Benefits of Writing And Why You Should Write More

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Every literate person knows how to write, irrespective of whether he is a writer or not. If one can and talk and understand, it is not difficult to write. Just because you are not a good writer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write; In fact only way to achieve it is by writing more.

It is natural that you may feel little shy at first, you may afraid of critics, but only way around is right through. You got to get started in order to sharpen your writing skills. Not that I’m a good writer, but I feel little more confident than earlier. So, why I think it is necessary to write more? Read on.

Benefits of writing
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Benefits of writing and why you should write more


1.  Writing makes you Relax:

Believe it or not; writing will help you to relax and make you feel confident. You will be able to express your feelings, sorrows, unexplained thoughts through words so that you will feel relaxed.

When you express your pains through writing, you transfer them to other medium, like words. You lower your stress and anxiety thinking that you’ve shared your feelings with others. No matter what, just express your words. whether someone will read it or not is secondary.

2.  Writing enlightens your Creativity:

What is the best job to fuel your creativity? Writing; Writing forces your brain to think in a different fashion which unknowingly enlightens your creativity. You play with words, your mind searches for ideas, you experiment. When you are adapted to writing you see the world differently, you search for inspiration everywhere.

Writing helps you to think from a different perspective, which otherwise you won’t do. It makes you clever, and with creative thinking you’ll be able solve complex problems.

3.  Writing helps you to connect with world:

Before internet, writers had little opportunity to show their writing skills to the world, now the things have changed, anyone can set-up a blog/website and start freelancing with their brand. Publishing was, is and will remain as one of the powerful jobs; it shares information and news across the world in the form of writing.

Blogging has given a different kind of value for writers, two decades ago it wasn’t possible. We should consider ourselves lucky for this.

4.  Writing makes your writing skills better:

Making a habit of writing daily improves your writing skills, at least writing 500 words a day can make significant change. You read and learn more things to write, which enlarges your wisdom.

You can notice the improvement by comparing them to your old articles. I never thought I could write on these topics with ease, years ago. Writing regularly makes your writing skills better; you try to find perfection in writing.

5.  Writing gives you an Authority:

List out the top influential blogs on internet, what you’ll see in those blogs is, there is an authoritative writer behind it. They all have their own writing voice; they teach others with that voice. People can recognize them by looking at their writing style, that’s called authority or branding. Remember, all these bloggers started with zero followers; main reason behind their success is their writing skills.

Some of them had good writing skills and some improved it on a daily basis. With a good writing skill you can become an authority person, you can earn a good amount of followers/readers. Only way to make our blogs popular is by improving our writing.


Having a good set of writing skills is one of the necessary aspects for a blogger. One way or another, we need to make a constant effort in order to become a good writer or blogger.

What do you think? Do you write and read on a daily basis to sharpen your writing skills? Anything else I’ve missed in this post? Do let me know your opinion in the comment section, I’m eager to hear it from you.


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