7 Ways to Make Money Blogging

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“I don’t want to find out more ways to make money blogging.” ~ No Blogger Ever

Once you learn how to blog, practice writing, create value and build connections you can earn more money through your blog.

The essence of your blogging cash flow rests itself in following the above fundamentals.

Blogging income streams are just channels through which you receive money.

If you crave ideas for monetizing your blog you can open profitable income streams through the following channels.

Make Money Blogging

1: Offer Coaching Services

Offer coaching services to establish a big ticket, premium blogging income stream.

Since you have learned how to build your blog, share this knowledge with others.

Note; if you are a newbie blogger you have knowledge of setting up and starting a blog. You can offer this knowledge to totally new, dyed in the wool, rookie online entrepreneurs who have yet to start blogging.


2: Write and Self Publish eBooks on Amazon

Write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon through kdpselect.com to tap into a global market.

Consider writing short, sweet 6,000 word eBooks to land in the 30-45 minute short read category on Amazon.

Create your eBook outline chapters.

Write practical tips heavy reads to resonate with your audience.

Give your eBook out for free for at least 1-2 days to boost reviews and downloads.

The best way to promote your current eBook is to write the next eBook. Fill your library to help your readers and to increase your blogging income.


3: Create Courses

Create in-depth, robust courses to open a big ticket blogging cash flow stream.

Address pressing problems in your niche to increase course sales. Poll your readers on course topics before creating the online class.

Build an outline for your course. Consider adding video, audio, text and infographic elements to help course students.


4: Accept Sponsored Posts

Accept sponsored post revenue to add another income stream to your blog.

As with the below mentioned advertising revenue channel, you will need to drive a high volume of targeted traffic to inspire advertisers to pay for sponsored posts on your blog.

Only accept sponsored posts which serve the needs of your readers. Stay on sponsored post topic and if you want to stay out of Google’s doghouse disclose the sponsored post and make the link nofollow.


5: Advertising Revenue

Earn advertising revenue through Adsense or other 3rd party platforms.

Increase your ad revenue by:

  • Increasing your blog traffic
  • Targeting advertisements for your readers

Do not depend on ad revenue alone to earn a full time income. Advertising profits flow in slowly if you don’t drive a heavy volume of targeted traffic to your blog.

Add this as a secondary or tertiary income stream until you generate high daily traffic numbers.


6: Freelance Writing

Offer freelance writing services.

Write content for bloggers who have no interest in churning out blog posts.

Or perhaps you can co-write or even ghostwrite an entire eBook.

Freelance writing is a good match for any blogger because if you’re developing your writing skills you may as well earn money for your craft.

Be a hired freelance writing gun.

Open a freelance income stream.


7: Co-Create Audiobooks

Once you write an eBook convert it to an audiobook via acx.com to increase your blogging cash flow.

Upload the eBook PDF. Listen to producer auditions. Pick a voice over specialist who you prefer to speak the audiobook into existence.

After the producer wraps up the audiobook simply confirm their work and make sure to check the option that distributes the audiobook on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

More busy people these days are listening to audiobooks versus reading eBooks during their commutes or daily tasks at home. Capitalize on this trend and boost your blogging income.


The eBook

If you want a robust list of ways to make money blogging buy my eBook.

15 Ways to Make Money Blogging


Your Turn

What blogging income streams can you add to this list?


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