14 posts are list posts. The reason is “Numbering” always attracts the reader’s attention.

Trust me; it’s a highly effective method. What you can do is, check popular magazines and trending stories of your blog niche and start framing posts.

For example, if your blogging niche is yoga and fitness, you can write posts like “10 yoga poses that give relief from lower back pain”, “8 proven ways to tone your abdomen”, “7 pranayamas that improve your memory” and so on.

Look at the top results of the keyword “Fitness Tips For Men.”

List post

A month ago, I made two lists posts (Visit my blog to have a look at those posts) and both are performing better in search engines.

#2 How-To Guides

“How-To” type blog posts are the most powerful blogging posts. Whatever be the topic, users always look for the complete how-to guides.

As this content type can solve readers’ problem, it will bring the loyal visitors who believe your words. And gaining the trust of the customers is the ultimate success of any business.

Still not believed? For example, you have bought a new Asus laptop where OS is not installed; obviously, you look for “how to install OS on Asus laptop.”

If you are new to blogging and want to make money, you look all over the web for “how to make money online through blogging,” isn’t it?

So, these posts are the step-by-step guides that fulfill the requirements of the readers and motivates them to visit your blog again and again. That’s how you gain loyal readers to your blog.

Here are 6 steps in writing how-to guide posts.

  1. Select your niche topic. Let’s say your blog niche is technology related, then take the subset of it. For example, “How to remove virus from laptop”. Whatever the niche, think subset of it and write how-to posts. Make sure that you’re writing in a clear manner with enough screenshots.
  2. Solve your reader’s problems. If you are into health blogging, obviously, users look for posts like “how to lose belly fat through diet”, “how to get rid of dandruff”, etc. So, based on your niche, look for your reader’s problem and start writing about it.
  3. Do extensive research. The only way to write attractive and useful long posts is by doing research and write in-depth details like what, where, how, pros & cons.
  4. Make an outline of your post. Describe the main points you are going to write. The right structure is important so that readers won’t confuse while reading.
  5. Fill the gaps. Once you are done writing the outline, now fill the gaps. Make sure that you have covered each detail and at the same time not dragging the post.
  6. Proofread before publishing. When the editing work is finished, read the post before publishing. If any reader finds grammatical mistakes or poor sentence formation, it gives the wrong impression on your blog. So, read it loud and publish. By the way, don’t forget to promote it.

How to articles are the most bookmarked posts. It should give fun to read or else no one show interest. So, start writing about it interestingly.

Recently, I come across a deeply crafted article “How To Make Money Blogging: Guide For New Bloggers” by Ankit Singla where he explained the essential stuff in a precise manner and thus it got linked by excellent blogs posts.

Have a look at the image below!

I always prefer to write the detailed how-to tutorials. Recently, I have presented a helpful guide “How to move blog posts from Google Docs To WordPress”; I’m proud to say that it receives daily hits from search engine visitors.

#3 Infographics

Users love infographic posts because visuals attract more than content in the online world and also they give useful information in very few sentences. If you want to build an active community, then make infographics and share in your blog.

People remember 80% of what they see and 20% what they read. Infographics are shared more on social media sites when compared to other types of content.

To Make it simple, infographic is nothing but “info + graphic” that provides information in a visual way. You know, 90% of the information, our brain process is visual.

Want your blog posts to go viral? Create infographics in your niche. You can use tools like Canva to create stunning Infographics at free of cost.

I have created an infographic on the topics “How to make your blog posts get indexed fast in Google” and it is still rocking for the targeted keyword.

#4 Product Reviews

Product reviews or book reviews increases revenue in your business. Before making any online purchase, 77% of the people spend time to read product reviews. No one wants to waste their hard earned money on a useless product.

Haven’t you read any review before buying laptop or smartphone? Apparently, if you would have checked multiple times, right?

Do you know, many blogs have made lots of income and done business by giving straight product reviews? Whatever it is, restaurant room booking, books, software or anything it could be, and the users read the review before making a buying decision in online.

One thing you should not forget is writing compelling headlines even for review articles. For example, you want to review about iPhone 7 product. You can make headlines like, “7 shocking facts about iPhone 7”, “Why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7?”, “Here is why iPhone 7 beats all its previous series” etc.

Remember, when you write a product review, forget about money. Focus on how well you can help users to take decision while they buy that product online.

If you give genuine review, users trust you and businesses are based on trust. So, start giving value to your readers. If your product review is insightful, you will drive high-quality traffic to your blog.

I have written reviews for hosting, software and services that I use by sharing my experiences. Glad I could help the people to take the right decision.

#5 Case Studies

Case studies build brand credibility. Create a monster post covering each detail about the topic you choose.

Here are the tips to write attractive case studies.

  • Research well about case studies of your niche blog.
  • Observe top blogs of your niche and how they write case studies.
  • Start the post with the main problem.
  • Tell a story using real life examples.
  • Add as much as information, give every detail.
  • Give step-by-step solution for a problem.
  • Use screenshots and graphs wherever they are needed in the post.

Have a look at this case study by Harsh Agrawal – “How I built a micro niche site and earn through Adsense.” Check the no. of comments and social shares.

I didn’t make this type of blog posts much as I still do the research on specific things like how to improve your blog post rankings in Google, how I improved organic traffic, how have I started to make the affiliate income and much more. So, I will reveal my actionable strategies soon; you may follow my WordPress niche blog.

#6 Comparison Posts

If you want high interaction with your audience, start writing comparison posts on your niche. These are the posts that go viral and are mostly engaged.

Yes, because people always confuse with the two products or services that have almost same features. If you clearly explain and compare the pros and cons of each one, then they will get an idea to choose the best one for their requirements.

Besides, comparison blog posts have the ability to rank higher in search engines (if you do the keyword research properly and use the LSI keywords in the right places of the content).

Recently, I have written a hosting comparison post, GreenGeeks Vs InMotion as I use both server services for my blogs. This post is ranking top and bringing the targeted visitors from search engines.

Final Thoughts on Creating Killer Blog Posts

Blogging isn’t easy! We have to work on several strategies and identify the best ways to drive traffic to our blog.

Still, there are other types of posts like personal stories, breaking news, reports, daily round-ups, stats, podcasts, and much more.

There is no such thing as one size fit topic for all niches. Try to add creativity to your blog posts. If you truly put hard work, you will start earning passive income for sure.

Brainstorm for killer post ideas and create valuable content. When you do your writing task consistently and smartly, you will attract clients and double your search engine traffic.

So, what are the other types of posts you have written? What kinds of posts have generated more traffic to your blog? Share your experiences and wonderful thoughts in the comment section.

Article by Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala is a passionate blogger, co-founder of WPGlossy.com. She is keen interested in sharing her knowledge by writing the blogging tips and WordPress how-to guides. YOGA is her preferred exercise as it lets her enhance the skills.


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