Thrive Architect Review 2024: How Good Is It?

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Thrive Architect is an updated version of the Thrive Content Builder plugin and not something new. That being said, the huge array of features that it includes makes it invaluable for a lot of people, mainly because it has a lot of new and fun features. In this Thrive Architect review, I’ll try to give you insights into this plugin.

The idea here is that it’s similar to the old plugin, but you can easily get more features here. This time, you can make the designs responsive and mobile-friendly. You can even add shadows and gradient features.

Thrive Architect Review:

What is this plugin used for?

At its core, the idea here is to create some really impressive, visually exciting blog posts and landing pages. The great thing about this tool is that it has a drag-and-drop builder which is a pleasure to use and explore. On top of that, the benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on the process. It’s a convenient thing to do now.

Thrive Architect Review

And Thrive Architect (aff. link) actually comes as a thrive plugin suite that can be used as a standalone if you want. this particular tool helps you include things like pricing tables, styled video elements, content and testimonial boxes, etc. All of these add up to make the experience as fun and as enticing as possible. It really is a delightful experience to have.

A very powerful sidebar editor

Initially, the editor sidebar was pretty useful. But now it was taken to the next level and it really manages to show its strength and benefits really well in this situation. It’s actually extremely functional.

The first thing to note here is that you can drag and drop as well as pin the editor elements. Using drag and drop is always going to be very helpful, and the fact that you can pin stuff is good too. This way you can acquire some really good benefits in the end.

Hiding elements depending on what device you use can be significant. This enables you to customize your stuff for some of the mobile users for example. It’s nice to have this, as it brings in a more appealing way to customize everything.

Thrive Architect has also included the ability to edit the text as you write. It’s a feature that was initially added in the DIVI visual builder, and seeing this adding it here is definitely quite impressive. They also brought text transformation, font color customization, and many other similar things.

Responsive and appealing visual elements

Thrive Architect plugin

The initial version of this plugin was great when it came to designing and doing landing pages. The problem is that there was no control when it came to viewing the way they would look on mobile. This is the reason why they wanted to focus on designing things like visual elements and images on their own.

You get the ability to customize every one of the elements and then see how it looks on the target platform. It may seem a bit tedious, but this is the type of customization option that a lot of people want and it’s certainly worth your time, that’s for sure.

Is it easy to create a landing page with Thrive Architect?

The process is intuitive and the great thing is that you get to have control over everything here. You can manage the fonts to fit your branding, You can also use some enhanced paddings and margins, which is excellent.

There are lots of ways you can customize buttons, not to mention you will be able to add some color overlays and modify the template.

It’s always nice to have creative control over something like this and it’s always worth the investment, that’s for sure. It all comes down to you to make the right pick, but the value is downright amazing and you are definitely going to love the way this works.


According to our tests, Thrive Architect doesn’t seem to have a problem with the templates and themes when compared to the first version. You can use just about any type of theme.

The first one was more focused on using solely Thrive themes, this one doesn’t mind if you use other themes. You also have a full-width page section that gets to be compatible with all of the themes here, and that is very nice to have.

Another thing that I want to mention is that all the Thrive Content Builder owners got a free upgrade to the Thrive Architect version.

It’s a powerful thing to do and it shows the type of value and quality that you want to enjoy from this sort of thing. It’s worth it, and it does tend to bring in front a delightful return on investment, that’s for sure.


Maybe the best thing here is that you have complete control over the way you choose to customize everything. The process is unique and convenient and it manages to bring in front a delightful way to manage everything. You can modify the padding and margins on your own.

You can easily use things like split layouts, as well as some layered background sections and so on. The value delivered here is extremely nice and enticing, which is one of the most important things to take into consideration at the end of the day.

You will also note that using or deactivating the plugin is a pretty fast process. This shows the true value and convenience that you can get from using the plugin. During our tests, it was clear that Thrive Architect is a rather intuitive tool to use.

There’s not a lot of getting used to when it comes to using this. It really is unlike anything that you used up until this point, so you should totally give this a shot if you can!

Affordable Pricing

You can buy their membership plan called Thrive Suite which includes the whole package of highly converting Thrive plugins and themes and only costs $19 a month.

The user interface is great, the ease of use is excellent, and even the prices are not that high, to be honest. Prices are subject to change, obviously, but as a whole, you will find the overall pricing to be very good and they are indeed really reliable when it comes to all of this. It’s a delightful experience to have and one that will be extremely interesting in the end.

So yes, using Thrive Architect can be amazing and it will surely help you quite a bit. Creating your own, unique landing page and modifying your content has never been easier if you use this plugin!

Examples and demos of visual elements

To demonstrate the ability of this plugin, below I’ve displayed some of the visual elements.

As you can see, you can use literally hundreds of visual elements like the above to design your site the way you like.

Also, Thrive Architect works very well with the new Gutenberg editor.

Thrive Architect works with Gutenberg


Conflicts I faced with Thrive Architect

I encountered a small conflict with the Wordfence security plugin while saving the work. It was easily resolved by setting the Wordfence firewall options to learning mode. Other than that I didn’t face any issues.

Is it Good for SEO?

Although Thrive Architect doesn’t support AMP pages yet, it doesn’t affect your rankings much. As you can see below, this article which was written using Thrive Architect is doing fine on Google.

Thrive Architect SEO
I recently re-branded PassiveBlogTips as The Blog Metrics

Final Verdict on Thrive Architect:

I’ve been using this Thrive Architect plugin for over a year and honestly, there’s no better Premium WordPress plugin than this. Also, the Thrive Architect plugin gets regular updates and unmatched support.

Do I recommend the Thrive Architect plugin? Yes! I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who runs a WordPress site. You’ll find this plugin very easy to use even if you’re a novice.

This plugin offers literally hundreds of pre-designed landing pages and visual elements to design your site the way you like.

I wouldn’t lie, there are some drawbacks and minor glitches while saving your work, It also doesn’t have an auto-save feature, but overall this plugin does its job.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Thrive Architect

  • Can I use Thrive Architect on multiple sites?

    Yes, you can use Thrive Architect on up to 5 sites if you purchase Thrive Suite.

  • Does Thrive Architect allow you to edit the header and footer?

    No, Thrive Architect doesn’t allow you to customize the whole theme.

  • Does Thrive Architect offer a refund?

    Yes, all Thrive products come with a 30-day refund policy; you can cancel your purchase anytime within this timeframe.

  • Does Thrive Architect work with Gutenberg?

    Yes, Thrive Architect works well with Gutenberg.


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