10 Matomo Analytics Alternatives in 2024 (#1 is GDPR friendly)

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Matomo Analytics is a popular open-source web analytics software, which helps you keep track of your website visitors. With this software, you can collect information about who visits your site, what they do there, where they’re visiting from, and how long they stay on the site.

However, when it comes to web analytics tools, there is no shortage of alternatives. Read on to discover the ten best Matomo Analytics alternatives:

10 Best Matomo Analytics Alternatives


Fathom Analytics - Matomo Analytics Alternative
Fathom Analytics

Fathom is one of the best Matomo Analytics alternatives that let you better understand your website traffic. This tool offers detailed reports for your entire website, including the number of unique visitors, top pages, and time spent on different sections.

It goes past the ad blockers to track your visitor’s behavior, so rest assured knowing you will be getting a complete picture without getting locked out by ad blockers. Here is a complete review of Fathom analytics from CoyWolf.

Some features include:

  • Block IPs/Countries and whitelist domains
  • GDPR-compliant data collection
  • Neat dashboard with filters for data organization
  • Filters DDoS attacks and bots for accurate data

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a robust and very popular free web analytics software that is widely used for virtually all kinds of websites. It provides rich insights into your website’s traffic, visitors, and marketing efforts.

It is an incredibly powerful analytics tool. However, it’s not user-friendly, especially if you’re just stepping a toe into digital marketing.

Some features include:

  • Track sessions, events, conversion, engagement, and more
  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Easy management of role, user, and access 
  • Easily segment the data for your specific audience



Heap is a great alternative to Matomo Analytics, especially if you are just starting out with web analytics and you don’t have a lot of data. It helps you see blind spots that cause your visitors to drop off from the digital experience so you can know where to improve.

Heap is a simple tool that allows you to create custom dashboards and reports that are easy to read and understand. Some features include:

  • Complete set of behaviors telling you exactly what each unique visitor is doing
  • Simple interface with easy navigation
  • Data visualization makes analysis and decision-making easier
  • Effort analysis shows you where on your website the users are dropping off



StatCounter is a web analytics software that helps you track your website visitors, behavior, and interests. It comes with a free version, but you can upgrade to a premium version to get advanced features, like conversion tracking, email reports, landing page analysis, paid traffic analysis, and more.

The free version offers up to 500-page view analysis while the paid plans start from 7€/month for 100,000 views. Some features include:

  • Paid traffic tracking and click-fraud detection
  • Download PDF reports or have them emailed to you
  • Access to the analysis of particular dates
  • Google keyword data analysis



Foxmetrics is a web analytics software that offers a detailed report on all of your website visitors, including the number of unique visitors, top pages, time spent on different sections of your site, etc.

This tool also lets you send personalized messages using its built-in widget across multiple channels helps you increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment. Some key features include:

  • Track session duration, exit pages, and more
  • Data reporting via segmentation
  • API integration is available
  • Email capture forms, HTML bars, and product recommendations

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics
Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is a free-to-use, open-source web analytics platform offering a full suite of advanced features for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting your website traffic.

This tool is very easy to use and offers in-depth analytics of any webpage, including previous and next clicked pages. Some features include:

  • Detailed heatmaps of user clicks
  • Find out the most traffic-referring search terms to target them
  • Get dozens of advanced metrics, reports, and dimensions
  • Define and track unlimited custom site actions



Plausible is another great open-source Matomo Analytics alternative that gives you the ability to track your visitors, generate reports, and dig deeper into the analytics to get the data you need.

This tool is designed for both webmasters and marketers who need an easy-to-use platform with straightforward web analytics to monitor their websites. Some of the features include:

  • An extremely lightweight script (just 1kb) puts less load on your website
  • No need to obtain cookie consent to comply with GDPR; Plausible doesn’t use cookies
  • Search Console integration for keywords leading to your website
  • Weekly/monthly email reports and spike notifications

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a web analytics software that comes with advanced features such as user behavior, website traffic, and conversion tracking. It also offers access to real-time stats and even allows you to create custom dashboards and reports.

You can also track a range of other metrics, including entry/exit, events, returns, and retentions, to name a few. Some more features include:

  • Segmentation of data
  • Reporting including trending, real-time, and retroactive
  • Discover hidden opportunities
  • Campaign tracking

Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics
Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is another great Matomo Analytics alternative that lets you see your site’s performance, traffic data, tweet data, and more in an easy-to-read dashboard. This web analytics plugin is designed to help you create personalized dashboards so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

You can also access raw data via JSON API or get it in CSV format. Some of the features offered by Simple Analytics include:

  • Interactive charts for visualizing data
  • Detailed reports for every page on your website
  • Monthly or weekly email reports
  • Bypass adblockers


Clicky Analytics
Clicky Analytics

Another one of the best Matomo Analytics alternatives that enables you to view metrics like your website’s page views, bounce rate, visits, average time on site, etc.

You can also monitor the website’s uptime to ensure your hosting is delivering the best service. Furthermore, with advanced features like heatmaps, this tool helps you get a clear picture of your site’s performance so you can make the necessary changes to improve it. Some of its features include:

  • Very simple and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Split testing of website pages
  • Campaigns and bounce rate tracking
  • Real-time traffic analysis

Which is the Best Matomo Analytics Alternative?

Tracking your website’s metrics and making changes for better engagements and conversions is the best thing you can do to uplift your marketing efforts.

Although Matomo Analytics helps you do just that, the above-mentioned alternatives offer several different features that your unique strategy may require. So explore your needs and get the one that meets them the best. Personally, Fathom Analytics is the better option among these tools.


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