Why Procrastination Is a Bad Thing For Bloggers And How To Overcome It

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You start your day with a work plan, you complete your daily chores, and then you sit in front of the computer and do nothing. You don’t feel like working, you postpone your work.

You return sometimes later, try to work, but you won’t. You simply procrastinate. Well, this happens for almost everyone. We bloggers, face the same situation now and then.

Why we procrastinate?

Well, I surely don’t know the exact reason why we procrastinate. One thing I know is procrastinating can be stopped.

However, I can list out some reasons for procrastinating

  • Not having a clear work plan or goal
  • Waiting for things to settle; i.e. waiting for tomorrow
  • Not determined enough to take action
  • Not disciplined enough
  • Distractions

Whatever the reasons for procrastinating, it is bad, especially if you’re a Blogger or writer.

When you sit to write an article or a blog post, and if you don’t even write over 100 words, you’ll definitely regret it later. Procrastination makes your work even difficult than you think.

You might have big dreams about blogging, but this procrastinating habit might drag you down. Your competitors will overtake your blog, you’ll stay behind.


If you don’t write at least one or two posts per week, it is difficult to survive in blogosphere. Over the years blogosphere is crowded with too much blogs, you need to stop this procrastinating habit to stand out from the crowd.

So, how to overcome this procrastination? read on.

How to overcome procrastination

1. Have an Organized Plan

It is essential to have an organized plan. It makes your tasks easier. Organized plans are nothing but ‘To-do’ list or Task list. Have a planned list and work according to it. Make a commitment to follow the list every day.

When you make an organized list it is easy to follow the schedules. At the end of the day you can calculate the productivity.

2. Do Exciting Tasks

Start your day with doing some exciting tasks. For example; Guest Blogging. When you start writing a guest post, you hone your all senses, you concentrate more, because you know other blogs won’t accept low quality articles, You make 100 percent effort to make it better.

If you start your day with enthusiasm, your whole day goes well. And if you know the feeling after your guest post is approved, you’ll never procrastinate again. If you haven’t written a guest post yet, give it a try. Trust me, it’ll be exciting.

3. Stop Dreaming About Your Goals

Having a goal is necessary, but procrastinating on dreaming over goals is not. Keep the end goal in mind, but don’t dream on it. You can’t achieve anything without a proper action, action needs decent work. To work, you need to stop procrastinating.

4. Try to Stay Away From Distractions

While blogging or writing there may be many things that distract you. It may be outside noise, social networks like facebook and twitter, or anything else. These things will kill your time. I know it is difficult, but try to cut out the distractions as much as possible.

Move on a disciplined path, then things will come into perspective way.

5. Understand There Is No Short Way-out

Procrastination takes you nowhere. Understand there is no way to achieve success without work. Understand there is no short cut way to get rich (unless you take an illegal step). Understanding this concept will help you to stay focused.

6. Reality Check

Do you want to stay like this forever? Where do you want to see your blog to be in next year? Popular, I guess. Well, everyone wants that. It is also important that you concentrate on the current state rather than thinking about past.

We always think like this – “I could’ve written more blog posts, I should’ve done that, done this.” while doing this, you are unknowingly wasting your current time. Stop there!


Procrastinating is a very bad thing, especially if you’re a blogger. Every bit of time is important. Certain times we procrastinate just because we lack motivation. If you don’t feel like writing, read other blogs or books but don’t procrastinate. This will give you motivation and better energy.

What do you think? do you guys procrastinate? Let me know your opinion in the comment section.                                                                                                                        [Image Credit]


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