3 Points That Will Change The Way You Approach Blogging

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It isn’t about just building traffic, it isn’t about getting famous, and it isn’t about just making money, it is about adding value to the community. Here the community includes both bloggers and readers.

Above sentence is my definition of blogging. Many have their own measures and metrics to define blogging. It varies from people-to-people. People blog for varies purpose; some just blog for passion or hobby without monetizing it. For some, it is just a money-making business.

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What I think is, blogging shouldn’t just be considered as money-making business, we should give something from blogging that help someone or  inspire someone. This is what we call adding value.

For the sake of blogging community we should approach these blogging methods which I’m going to explain below.

Adding value is more than necessary

I’m sure you’ve read this everywhere in blogosphere, but many of us don’t follow this. Adding value means giving your readers what they are looking for. More importantly, you should give honest and genuine opinion.

We all search Google to find something, right? I’m sure many of you discovered blogging while searching something on internet. Probably you found Pat flynn’s blog and decided to start blogging.

To be honest, I had no idea about Affiliate marketing and all until I read Pat’s SmartPassiveIncome blog. Not everyone provides that much honest value for readers. Adding value is not just writing quality articles, it should help your readers and inspire them as well.

When I was looking to buy a web hosting package, I searched for reviews on Google, most of the reviews I came across are written fake just to earn commissions. It shouldn’t be like that; people look for personal experience in the reviews, they want to know how the real quality of a product is.

Once your readers find out that you’re writing fake reviews, they might not return to your blog again. People often forget the main purpose of blogging, blogging is meant to help others, not the opposite thing.

Give Information, not a Problem

You’ve decided to start a niche blogging and you’ve selected your niche as – Health, You start a Health Blog. You start keyword researching, then you note down long tail key phrases.

You wrote an article – “How to cure Headache with home remedies” and your summary contains like; “take 5 Saridon tablets and mix with milk, and so on. . .”. You did this based on the keyword search volume. Your goal was to drive one-time traffic from search engine and make money. But are you doing it right? No. I hope after Google’s latest hummingbird algorithm update this will no longer happen.

Above is just an example to empathize how bad it is to give false information on your blog. This is just one instinct, there are many.

And again I would like to mention Pat here, everyone is aware about his niche site dual project. Have a look at him, and see how hard he works to give real information to the audience on a varies topics. I think this is all we have to learn from him – giving real information.

No matter how strong Google makes its algorithm, there are many people out there who do these kinds of black-hat stuff. Our goal is to not to join them and always give actual information to the audience.

However, it is not bad to start a niche blog, but make sure you do a lot research on these topics to provide actual information for the readers.

It is necessary to solve the reader’s Problem

Sometimes we just write to fill pages and don’t bother about solving the reader’s problems. Everyone read top blogs to learn something or find solutions to their problems. I read CopyBlogger daily so that I could improve my writing, learn content marketing and all. If your readers can’t find solution for their problems on your blog, they might leave.

When I first landed on Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog I ended up spending more than an hour reading. Neil solves every problem related to marketing; he just knows how to trap his readers with REAL information. But not every blog provides you that kind of information for free. As you can see, he spends thousands of dollars to create detailed in-depth tutorials.

I think we should all learn from Neil how to solve the reader’s problems. Not to forget that people use search engine to find solutions for their problems. If you do it right way, you’ll definitely traffic and name.


Blogging is not just a money-making business, it is about adding value and solving the problems of readers. Our success depends on how we approach blogging. If your blogging strategies negatively affect others, then you’re doing it wrong. We should always approach our blogging with these legal methods.

What do you think? Do you blog only for money or add value? Do let me know your opinion in the comment section.


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