10 Best Sumo Alternatives Compared 2024

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The dream of everyone who wants to grow their email list is to generate as many conversions as they can. Building an email list is a great way to convert your potential customers into your customers. The way of increasing conversions can, however, be a tricky task. But not to worry, there are some tools to help WordPress users grow their email list.

One of the tools used for this very purpose is a Sumo tool. For those who don’t know, Sumo is a lead generation tool from the AppSumo family. To be honest, Sumo is very helpful in growing email lists, but some might not like it.

Luckily, here are some tools that are considered the best alternatives to Sumo. Today, I am going to share the seven best Sumo Alternatives to Increase your Conversion Rates up to many folds. So without further ado; let’s see what I’ve got:

Best Sumo Alternatives to Increase Your Leads

Thrive Leads
Hello Bar
Free/Pro ($15/mo)
WP Notification Bar

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads - Best Sumo Alternative
Thrive Leads

Thrive is one of the most popular lead-generation plugins for WordPress. The Thrive Leads is an excellent solution for boosting list-building efforts. It is simply the one-man army for accelerating conversion rates that can be considered as Best Sumo Alternative plugin.

To help you build your email list, thrive offers an arsenal of opt-in forms that are conversion-focused. Usually, this ease is not provided in other email marketing software, especially for opt-in forms. Thrive Leads also comes with Scroll Mat which is similar to Sumo’s Welcome Mat feature.

Thrive has integrations of direct API for the most popular and widely used email services. Moreover, you can also use Thrive with any system that generates an HTML signup form. One more thing for newbies especially is that they do not have to worry about learning to use thrive leads. Because Thrive leads have a database of tutorial videos for a person of every level.

You can immediately set up your thrive leads plugin. You just need to pay a one-time payment of $67 or $97 depending on the type of services you choose.

Thrive Leads form
In-Line Forms in-between posts using Thrive Leads, less annoying than popups

I’ve been using Thrive Leads on this blog and I highly recommend this plugin.

More Noticeable Features of Thrive:

  • Every plan of Thrive includes lifetime updates
  • Very easy to use
  • Have attention-grabbing templates
  • Very straightforward and has an in-depth customization functionality
  • Great mobile-friendly interface



Simply, one of the best conversion tools on WordPress. Initially, it started as an ordinary WordPress plugin, but with time, it has become so much more.

Now, OptinMonster is a full-on platform for list building, and you can use it to create forms, deploy them, and test different opt-in forms. And not only this, but the OptinMonster also offers a diversity of uses. It also includes a full-screen Welcome Gate that can be a good alternative to SumoMe’s Welcome Mat.

You can either use it to deploy opt-in forms on WordPress with their WP plugin. Or you can also take just a snippet of the code which can be used with any HTML supporting website.

So it means that you can monitor all of your opt-in forms from a single location, irrespective of the number of sites you run. You can start using OptinMonster with the most basic price plan, which is $9 monthly.

Other Prominent Features:

  • It has a nice collection of templates for popovers
  • Straightforward form editor allows you to deploy and edit opt-in forms swiftly
  • You can set up the A/B split testing with just a few clicks
  • Diversity of Popup forms
  • You can segment your customers based on their behaviour

Hello Bar

Hello Bar
Hello Bar

Another good alternative to Sumo is the HelloBar. It lets you add a full-width bar on top of your blog. The bar can be used to drive traffic onto your resource pages, squeeze pages, or at a particular post.

You can also use HelloBar to drive traffic to your affiliate links and capture emails. To give you a general idea, think of the Hello Bar as a tool that can let you drive traffic to the pages of your choice. Hello Bar also offers features like Exit-Intent Popups starting with their free plan.

Regarding style, the dashboard is elegant and user-friendly. Even a person who has no tech skills can also benefit from Hello Bar. It is easy to integrate, and virtually any WordPress blogger can integrate it into their blog.

Some more Features:

  • Helps you get more email subscribers
  • It is beneficial to A/B testing of your messages
  • It also promotes your content
  • Can be very useful in growing your following
  • It can display the News Letter Box



Leadpages as they say (the number one tool for landing page building) is a drag-and-drop software tool. It is also very popular to set up sign-up forms to grow an email list. Its main selling point is the ease of use it provides.

The drag-and-drop editor allows the task to be completed in just minutes. It integrates with all of the popular email service providers like ConvertKit, Aweber, and MailChimp. Above all, you do not have to know how to code to use this one.

