18 Best Medium-Style WordPress Themes 2022

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If you’re reading this, I’m pretty much sure that you’re familiar with Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform where you can read, write and interact with the stories that matter most to you.

Apart from the cool stories, another thing that I was more fascinated by Medium platform was its minimalistic design. Medium’s design is perfect for any type of blogs; the Typography, layouts are reader-friendly and very pleasing to the eyes.

Recently, I wondered if there’s any Medium-style WordPress Themes, researched a bit and found some beautiful themes.

Why you should own a blog?

Although you can write stories and articles on free platforms like Medium, it’s always a good idea to start your own blog. When you use third-party blogging platform, there’s a slight risk; Medium can disable your account (very unlikely) in case of any issues and you won’t have any control over it.

In fact, Medium recently canceled Membership Programs of its 21 remaining subscription publisher partners with little notice. Baremetrics also wrote the drawbacks of using Medium for your brand.

So it’s better to have your own publishing platform if you’re trying to make a career out of writing.

Even after starting your own blog, you can still republish your articles on Medium using their import tool and it’ll automatically apply a canonical tag to the original source.

If you’re a serious writer or an author, you can start your own self-hosted WordPress blog and make it look like Medium with some clean themes.

So in this article, I’ve listed out some of the Best Medium-Style WordPress Themes that will redefine your blog.

Best Medium-Style WordPress Themes

1Maker Pro$99.95More Info
2REAL$44More Info
3Literatum$35More Info
4Ink$55More Info
6WritersFreeMore Info
7BIGPIXFreeMore Info
8No Sidebar Pro$99.95More Info
9Readable$74More Info
10Medium$49More Info
11Wisteria FreeMore Info
12WritrFreeMore Info
13THE CHATTER$49More Info
14Satchmo$69More Info
15Journalistic$125More Info
16AuthorFreeMore Info
17Monochrome Pro$129.95 (with framework)More Info
18AstraFreemiumMore Info

Maker Pro

Best Medium-Style WordPress Themes

Maker Pro is one of the Best Medium-Style WordPress themes that I found. It’s a Genesis child theme, which means you need a Genesis Framework to install this theme.

This theme gave aesthetically pleasing first impression; This WordPress theme almost matches the medium design.

Considering the fact that it runs on Genesis framework, it’s best suitable for any type of blogs.



Medium-Style WordPress Themes

REAL is fully-responsive another Medium-Style WordPress theme by ThemeForest. The REAL theme offers two different layouts to choose from; one layout comes with sidebar and another doesn’t.

The featured image and Typography pretty much matches the Medium platform. This theme also offers the 600+ Google Fonts and page builder.

If you’re thinking to start a reader-friendly and minimalistic blog, you can give it a try.



Literatum is another Medium-Style theme from ThemeForest. This theme is perfect for bloggers and writers who want to get the reader’s focus on their content.

The theme is clean and modern which displays featured image on top with Dynamic Navigation.

This theme also supports Video covers for posts; you can upload a video file to display in the place of the featured image.



Ink is another Medium Style minimalist WordPress theme that lets your narrative take center stage, so your content can shine to the audience.

This theme is clean and uncluttered suitable for professional writers and bloggers. Ink theme also comes with the default WordPress live customizer.



medium clone WordPress theme

Blink is Parallax One Page WordPress Theme from ThemeForest marketplace that suits the Medium design. This theme is perfect for creative professionals or any other business owners who would like to highlight their content.

Blink is designed carefully to provide an excellent user experience for your audience. Blink theme comes with sliders and a Visual builder.



Free medium clone WordPress theme

Writers is another Medium style blog theme that is SEO optimized for writers. This theme comes with a clean and professional responsive blog theme with a focus on content and typography.

With the Minimal and responsive design, it flawlessly fits on different screen sizes. Moreover, this is a free theme.



free medium theme

BIGPIX is another best medium type free WordPress theme with a real focus on content. The post pages use full-sized featured images.

It comes with dedicated widget posts, pages, and the homepage. Also, this theme is fully responsive and SEO friendly.


No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar Pro is another best Medium-Style WordPress theme by StudioPress, this theme also runs on Genesis Framework.

This theme is minimalist in design and the layouts are built in such a way that readers will focus more on content. It’s specially built for Minimalists.

