7 Best Adsense Ready WordPress Themes (Revised 2024)

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog, and for many Google Adsense is the best option. But the majority of bloggers make very little money from Google Adsense. Why? The problem is with your low Click-through rate and you need to increase your CTR to increase your Adsense income. You can increase your Google Adsense earnings by experimenting with or changing Ad … Read More

text to voice over

7 Best Text-to-Speech WordPress Plugins for 2024

The world is changing, and now people use screens so much that they sometimes don’t want to even look at something with light coming out of it. Plus, according to World Bank; around 15% of people throughout the globe experience some sort of disability, which is why you should have WCAG (website content accessibility guideline) … Read More

non blog WordPress Themes

12 Best non-blog WordPress Themes in 2024 (free included)

Business websites require non-blog WordPress themes because businesses need designing and visuals that are in line with their branding style and colours. And for that, you cannot count on themes that are made for personal blogs and not for professional websites. So to help you find the cream of the crop, we have created this … Read More

cropped Typology theme

8 Best Text-based WordPress Themes for Writers in 2024

Blogging is not just about sharing your thoughts on a subject; it’s also about maintaining an appearance that can not only complement the content you post but also make your readers’ visit a pleasant one. This is where themes come in handy. Using these themes, you can perform a complete makeover of your website with … Read More