13 Best Exit-Intent Popup WordPress Plugins in 2022

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No matter how annoying it is for your visitors, exit-intent popup WordPress plugins are the best way to increase your conversion rates. The reality is — it works most of the time.

Although I’m not using any exit-intent popup tools at present, I’ve used them in the past and found them to be effective and there are many data examples that back this strategy.

The only drawback of the popup is that it annoys some quality users and that might decrease your sales. But it can work very well on some niche blogs.

What is an Exit-Intent Popup?

The exit-intent popup is a method to capture or retain a visitor with a popup form who is about to leave your site. With an exit-intent popup, you can display an exclusive offer with a discount to convert your abandoning audience into customers. This technique can also be very good to collect emails and leads.

So In this article, I’m sharing some of the best exit-intent popup WordPress Plugins that I’m familiar with.

Exit-Intent Popup WordPress Plugins Compared

1Thrive Leads$97/moMore Info
2OptiMonkFree/ProMore Info
3HubSpot Exit IntentFreeMore Info
4SumoFree/ProMore Info
5Yeloni Exit PopupFreeMore Info
6OptinMonster$9/moMore Info
7Ninja Popups$27More Info
8Popup MakerFreeMore Info
9Picreel$19More Info
10Hello BarFree/ProMore Info
11MailOptin$69More Info
12PopupAllyFreeMore Info
13Convert Pro$79/moMore Info

Thrive Leads

Best Exit-Intent Popup WordPress Plugins

What makes Thrive Leads great is the fact that it enables you to build your mailing list faster than it ever did. Not only that, but it also brings in front some unique moments and astonishing ideas for you to use.

Thrive Leads has a powerful set of features that help you design and deploy the opt-in form. It also delivers advanced targeting features, not to mention it even has an A/B testing engine and actionable reporting.

Thrive Leads Template Library for Lightbox Popups
Thrive Leads Template Library for Lightbox Popups

All these things add up to bring in front some really good benefits and are one of the best ways to acquire more emails for your mailing list.

opt-in form types
Thrive Leads opt-in form types

Another best thing about Thrive Leads is that you get to choose different types of Opt-in forms such as Lightbox popups, Slide-in, Ribbon (notification bar), Sidebar widgets, etc. Just select the form, set the trigger, and pick the pre-made templates to customize your design. That’s it!

Trigger Settings
Trigger Settings

Thrive Leads’ SmartExit lets you select the trigger delay on mobile devices as well since it’s difficult to detect exit intent on the mobile.

Trigger on mobile
Trigger on mobile

Pricing starts at $97 per year for a single site and up to 5 sites for the purchase of Thrive Suite.


OptiMonk exit intent

Thanks to OptiMonk you can track visitor behavior, detect the current visitors, share the offer and boost your conversions.

OptiMonk really is among one of the best tools out there and it certainly brings in front some astonishing moments for you to enjoy with plenty of features.

OptiMonk Design

The thing to note about this tool is that it’s fast and reliable, and it can be adapted to your needs in no time.

OptiMonk Style
OptiMonk Style

There are tons of unique styles for you to use here, and the fact that you can retain the attention of your leads is masterful. It’s definitely worth the effort, which means you do have to check it out the best way that you can.

select your goal
Select your goal

Start with selecting the goal you want to achieve with OptiMonk, you can use this tool to build email lists, stop cart abandonment, etc.

Featured ready-made templates with high converion rates
Featured ready-made templates

The best thing that I noticed about OptiMonk is that you can select a list of high-converting pre-made templates that are already proven their efficiency.

So, instead of spending your time on A/B testing, you can concentrate your time on other productive work.

Details of high converting pre-made templates
Details of a high converting pre-made templates

OptiMonk offers a free version with a limit of 15,000 pageviews for a single domain, and the paid plan starts at $29 per month. However, you can get two months for free with an annual subscription.

HubSpot Exit Intent

HubSpot Exit Intent is a free popup tool that can help you capture more leads and subscribers.

