Genesis Framework Review 2024: Is it Worth Buying?

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Update: I wrote this review back in 2015, Genesis Framework has not been the same since the acquisition of StudioPress by WP Engine. Currently, I am using GenertatePress on this site. Check out some Genesis Framework Alternatives I’ve listed.

I know how difficult it is to find a theme that is not just perfect outside but also runs smoothly from the inside. Genesis Framework has both beauty and brain. That said, it’s not just optimized to present users with an awesome design, but it’s also finely tuned inside for SEO and Performance.

Aside from beautiful designs, Genesis Framework is engineered to make your browsing experience the best. It comes with a 100% mobile-friendly theme. With Genesis Theme Framework, you can offer your audience a great experience utilizing responsive design on Desktop, laptops, Mobile, and Tablets.

WordPress Theme Framework basically works like a foundation for Child Themes, and the Genesis Framework is described as the “best of the best” among WordPress Premium Frameworks” by Mashable. In this Genesis Framework Review, I’ll explain why this theme framework is called the best for WordPress sites.

Genesis Framework Review: Some awesome features

Genesis Framework Review: Best SEO theme

Genesis – Not Just a Theme

What is Genesis Framework? Genesis, unlike many other WordPress themes, is not just a template, it’s a framework! The framework acts as a base for the Child Theme. That said, it’s a structure of your site! It is designed to give your site a professional look according to your preference, fluid designs, and most importantly – it’s optimized for Search Engines.

So we know that SEO optimization is not just limited to placing keywords in a blog post – as our site’s structure would help us befriend the search engine!

Use on Unlimited Sites

Once you’ve purchased Genesis, you’ve got everything. What does it mean? If you have several sites, you can use the Framework on all of them, without paying more! Once you have the Framework, you can build an unlimited number of websites on it. This feature is favorable if you are a developer – or if you are building niche websites! You can use the Genesis framework to build your Client’s websites as well.

How many premium theme companies allow you to use their product on your clients’ websites without charging extra? I guess, none.

Have you remembered paying for more with other themes or plugins out there when you need to use them with several websites? Now, forget it with Genesis. Plus, you can benefit from its future updates!

Genesis is protected by State-of-The-Art Security

genesis security: Genesis WordPress Theme Review

It does not rely upon a security plugin installed on your site because it has its own airtight security built on its core. Can you imagine how secure your data is once you run Genesis?

It does not mean that you don’t need a security plugin at all, but it’s promising to know that StudioPress employs a security expert – Mark Jaquith to lock down your site from hacking!

100% Customizable

You want to build a brand, so while there are professional Genesis child themes available for you – still – you want something distinct. The developers of Genesis Framework understand that and they have built Genesis with drag-and-drop features.

You can easily customize your site from header to footer even if you don’t have technical knowledge of HTML and CSS. Importantly, you can get lots of support if you want to dive into the style sheet.

There are lots of tutorials that would help you do the fix instantly. Exciting, isn’t it? Do you imagine calling yourself a self-taught Genesis developer? More so, Genesis remains intact while you control every bit of CSS with its Parent-Child functionality. You only have to upload a child theme and customize it.

Genesis Framework Review: Instant Updates

Instant Update: Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Some people have the trauma of updating their site. Some major updates would break your site into pieces (when something goes wrong) – not with Genesis!

The team behind the Framework would thoroughly test any changes for WordPress compatibility – so everything would be smooth along with the upgrades!  And it’s easy – just a click of a mouse! Sure, Genesis understands that many of you are not developers, but writers and marketers!

The best thing about using the Genesis Framework is that your child theme doesn’t require any updates because the framework itself manages the heavy tasks. Child themes just hold the outer design elements of your site.

SEO Friendly with Fast Performance

Genesis has In-built SEO features that’ll help you rank your content in Google Search Results. Genesis Framework comes with features like Meta-descriptions, Breadcrumbs, Robots Meta tags, Author box, etc.

The Genesis Framework is Well-coded with clean and secure codes to enhance maximum benefits. Genesis Framework has a lightweight code design to increase your site speed and performance.

Genesis Framework speed test

I tested my Blog’s speed using the Pingdom Website Speed Test tool, and it showed the above results. As you can see in the above screenshot my blog with a Genesis Framework took less than a second to load from New York City. This is another reason I love this theme, it’s lightning-fast.

Responsive HTML 5 Designs

Genesis Framework and child themes are built on responsive HTML5 designs to flawlessly display on all sorts of devices like; Laptops, iPads, Tablets, and other mobile devices.

As you probably know Google recently rolled out the Mobile-friendly update to penalize Non-Mobile friendly websites, it’s necessary to make sure your site is Mobile-friendly.

But by using Genesis Framework you don’t have to worry about these updates, because Genesis Framework comes with a 100% Mobile-friendly and responsive design.

The main thing I like about StudioPress themes is their Minimalist approach, most of their child themes come with a simple content-oriented design that tends to add value for the users.

Customer Support

All customers receive prompt and unmatched support from StudioPress. And the WordPress Genesis community is quite knowledgeable and everyone around you will help you with dedication.

Once you purchase Genesis Framework or any other child themes, you will get unlimited access to their theme setup guides and tutorials.

Currently, Over 500,000 website owners trust Genesis Framework and Themes.

Trusted Developers

Genesis is designed and engineered with developers who are working hard to keep their good reputations! They always work hard to give you the best of Genesis.

I am grateful for their hard work giving us a wonderful platform for building blogs and eCommerce websites.


I’ve been using the Monochrome Pro child theme on Genesis Framework for a very long, and in my opinion; WordPress and Genesis are complements of each other. Whenever I think of building a website with WordPress, what comes next to my mind is Genesis Framework.

In fact, popular blogs like SmartPassiveIncome and Copyblogger run on this very framework.

Do I Recommend Genesis Framework? Absolutely Yes! And the money you pay for themes is definitely worth it.

I think I’ve covered all the details of this Genesis Framework Review, if you have any doubts or queries just leave a comment below.


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