3 Best Fastest WordPress Hosting I’ve personally used

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I’ve been blogging for the past nine years and during this period I’ve been with various managed WordPress hosting providers, but not all of them were super fast. 

Modern websites need to be fast to rank and compete with the world. So my quest for the fastest web hosting provider led me to try different options.

Finding the perfect WordPress Hosting is not easy as there are hundreds of recommended hosting from experts all over the web, but the reality is only a few are good.

So, in this article let me share my list of the Fastest WordPress hosting providers that I’ve used to host my blogs.

Let’s get started:

Best Fastest WordPress hosting

1. WPX hosting

WPX hosting is unique, I think they’re one of the few hosting companies that started providing their very own in-build CDN with hosting plans. Not only that, they offer speed optimization, website migration, and malware removal for free without having to pay additional fees.

They also offer automated daily backups, free SSL, Unlimited email boxes, staging, etc. And the base plan lets you host up to 5 websites for just $24.99/mo; which I think is quite affordable than the other hosting providers in this segment.

Speed test of the site hosted on WPX Hosting
Speed test of the site hosted on WPX Hosting

I started using WPX hosting in early 2019 and kept my main sites on them till March 2022.

Fastest WordPress Hosting: WPX dashboard
WPX dashboard

Why did I leave WPX hosting?

They weren’t bad, I just felt things could be a little faster; then I started hearing good things about Cloudways from the blogger’s community and wanted to try something new.

Recently, they started offering LiteSpeed Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache which is better than Apache and NGINX and can handle more requests.

Pros and Cons of WPX


  • LiteSpeed Server + LiteSpeed Cache
  • WPX offers its very own custom build CDN called XDN with 37 Edge locations
  • Free Migration and free Malware removal
  • Unlimited Email Boxes
  • Automatic backups
  • Free site speed optimization
  • Highly responsive support with a 30-sec Average Response time


  • Pricing starts at $20/mo which beginners might find expensive

7 months FREE

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2. Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed solution for unmanaged VPS; unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways offers cloud hosting through its 5 cloud hosting partners.

Cloudways dashboard
Cloudways dashboard

You get an option to choose from the vast number of servers starting from just $10 per month. Not just that, you’re only charged hourly as per your usage.

Cloudways pricing
Cloudways pricing

I have mainly used the Vultr High-Frequency server on Cloudways to host my blog and it’s relatively easy. One little inconvenience is that you can’t host email on their servers; it’s mainly due to VPS providers trying to avoid spam and getting their IPs blacklisted by the internet service providers.

Update: Cloudways stopped offering Linode and Vultr for its new customers after the acquisition of Cloudways by DigitalOcean. So now you’re left with only 3 cloud providers to choose your server.

However, the good news is that they started offering a Cloudflare Enterprise add-on; you will be fully able to take advantage of Edge Page Caching which caches your entire site and delivers through Cloudflare’s Edge locations; which results in your website’s TTFB being less than 50 ms. Read the complete details in this review post.

So, to host your email, you need to use an external email service provider; luckily, you can get the Rackspace email service addon for just $1 per email box with Cloudways.

Cloudways billing
Cloudways billing

Is Cloudways Faster than WPX?

So the important question is; is Cloudways faster than WPX? I would Yes! But slightly and only when the WPX in-built CDN was disabled.

I have done an extensive comparison review between Cloudways and WPX, do check it out!

TTFB test across the World
Tested when hosted on the Cloudways. Server location New York

I would say Cloudways is more suitable for developers and they provide full access to your server. Also, you will get a free Object Cache Pro when you pick the 4 GB RAM or higher plan.

Recently, they started offering the Cloudflare Enterprise addon after I left them and Joined Rocket.net for this very reason. Read my complete review of Cloudways here.

You can use my exclusive coupon code to get 20% OFF for the first 3 months of your Cloudways purchases!

Pros and Cons of Cloudways


  • Managed Cloud hosting for WordPress
  • Option to choose from different cloud hosting such as DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN addon
  • Free Object Cache Pro for plans starting at $26/mo
  • Free staging
  • Free Migration
  • Auto healing servers
  • Affordable pricing which starts at $12/mo


  • Email services addon costs $1 per email box
  • Beginners might find it confusing

3. Rocket.net

What can I say, finding out about Rocket.net was a game-changing moment for me. Currently, I believe this is the fastest-managed WordPress hosting out there. What makes them fast? Well, unlike other hosting companies, Rocket.net has tied up Cloudflare to provide all its users with a Cloudflare Enterprise plan.

I’m pretty sure many of you have heard of or even used the Cloudflare free or basic plans, but what I realized is that Cloudflare Enterprise features are truly a different league; With its 250+ global edge locations, your website content is cached closest to the visitors.

Rocket.net control panel
Rocket.net control panel

What makes Rocket.net even more special is that you get an extra layer of security with the Cloudflare web application firewall. Other than that you also get unlimited SSL, real-time malware scanning and removal, etc.

Talking about CDN caching, you don’t even need any cache plugins with Rocket.net, while testing for the first time I was blown away by the TTFB across the world. I have never seen any other WordPress hosting that I used that had such low latency; Usually, the TTFB in locations like India used to be lower when hosted in the US data centers.

A quick Google search, speed test, and seeing the positive ratings on the Trustpilot made my decision clear and migrated this site to Rocket.net.

Is Rocket.net the Fastest WordPress Hosting, currently?

Is Rocket.net can be considered the fastest WordPress hosting at present? I think it is! Some people might be able to make their website faster even by using another hosting with the right optimization, but right off the bat no other hosting comes close to Rocket.net; everything related to performance is pre-configured.

PageSpeed Insights of site hosted on Rocket.net
PageSpeed Insights

On this site, I’m just using the free version of the W3 Total Cache plugin with default settings with minifications disabled, and I’m still able to get the perfect 100 for desktop on PageSpeed Insights.

GTmetrix Speed test
GTmetrix speed test
TTFB test of site hosted on Rocket.net across the World
TTFB across the World

As you can see in the above screenshot, this site hosted on Rocket.net loads extremely fast, and TTFB across the continents is constant.

PageSpeed Insights score
Page with 50+ images and 3000+ Words

Even the heavy pages with 50 plus images score 100 on the desktop version in the Google PageSpeed Insights and load within a second.

Pros and Cons of Rocket.net


  • Powered by the powerful Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Full-page caching with 250+ Edge locations
  • 20+ global servers strategically placed in major locations
  • Free Migration for all customers
  • Cloudflare WAF
  • Automated backup
  • Free Staging


  • Email services are not available and you have to depend on third-party email services
  • Beginners might find the pricing a bit expensive


These are the last three Fastest WordPress hosting providers I’ve used on this site. Currently, I’m pretty happy with Rocket.net and never had any issues so far.

If you’re just starting out and have a low budget I would suggest you go with Cloudways as they’re economical and you can host several websites on your server. However, if you have the main website that needs to be super fast across the world, I say you pick Rocket.net. Anyway, I recommend these three hosting companies over cheap shared hosting.


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