This tool can be seamlessly integrated with email providers like AWeber, MailChimp, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, etc. You can also customize the timing of your exit-intent form according to your needs.



free exit intent popup

Sumo’s approach is all about offering you the features you need to get more people on your site. You get immediate email address capture, you can generate more traffic and you can even acquire ways to track your success in a meaningful manner.

It’s certainly worth the effort and it does bring in front some reliable, outstanding benefits for you to enjoy. It’s one of the best things you can get if you want to optimize your website and gain more traffic from it.

Plus, it’s not a very expensive tool, which in the end can bring in front some really good results. We recommend you to at least try it out, as they do have a trial for all features. There are some Sumo alternatives in case you don’t like its features.


Yeloni Exit Popup

What this widget does is provide you with an exit popup. This way you can still entice people to come to you and then they may even stay on the site.

It’s well worth the effort, especially if you value focus and quality more than anything. Just consider giving it a shot and the outcome can be great.

You can design your own widgets and configure them, not to mention that the plugin is also integrated with various email marketing services out there as well.



There are lots of people that use OptinMonster and the reason is that it allows you to grow your email list naturally.

You add various forms and features to your site which are all designed to capture the attention of your customers.

It really is one of the better options if you want quality and value in a single package. So yes, this is one of the nicest tools for immediate website growth done the right way. Just check it out and you will love the results, that’s for sure.

If you don’t find OptinMonster interesting, there are some other similar tools you can try.


Ninja Popups

What makes this plugin so good? Maybe the fact that you can integrate customizable popups without any issue. You can feel free to adapt to your customer’s needs and requirements.

And they will have no problem enjoying the entire experience and the results that you can obtain here are extremely good too.

People love this type of feature, and the cool part about them is that you can adapt everything to your needs with little to no effort. It’s a pop-up blocker-proof solution, not to mention that you have tons of styles to choose from, and that can always be a really good option.


Popup Maker

It can feel hard to create a great pop-up, but with this tool, you can do just that. It gives you all the features and benefits you need in a really good package.

And the results are amazing, mainly because you have all the stuff you need right at your fingertips. Gone are the days when you had a hard time creating a good popup.

This can easily pay off in no time, and that’s what makes it special, to begin with. Overall, it’s a very good investment and it can indeed pay off quite a lot in the end.



Once you start using this tool you will like the fact that you can easily capture the attention of your audience. They have design templates that help you create your own offers. Or you can create on your own if you want to.

There are so many unique options and features here that they can easily bring you all the value and help you need in no time. It’s an amazing thing to have, and it does bring front some cool moments. It’s also a really powerful tool for list building as well.


Hello Bar

What Hello Bar does is it helps you get more leads rather quickly and without any problem.

You can make your exposure a lot better and even more so, you can adapt everything to suit your needs and expectations.

Gone are the days when you had to spend a ton of time finding the best solutions on the market. Hello Bar does everything for you as it captures leads in no time and it offers all the unique benefits you always needed in a single package.

In the end, it’s a great tool and one that you should use very often! You can also try some Hello Bar competitors here.




MailOptin is another premium Exit-intent Popup tool for WordPress that comes with several features like Lightbox popups, notification bar, Before/After posts, Slide-in, etc.

Talking about the pricing, MailOptin offers three plans and the basic plan just costs $69/year, whereas the agency costs $269/year.



If you want to take your email list to the next level, this is one of the best possible options out there.

The included opt-in forms and unique benefits such as time delay or even smart subscriber recognition show that this is a really good, unique, and powerful unit for you to use.

The bonus marketing features work quite nicely and you can easily train to build up a large list this way too.


Convert Pro

With a great collection of exit-intent popup dialog boxes, ConvertPro sure knows how to make the leaving users stay, or at least, share their email before they go. There are different types of exit-intent popups available depending on the need.

From redirecting users to a different page to offering discounts, introducing new products, or asking for email, there’s an exit-intent pop-up for every purpose. 

Furthermore, you can customize the message and some other elements to make the popup more relevant to your audience and increase the action rate. 


Above I’ve mentioned some of the Best Exit-Intent Popup WordPress Plugins that can get you more leads.


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