Secure Your WordPress Blog With These Security Plugins

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When it comes to blogging platforms, there is no match for WordPress. WordPress is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) platform. Since the origin of this awesome blogging tool, it has attracted many people. some bloggers migrated to WordPress from other blogging platforms like blogspot.

One of the main advantage of WordPress is it is a open source tool. Majority of bloggers like it, in fact; all top professional bloggers use it. According to Wikipedia; WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of websites.

With thousands of customizing templates, themes, and plugins, it is obvious that why many bloggers prefer WordPress. Anyone without having any coding languages like HTML or CSS can easily build a website with this.

Even though WordPress has so many advantages, it also has some drawbacks. One of the major issue with WordPress sites are its security. Thousands of WordPress sites gets hacked every day. Many of this happens because of newbie errors from users or not having enough knowledge to secure their WordPress websites.

wordpress security plugins

If you’re new to WordPress and don’t have enough knowledge to secure your site, don’t worry. I’m going to explain bit-by-bit to protect your site from hackers.

First thing a newbie don’t realize is using ‘admin’ username is not okay. You need to change it. Use strong password (this is basic).

However, using unique and strong password and username is not enough to protect your WordPress site. You need to use some major security plugins as well.

Let me explain you everything about security plugins which will protect your site.

WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence Security plugin

This is by far one of the best WordPress security plugin developed by Mark Maunder. This plugin does a lot of security work.

Major features of this plugin:

  • It scans everything including themes, core files, and other plugins for suspicious changes or malicious attack
  • Firewall security feature to throttle or block fake bots or attacks
  • Find out malicious networks and block them
  • Scans for over 44,000 known malware variants
  • Scans for known backdoors
  • Find out Google blacklisted URL’s from posts, comments or in files
  • Repair changed files
  • Monitor unauthorised DNS changes
  • Block scrappers and aggressive crawlers
  • Limit log-in attempts

Above are the major security features of wordfence plugin.  One of the features I like about this plugin is its ability to identify changed file or themes and repair with couple of clicks. This is the only plugin does this kind of task.

Another feature I like is it shows real-time live traffic, it is pretty useful if your site is under-attack; you can manually block all IP’s. However, don’t enable this live-traffic feature every time, because it slows down your site by 2-3 seconds.

Its firewall security is advanced; you can limit the crawl rate of any user or bots.

Moreover, you can immediately block IP’s which try to login using invalid username. I usually get email notifications whenever a user gets locked out using invalid username; this is usually not done manually, in fact; attackers use brute-force technique to hack weak usernames and passwords.

Wordfence security plugin is highly recommended for all wordpress sites. No matter what, you need to use this awesome plugin to protect you site from hackers.

Bulletproof Security Plugin

There are some WordPress users who claim their site got hacked despite having wordfence security plugin. Even though wordfence plugin does some many things, it still lacks some security features like; not protecting .htaccess files (distributed configuration files) of your site.

Bulletproof security plugin stops any attackers/hackers malicious scripts from reaching your php coding in WordPress.

Major features of Bulletproof plugin:

  • Protect wp-admin folder
  • .htaccess file editor
  • .htaccess backup and restore
  • .htaccess security protection against XSS, RFI, CRLF, Code injection and SQL injection
  • Hide WordPress version
  • Webiste maintenance mode feature
  • Add, edit, change .htaccess file within the WordPress dashboard
  • Displays security notice on dashboard

However, activating this plugin is little trickier, newbies might find it difficult. But there are easy guides, instructions and FAQs; just you have to read it carefully. You don’t need to know anything about .htaccess and all, you just need to click ‘AutoMagic’ buttons and Activate Bulletproof modes.

However, sometimes this plugin messes up with W3 Total Cache plugin, I’ve faced some issues couple of times while upgrading. But there are support forums where you can find all the solutions.

By the way, I use both wordfence and Bulletproof plugins. I had doubts before using both plugins together; I asked Syed Balkhi of wpbeginner, he said not sure. Luckily it works quite well, but don’t activate login security on Bulletproof plugin; since wordfence also has the same feature, both plugins might clash.

Google Authenticator Plugin

You already aware of two-factor authentication security features in Gmail, facebook and Dropbox. This security feature is used widely everywhere now. We can see this on; Bank accounts, government agencies and in Military world-wide for better security.

This plugin will add extra layer of protection to your site. With your username and password, this plugin will ask you to add Google authenticator codes which are only being found on your mobile app. You need to download Google authenticator mobile app for this plugin to work. This Google Authenticator plugin will give highest level of protection for your WordPress site.

Wondering why to use this plugin when you have a strong password?

If you think your strong passwords can’t be stolen, then you’re wrong. There are some malicious adwares that can steal your passwords if you use adware infected computers. Recently hackers came up with a new method to steal WordPress user passwords; Brute-force-attack. By this computer generated method, hackers continuously try random passwords from different IP’s. This eventually makes harder to control.

This plugin ensures that there is no way for hackers to login to your WordPress dashboard even if they have your login credentials.


With hundreds of WordPress websites getting hacked every day, it is your responsibility to keep your site secure. Don’t forget to update all your themes, plugins regularly. And lastly, always backup your site. There are many backup plugins to do this. The three plugins I mentioned above are highly recommended to protect your site from hackers.


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