Believing These 5 Myths About Blogging Keeps You from Growing

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No matter what, we don’t have to believe in everything what we hear from others, unless we have experienced it. There is an old saying – “Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see”, this almost applies to everything what we do in life. Everyone search for secrets online, especially bloggers do – we search for SEO secrets, traffic generation secrets, link building secrets, blogging secrets etc. Sometimes we believe everything what others say without experiencing it. I used to watch a discovery channel’s show called MythBusters. This show is about busting myths which aren’t true. I pretty much liked it. So, Let’s Bust some Blogging Myths.

Blogging Myths

When it comes to blogging, there are some myths we believe in that eventually kill our growth of blogging. Here I’ve list out some.

1. Only Experts Make Sense

This is the first point that came to my mind, and it is true; people think only experts make sense and others aren’t. Rubbish it is. If you believe in this concept, your blog will never grow. If someone just started blogging, doesn’t mean he can’t make sense. A newbie blogger might be a better writer than experts. if he can talk in English sensibly, he can write sensible blog posts as well. People often hesitate to read a newbie’s blog posts irrespective of whatever niche it is. Why? This makes newbies feel left alone. Well, if you’re one of them who just started blogging and if you think only experts make sense, stop there! If you know how to write in English, think sensibly, you can make sense in blogging too. This is just a myth that kills a new blogger; he/she think that they can’t match the standards of top bloggers.

2. You’re Not Qualified To Write Guest Posts

When many people start blogging, they don’t usually plan to write guest posts, just because they think they’re not qualified enough. This is the second myth that kills their blog. I can relate an example here; a student just got graduated, he goes to a job interview. Interviewer expresses a concern – “you don’t have experience, we can’t hire you” The student felt like shouting –“how I supposed to get experience if no one gives me a job”. Why I mentioned this above example is, because same thing happens with a newbie blogger. They fear this type of rejection to attempt guest blogging. This keeps them on a downside. Fear not, it is just a myth. You can write a guest post too. There is no degree or qualification required in blogging.

3. You Need To Create Unique Content

I agree. Unique is necessary, but how much? You just thought a unique idea, you think it is exclusive, but when you Google it you’ll notice many have written articles on it. So, usually 90% of our ideas are not exclusive. If you ask pro bloggers, most would say; they steal ideas from books or other blogs. They twist and turn them to make it look unique. Many new bloggers fear that they can’t create unique articles like that; it is just another blogging myth which kills a new blogger. Even entrepreneurs and big companies like Samsung steal ideas; they just twist it to make it look unique.

4. Critics Will Kill You

Have you ever read a news headline like this – “Blogger died of critics”. no? Me neither. Yes, critics are there. I’ve seen some people mocking new bloggers like; “dude, learn English and don’t act like an expert”, this is just an example, there are many nasty comments out there. This does hurt a bit, but one thing you should understand is these people usually has no work, they troll others just for the sake of their enjoyment. It is often better ignored. Also understand they can’t do anything else from writing nasty comments, more importantly they can’t KILL you. If you just started blogging, be ready for negative comments as well and don’t take it on heart.

5. You’re Not a Good Writer

I’ve written an article couple of weeks ago about benefits of writing and why you should write more. When we started blogging, many of us struggled to write. It is natural and obvious thing. Don’t panic. If you see, there are many English bloggers from non-English countries like Korea, Japan and even China. To blog you need some Basic English writing skills, and you can improve it on a daily basis. In case you’re a good English speaker and lazy to write blogs, let me give you a solution; there is a voice detection software to write. Guest Editor of CopyBlogger Jonathan Morrow uses it. If you’re wondering why Jonathan Morrow uses that software – because he is in a wheelchair and he can’t move anything really but his face. He is suffering from a disease called Spinal muscular atrophy(SMA), read his full story here. I’m sure those who are reading this are not as weak as Jonathan and don’t need any physical support to withstand.

If you’re holding yourself back thinking that your writing is not good enough, this thought will kill your blogging progress. Many think that they had to be a good writer to blog, but it isn’t true. It is just another myth to scare away new bloggers. Conclusion These are some blogging myths that I found out. Believing these Myths would be potentially harmful to blogging and will stop you from growing. So, don’t hold yourself back and blog like no one cares. What do you think guys? Is there any other myths that are stopping your blogging growth? Do let me know your opinion in the comment section.


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