6 Effective Tips to Increase the Sales of Your eCommerce

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Do you have an eCommerce that you want to promote?

Do you want to increase your online sales?

Then this post is written for you. It is a collection of concrete actions to help you turn your virtual store in a successful business.

Tips to Increase the Sales of Your eCommerce

1. Measure Your Website Loading Speed

Before you start promoting your eCommerce, put yourself in the shoes of your clients and navigate through your site. If you have a good internet connection, but still you have the time to take a nap whenever you wait for a single page to load, you know that you need to work on the speed of your site.

Seriously, if the images and product descriptions on your eCommerce are taking too much time to load, you want to use tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights to discover what are the elements of your website that need to be improved.

Be aware that most of the times the number one issue with slow loading sites is a bad hosting service. This is why you should make a deep research and choose wisely where you want to host your online business. If you need help, I suggest you take a look at this useful guide for choosing your web hosting. I also recommend you to choose a Best Managed WordPress Hosting.

2. Three: the Perfect Number to Complete an Online Purchase

Three is the ideal number for eCommerce:

  • Product Research
  • Add to Cart
  • Payment.

Your goal should be to avoid anything that could distract your potential customers.

Try yourself to make a purchase on your eCommerce website and mark all the distractions that made you move away from completing the purchase.

At this point, streamline the process in order to make everything easier to your potential customers. You want to get the best chances to conclude a sale.

3. Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools will help you during the path of building a successful business.

First, I suggest you Shopify, an easy way to build and run your eCommerce website.

Then, choose your hosting provider wisely. It has been proven that the main reason for a slow website is a bad hosting service.

Also, to increase the chances to make a sale, don’t wait for your clients to find you. Collect a list of email addresses with the most important information (age, geographical area, consumer preferences or gender), prepare a series of personalized promotions and send them using an email marketing service.

4. Increase Visibility with Ads

If you still have not thought about how to allocate your advertising budget, consider the power of Google Adwords.

Through this service, you can promote your eCommerce and reach right away thousands of customers who are looking to buy your product or service.

What are the benefits? Here they are:

  • you decide how much budget to allocate on your advertising campaign;
  • you decide which region to reach (your city, a nation or around the world);
  • you can choose which format to use (text ads, banner or video);
  • you may select the CPC (cost per click – you pay only when users click on your ads) and the maximum you want to spend per day.

Facebook advertising is another good option to consider. Cheaper than Adwords, but with immense potentialities to reach a more targeted audience.

5. Leverage the Power of Big Sites

Thanks to big websites like eBay or Amazon, you can quickly reach thousands of potential customers.

If you can’t wait to increase the sales of your eCommerce, but you are still little known and now you want to improve your visibility, then you should evaluate a partnership with the most popular marketplaces out there. This strategy will favor the encounter between demand and supply.

Even in this case, the advantages are very attractive. Three main ones:

  • if you do not sell, you don’t pay any commission;
  • you can immediately reach the highest levels of confidence even if you have a young and little-known e-commerce (Amazon, for example, guarantees for you);
  • if you want to test the appeal of a new product without any major advertising investment, these marketplaces are the best option.

6. Word of Mouth is the Best Marketing Strategy

According to marketing experts, 9 times out of 10, a potential customer chooses a product or a service to be purchased, based on the suggestion of a friend and not on the advertising.

This means, a happy customer will generate even more sales, because he’s likely to recommend your eCommerce to his contacts.

Your goal, then, is to generate online buzz. But how?

For example, identify the most influential bloggers that target your potential customer and introduce your business: if they decide to talk about your eCommerce, you have done bingo!

Also, visit forums related to your niche and monitor what is said about the products or services that you sell to find out their needs.

Finally, learn how to use social networks to engage with your followers and not only to promote your products. You can organize competitions, publish testimonials and create giveaways.

Always remember that every satisfied customer will talk about you with his connections. You want to aim to positive feedbacks!

What do you think?

Are you running an eCommerce business?

Please share your strategies leaving a comment below, thanks!

Article by Erik Emanuelli

Erik is a freelance writer and social media marketer. He’s making a living online working on NoPassiveIncome.


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