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YouTube marketing

The complete guide to YouTube marketing in 2022

Youtube sees over 2 billion active users every month, making it one of the world’s most popular social media platforms as per statista. That is because it offers a wide variety of videos ranging from ‘how to chop green beans’ to ‘how to hotwire a car,’ thus making it widely loved. Such a massive reach … Read More

GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Review: Is it worth the popularity?

For a WordPress website owner, installing a theme is as important as wheels for a vehicle. And in today’s fast-paced world, what’s essential is how fast your website is. Therefore, it’s vital for the theme to be fast, at the same time customizable per the user’s need. GeneratePress is among the fastest WordPress themes in … Read More

CRM benefits

Benefits of CRM with Case Study Examples

Trade, the earliest form of business, has been a mainstay of human society right from our first interaction with one another. Of course, business then cannot be compared to what it is now, but the basic concepts have always been the same. There is a value exchange between one person and the other. This means … Read More

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Instagram Stories e1638802882499

How to Market your Small Business using Instagram Stories

Undoubtedly, Instagram Stories is one of the most powerful tools small businesses can harness for producing original marketing content. This will be an innovative way of connecting with the customers. Instagram Stories are creative and fun, and they go a long way in building brand awareness and loyalty. They help businesses create an affinity with … Read More