The sidebars on this theme are disabled by default and it looks very clean and neat. This Theme can even be used to built business and portfolio websites.

Almost all the Genesis Themes are responsive in design, which means that these themes will seamlessly fit into mobile, tablets and laptop displays.



Readable is another best mediumish WordPress theme by ProteusThemes. This theme comes with a reader-friendly design and typography almost identical to Medium.

Priced at $79, it offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s suitable for authors and writers who want to build their own minimal blog.



Medium theme

As the name suggests, it’s developed for those who like minimal design. It comes with features like the infinite scroll that provides users very rich browsing experience while exploring your content.

You can get this theme for only $49 with one year support and updates. You can use this theme for minimal portfolio or a personal blog.



Wisteria is another clean and minimal free theme that is suitable for blogger, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. It’s a free theme that comes with multi-purpose features.

It’s built on an HTML5 and CSS3 with responsive design that fits perfectly across multiple devices.



Writr is another free minimalist theme that comes with a clean design. It’s developed by Automattic, which is known for best work in the WordPress community.

This theme comes with six different color schemes with a modern typography suitable for writers.



The Chatter is a great blogging theme and it’s good particularly for magazines and blogs. It’s really easy to use, offers lots of customization and there’s a plethora of attention to detail here.

You can customize and also preview the theme if you want to, and you will have a minimalist template to work with at all times. If you want professional WordPress features in a great theme, this is the right option for you and it does work really well.

Plus, you have the opportunity to boost your creativity at all times, as the theme integrates a good combination of images, video and written content.



With the Satchmo WordPress Theme, you get pretty much the ultimate podcasting theme. But it’s also a good one for bloggers. You have audio and video support on it, there’s an episode slider included, and you can easily change the font and color if you want.

The support is fast, and they also integrated a page builder designed to make your life a bit easier. Overall, you have quite a lot of good stuff here, and the return on investment is a pretty impressive one with it.


Journalistic Theme

The Journalistic Theme is similar to the Medium.com style. You can create long and short form articles. And you also get to outline them to your audience in a very professional way.

There are 19 color schemes and you even receive complete responsive and mobile friendly support too. The return on investment is amazing here, and you will be quite amazed at the value as a whole.

The focus here is on visuals, and you are free to choose whatever style you want. Basically, this theme helps you express yourself in ways you would not imagine.



You don’t have to pay a lot of money if you just want to publish content and want a good theme. This one is free and it allows you to use a simple, distinct approach that really pays off in the blogging world. The approach is unique and they did a very good job with the visual style as a whole.

You will appreciate the great attention to detail and the value on its own is among some of the best out there. Overall, Author is simplistic, yet it features all the stuff you want from a good and professional style theme.

It really helps you start writing and you can easily change it with another theme in the long run if you want!


Monochrome Pro

And last but not least, I present you Monochrome Pro. Monochrome Pro is a Genesis child theme that is specifically designed for Minimalists by Brain Gardner. I’ve been using this theme for a while on this blog and am quite impressed by it.

Monochrome Pro is a content-oriented theme that’s suitable for any type of blog. It provides a rich browsing experience for your readers with its friendly layout.

Talking about the pricing, it costs $129.95 with a framework which might seem quite expensive. But having used StudioPress themes for over four years, I can say with surety it’s worth the price.

Also, this theme supports features like eCommerce which is handy if you want to start your own online store.



Want something sleek and minimal that matches the Medium type of website but is also very fast and optimized? Meet Astra – it’s one of the best themes out there that closely resembles the vibe and feel of Medium.

The best part of getting Astra themes is you can customize every part to your liking. This means those areas that are not similar to the Medium can be improved to be more closely related. 

Furthermore, its SEO optimized doesn’t rely on jQuery so loads very fast and it is also translation ready so your foreign visitors will also get at least some value out of your website. 



In this post, I’ve listed some of the best Medium Style WordPress Themes which come with a clean design. Among these, I personally use and recommend Monochrome Pro.

In case you’ve any doubt on these themes, feel free to leave a comment below.


Adithya Shetty is the creator of The Blog Metrics, a site that is dedicated to WordPress, blogging, and marketing since 2013. He's a Minimalist who loves to read and write.