7 Best Picreel Alternatives to Get Leads in 2024

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One of the hardest tasks in the world of the internet is to generate valuable leads and eventually get them to convert. However, you cannot get an optimal number of conversions if you are unable to capture ideal leads.

A tool that is widely popular for the purpose of lead generation is Picreel, but some people may not find it good enough for them for many reasons. So if you are among those, we have created this guide just for you.

Below you will find the list of best Picreel alternatives that you can choose based on your needs and preferences, so let’s get started:

Best Picreel Alternative Tools to increase your ROI

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads - Picreel Alternative
Thrive Leads

Most email marketing tools are focused on sending out emails to your subscribers and not getting people to give their emails to you. But Thrive Leads is actually built to concentrate on the lead-capturing part of the game, which is why it is one of the best Picreel Alternatives.

Thrive Leads types of form
Thrive Leads types of form

This powerful plugin allows you to design beautiful opt-in forms to be put on your WordPress website. By doing so, you grab the attention of the people visiting your blog and increase your chances of grabbing their emails.

Thrive Leads trigger settings
Thrive Leads trigger settings

Thrive Leads single-site license costs $97/year and the Thrive Suite with a 5-site license costs $299/year along with the 8 other premium plugins from Thrive Themes. Check out some Thrive Leads alternatives if you don’t find it fancy.

Some of the features of Thrive Leads are:

  • Create a variety of opt-in forms
  • Highly targeted forms for different types of audiences
  • Use triggers to show the form when an event occurs
  • You can do A/B split testing with your forms
  • Get timely and detailed reports on your campaign’s progress

Get the Thrive Leads now and start growing your email lists.

Hello Bar

Hello bar
Hello bar

The reason why Hello Bar is one of the best Picreel Alternatives is that not only does it offer highly attractive messages to capture leads, but it is also very beginner-friendly. You just need to enter the URL of your website and then you will be guided throughout the process.

Furthermore, with Hello Bar, you can extract the subscriber data and load the list into MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Aweber to easily contact and send the latest offers to your subscribers. The gist is that if you need a convenient and easy-to-use lead-capturing tool, Hello Bar is what you need. You probably like to try some Hello Bar alternatives here.

Some features are:

  • Share your content on social media with buttons
  • You can split-test your messages
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Create visually appealing pop-ups
  • Take help from analytics to track the effectiveness of the notification bar



A premium opt-in form plugin that was introduced in 2013 by OptinMonster is known for its range of clean and highly attractive designs and user-friendly interface. But what differentiates it from other lead-capturing tools is the feature of Exit Intent which wasn’t available at the time of its release.

Since it was among the handful of tools that introduced this function, OptinMonster has been associated with this innovative feature. This helped the plugin win plaudits and positive reviews from users and helped it secure a spot in the list of best lead-capturing tools. There are some OptinMonster rivals in the same segment, do try.

Some features are:

  • Forms can be added to posts and pages
  • Tons of form appearance themes
  • Different types of forms including full-screen entrance, exit intent, sidebar, and more
  • Add animation and sounds to forms as they load
  • Instant form cloning for A/B testing



Launched in 2014, OptinMonk is a SaaS-based application that helps you improve your conversions and help you capture leads using action-based messages through bars and popups. You can target visitors on various factors such as location, cart value, engagement level, returning visitors, cart abandonment, and more.

Furthermore, you can attract the attention of the visitors by displaying engaging content at the right moment like displaying a discount code right at the moment when someone is about to abandon the cart. Here are a few OptiMonk competitors that you may want to try.

Some of the primary features are:

  • Very useful and aesthetically pleasing templates
  • Easy and neat to navigate popups that customers can understand easily
  • The dashboard is easy to read and provides detailed stats and an overview of all opt-ins
  • You can use A/B split testing
  • Very detailed reports and excellent customer support as well



Leadpages, as the name suggests, is focused on helping users design very beautiful and high-converting landing pages that help them capture leads.

Just Uno
LeadPages Templates

The best part of using this one is that you don’t have to know any coding to design visually appealing landing pages. They also offer Leadboxes which are popups requiring visitors to provide their details. There are some similar tools to Leadpages that you might like.

Some key features are:

  • Drag and drop the landing page and Leadbox creator
  • Over 100 highly attractive templates
  • A/B split testing of pages
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • You can track Leadboxes to see how they perform

Just Uno

Just Uno
Just Uno

This one is a popup, notifications, and special promotions software that is designed to capture emails, increase engagement and conversions, and also help businesses reduce shopping cart abandonment.

It also allows the users to run basic contests to increase engagement and leads, which means you are not just limited to the exit popups. Some of the primary features are:

  • You have dozens of highly attractive pre-built templates
  • Tons of apps can be integrated
  • Do detailed segmentation to decide who sees what
  • Detailed reporting with charts and graphs
  • A/B split testing
  • Mobile responsive popups



Sumo allows users to make their websites more attractive and encouraging to visitors so they can convert quickly and more frequently. Furthermore, the share buttons by Sumo allow your loyal visitors to quickly share your enticing content and offers and attract more visitors to your website.

Moreover, you can create beautiful popups that will appear at strategic touchpoints to ensure maximum conversions. There is a list of Sumo alternatives to try if you don’t find this tool practical for your needs.

Some of the primary features are:

  • Sumo has a suite of over 20 tools
  • You don’t need any coding to create high-converting popups
  • You can integrate Sumo with major email services
  • Popups can be embedded in the content
  • You can track various metrics like return rates and conversions

There are many other Picreel alternatives but the ones we have talked about in this post have been tried and tested by many which is why they deserve to be on the list of best Picreel alternatives.

If you find any of the above-mentioned lead generation plugins useful, we suggest that you first read its detailed reviews and then decide whether it is for you or not.


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