The Leadpages connect via the WordPress plugin, or if you are not a user of WordPress, then you can simply use the formatted HTML code that it provides and paste it into your website’s back end.

If you don’t find Leadpages useful, try some of its alternatives.

Some Other Prominent Features:

  • It has amazing and mobile-friendly templates
  • Provides easy A/B testing & analytics
  • With just one click sign up
  • Also provides SMS Opt-in codes
  • Offers the Lead capture popup feature
  • Also helpful in creating webinars and lead boxes




If you are looking for an add-on that can help you create a fully branded and customizable Optin Popup, then Popup Ally is the best one yet.

This is more important if your existing email marketing software like MailChimp doesn’t offer variations of designs in signup forms.

The Plugin entirely takes care of all customization and designing. So you are not obliged to know any coding or HTML at all to set up an attractive and functional opt-in form.

Some Noticeable Features:

  • You can create Popups of any shape you want
  • Offers a click-to-open popup feature for a 2 step-based Opt-in
  • A great alternative to Sumo with its embedded and floating horizontal Opt-in Bars
  • You can add social Media Sharing Code, videos, or anything you want to the popups
  • You can use the tool on as many sites as you want, without paying for each site

WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar
WP Notification Bar

With the help of WP Notification Bar, you can design custom alerts and notifications for your visitors to grow your email lists. The plugin displays a sleek and professional-looking message bar on your blog.

It is effective in increasing conversions. It can manage marketing promotions, grow the audience for specific websites or pages and expand your social media following.

Some popular Features:

  • Swift and easy to setup
  • You can create a custom call to action and message button
  • Totally customizable
  • Independent of Language
  • Extremely slick design and attention-grabbing



One of the best tools for keeping track of your audience and increasing conversions.

The Picreel tracks your visitor’s behavior like the exact page they are browsing and their mouse movements. And based on the behavior it sends them a personalized pop-up message that gets them to give their email address, click on a relevant area, or purchase a product.

Luckily for Picreel, you do not need a lot of knowledge of coding or HTML. You can start converting the web traffic into leads with just some basic understanding of WordPress. There are a few Picreel alternatives you might find useful.

Some Features:

  • 20 different types of popup campaign designs
  • An analytics dashboard to keep you updated with the most effective campaigns
  • Provides a detailed and thorough A/B testing
  • Offers a free integration for more than 750 databases and services of email marketing
  • Easy to use
  • Very fast conversions



MailOptin is another premium tool that can replace Sumo. This tool offers similar features like exit-intent popups, lightbox popups, notification bars, etc.

The basic plan of MailOptin starts from $69 for a single site and the Agency pack is worth $269.

Some Features:

  • Exit-intent technology
  • Email Newsletters
  • Built-In Analytics
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Highly-optimized for speed



Getsitecontrol is a set of widgets for website optimization. It can help you grow your email list, notify visitors about an ongoing sale or any updates, and stay in contact with them.

When you get to the dashboard, you can choose to create modal popups, slide-ins, fullscreen forms (similar to Sumo welcome mats), floating and sticky bars, buttons, and panels.

For those who prefer using ready-made solutions, there is an extended gallery that allows for adding widgets to any website in a couple of clicks. If you’d like, however, you can change their copy and appearance using an intuitive editor with tons of style customization possibilities and even a CSS editor.

The installation process for WordPress users is handled with a plugin, so there is no need to deal with the code.

The best part about Getsitecontrol? It allows you to adjust the widget appearance on mobile screens precisely and ensure your mobile audience experience is up to par.

If you don’t find Getsitecontrol useful, check out some of its competitor tools that offer similar features.

Some noticeable features:

  • Versatile user targeting settings, intuitive to apply
  • Tons of design customization options, CSS
  • Template gallery of ready-made widgets
  • The ability to create multi-page forms
  • Image import directly from Unsplash, Instagram, GIPHY, or any website
  • Direct links to share forms via email, messengers or social media



OptiMonk is a very effective lead-generation tool that offers lots of features with free and premium plans.

If your website has 3000 page views per month, then you can use their free plan, but the premium starts from $29/month.

OptiMonk offers unique features like exit-intent popups, cart-based targeting, multi-site campaigns, Gamification Popups, etc.

Final Words

Sumo is indeed a great conversion-increasing tool, but everyone has their perspectives. It can be an expensive tool for some and not good enough for some people.

So to make sure you guys do not get left behind, these seven best alternatives for Sumo are going to be your aid. All of these tools are best in their own way and can be a great way to increase conversions if appropriately used.


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