5 Easy Tips to Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing

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The whole idea of marketing, whether online or offline, is to create brand awareness and generate more revenue.

Think of marketing as communicating.

Communication is most effective when you’re applying consistent messages for your brand and product across all mediums your target audience could come in contact. This is most efficiently accomplished by integrating your online and offline marketing strategies so that your target audience recognizes your product and brand from first glance.


Here are the best five tips on how to achieve this.

Be Consistent

All of your offline and online materials should encompass the same components. The logo, message, colors, and graphics should be replicated through all of your marketing strategies.

If your target audience has come in contact with your brand offline, they should be able to recognize the brand online as well.

For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to use a different color scheme for your online marketing then you have your offline.

Make your brand recognizable across all mediums from a first glance.

Promote Your Website

Whether you’re mailing out postcards and offers or passing out brochures and catalogs, all of your offline material should promote your website. And by everything, I mean everything.

Consider creating some “teasers” on your offline material so your target audience will have the incentive to visit your website. Make the journey fun and intriguing. One way of doing this is through QR codes (here’s a free online QR code generator you can use for promoting your website).

You’ve gone to the trouble to establish and keep up your website, so utilize it!

Match Keywords

The keywords you’re employing for your offline marketing strategies should also be utilized for your online strategies.

This way when your target audience comes in contact with the product offline, they will easily be able to use a search engine to find more information on that product.

Focus on long-tail keywords, as they normally have a low competition and a targeted audience. I recommend using LongTailPro keyword research tool.

Use Social Media

If you’re spending the time and money to create awareness for a product offline, it makes sense to promote it through social media.

Twitter and Facebook are where consumers go to be social as well as learn and discuss brands and products.

Here you will reach the portion of your target audience that hasn’t taken the step to visit your website while at the same time be able to manage your brand’s reputation.

Be sure to also enable social sharing icons so when someone does visit your website they can easily share that product on their favorite social networks.

Blogging communities are another great place where you can promote your content while connecting with new people of your niche.

Product Placement

If you’ve made the effort to promote a particular product offline, make sure that product is easily found on your website.

Promote it on the website’s home page so visitors can easily find it and be navigated to the product’s own page to learn more about the offer.

Your website visitors should never have to guess what to do next. If finding your product isn’t straightforward, they’ll probably give up and search elsewhere.

The point is that most consumers don’t want to have to go to a lot of work to find your brand or product, especially if they’re still in education mode, so make this process as easy and simple as possible.

If they’ve seen a product through an offline ad they need to be able to recognize it as they surf the net, and vice versa. The more they come in contact with your brand or product, the more comfortable they’ll become with your company.

Think of it like the stranger you pass by on your way to work every day. Even though you may have never spoken to each other, the fact that you see their face time and time again creates a sense of familiarity. They no longer seem like a stranger.

The same goes for your brand. This is why it’s crucial all of your marketing campaigns work together for one goal.

What about you?

Are you promoting your website in other ways, other than on the internet?

Let us know what methods you’re using to integrate your online and offline marketing!

Article by Erik Emanuelli

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