Blogging Isn’t a Rocket Science: Read These Tips To Become a Blogger Today

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A Couple of years ago, I thought that writing is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but I was wrong. Writing can become one of the easiest and most addictive things in the world; all you need to do is change your perspective towards writing.

There is a false assumption among many people that writing or blogging is very difficult, it is a rocket science; of course, it’ll look difficult if you take it that way. There are some simple skills that you can adapt to improve at blogging or writing.

Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger?

There are several reasons that why you should be a blogger;

  • Blogging helps you to improve your writing skills
  • You can build your brand image by blogging
  • Blogging helps you to connect with the world
  • Blogging gives you personal identity
  • It helps you to connect with like-minded people
  • Get freelancing clients
  • Make money
  • Make a business from home

As you can see, there are lots of advantages from blogging. Starring your own blog is easier than ever, I’m not saying that you should spend money for a self-hosted blog, you can start your blogging journey on Google’s free platform Blogspot without even spending a penny. I started a cricket blog on blogspot just for passion, but now I want to be a blogger for a lifetime. What I discovered is that blogging or writing is not as hard as you think, it’ll become easier if you change your perspective towards it and enjoy.

Who Can Become a Blogger?

Everyone can. Well, probably not everyone, but you can if you have. . .

  • Passion and interest towards writing
  • If you like doing creative things
  • If you have a good imagination
  • If you have patience and persistence
  • If you like reading

See, these are the basic and simple qualities that can make you a blogger. . . But what if you don’t have these qualities? Well, it is never too late to become a blogger. You can adopt these qualities starting from now. . .

So, how to become a blogger?

Build Passion towards Writing

Being a blogger, you can’t write whatever you want. Your writing has to make sense; it should help your readers. So, if you’re genuinely not passionate about writing, then your readers might have to face a tough time grasping your thoughts.

Writing Blogs isn’t rocket science, anyone can write blog posts without any age reference. But you have to build a passion for writing and you shouldn’t consider writing as work; otherwise, you might lose your enthusiasm for blogging.

Tips for writing

  • Write at least 500 words daily
  • Have a notepad
  • Improve your writing till you reach perfection (I’m still trying)

Adept Creativity

Having a good set of writing skills alone can’t make you a good blogger or writer; you need another major ingredient – creativity.

As a blogger, I continuously look for creative ideas to write on. Sometimes being creative at work is hard, but we had to figure it out. You can’t steal other people’s creative ideas in the blogosphere, but you can follow other people’s path to get inspired. Creative writing is very important in blogging and others can’t teach you, you have to learn it yourself.

Tips to build creativity

  • Don’t copy-paste your social network statuses from others; instead, share your own thoughts
  • Use Twitter, which will help you to play with words and fuel your creativity
  • Read creative books

Adept Patience and Persistence

Bloggers are usually cool people who don’t like to get into the corporate world or doesn’t want to work for others. But it isn’t easy as it sounds, as we need tons of patience and persistence. If you want to be a blogger, make sure you have a hard degree of patience and persistence.

If not, try to build these qualities. Everyone has their own personalities and different DNA’s from birth, but it is possible to change your personalities to a certain extent.

Tips to build Patience

  • Don’t get stressed, or quit doing stressed work
  • Always stay in the right mindset; slow down your thinking process

Build Passion for Reading

There is no way you could be a blogger without reading. It’s a no-brainer that blogging requires continues ideas and thoughts. By reading, you get a lot of inspiring ideas and creative thoughts to write on. It is utterly necessary to read other blogs and books on a daily basis. As you know blogging is all about sharing information and if you stop reading, you can’t stay updated.

Tips for reading

  • List out the top blogs from your niche and subscribe to their RSS feeds
  • If you’re using a smartphone, download Apps like Feedly which is very smooth for reading
  • Read eBooks related to your niche


You don’t have to be an engineer or scientist to be a blogger, anyone without a qualification or degree can become blogger and blogging is not a rocket-science; all you need is a passion for writing and reading. It is never too late to become a blogger, you can start your Blogging journey from now.


Adithya Shetty is the creator of The Blog Metrics, a site that is dedicated to WordPress, blogging, and marketing since 2013. He's a Minimalist who loves to read and write.