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YouTube sees over 2 billion active users every month, making it one of the world’s most popular social media platforms as per Statista. That is because it offers a wide variety of videos ranging from ‘how to chop green beans’ to ‘how to hotwire a car,’ thus making it widely loved. Such a massive reach would allow marketers to leave a memorable impact on audiences compared to the impact left by a blog post or text.

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Look at Netflix, for example; it is a company that successfully utilized the power of YouTube marketing. Their channel has a whopping 22.5 million followers and was carefully crafted to give their audience regular previews, trailers, inside looks, and fun games with actors from the most popular TV shows or movies.

If you are a brand or business, you too should be using the platform for marketing it. To guide you through YouTube marketing are the most uncomplicated strategies mentioned in this article! But before that, give these latest YouTube statistics a read! They will further convince you to invest in YouTube marketing in 2022

  • 40% of shoppers globally claim to have purchased products they found on YouTube.
  • It is available for viewing videos in 100 countries and supports 80 different languages. Thus covering 95% of the world’s online population.
  • YouTube advertisements garner more attention than television advertisements. Youtube’s success rate is about 62% which pales out the 45% success rate of regular television advertisements.
  • It is the second most sought-after platform for influencer marketing.

How to market your business on YouTube?

Strategy 1- Be consistent with video uploading

Consistency is key! Consistently uploading videos on YouTube will keep the channel’s feed active and increase your presence! To build an audience, you must upload videos at least once a week. You mustn’t limit yourself, and feel free to post multiple times a week. As per a report, YouTube channels that uploaded videos more than once a week performed much better and got more recommended views. 

It may not be easy to develop content so quickly, so creating short videos on similar topics is recommended. This technique will help your channel perform better on YouTube’s algorithm. It will also encourage your audience to subscribe to the other videos and increase the channel’s watch time. 

Strategy 2- Write a catchy YouTube video title

The right video title guarantees a chance to grab the audience’s attention and rake in loads of views. A video with a complicated title will not get you any views at all. 

Many YouTube channels follow a ‘click-bait’ formula with their video titles. Let’s take Business Insiders YouTube video titles; they are purposely left incomplete with only half the sentence written. In the screengrab of their video titled ‘This Incompetent Criminal Accidentally Knocked Out His’ below, they have left the rest of the contents, so the audience clicks on the video and finds it out.

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Tips for writing the perfect title- 

  • Write a title that fits 70 characters 
  • Use search terms you’d want to be ranked for 
  • Promise audience values like ‘lose weight in 1 week.’ 

Strategy 3- Add humor to the video

Humorous content has become popular and is a great way to make videos personalized. Humor lightens the mood and allows for a stronger bond with potential customers to be built. Moreover, people appreciate a brand that can make fun of itself and what the audience says about them. 

This strategy does not apply to all brands! If you are a healthcare provider, a humorous tone to videos may not be accepted. 

Strategy 4- optimize the videos for Mobile phones

An estimate is that Over 70% watch time of YouTube is on Mobile phones. If your videos aren’t optimized for mobile phones, your audience may skip watching them. To optimize your YouTube videos for mobile phones, then- 

  • Limit their length to 2 minutes or less. 
  • Focus on 1 product and make it the highlight instead of focusing on too many and making the content complex. 
  • Shorten the title. 
  • Utilize the ‘featured content’ feature to highlight your best video and make it pop up as a suggestion for ‘what to watch next for your subscribers. 

Strategy 5- Add keywords to your video

Keywords are the perfect way to tell search engines what industry the channel should be ranked in. This method will also optimize your channel for the target audience! The best places to add your keywords are-  

  • The title of the video as well as the thumbnail.  
  • In the video description, be sure to place the keyword in the first three sentences. 
  • The video tags make it easier for viewers to find them. 

Find your keywords through a simple search on YouTube itself. Type in your topic of choice in the search bar wait for YouTube and see what is displayed. 

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Strategy 6- Make catchy thumbnails

Thumbnails are what your viewers see when browsing videos on YouTube; therefore, it is imperative to make them catchy. Its job is to get the maximum clicks, so apply these tips to create the perfect thumbnail- 

  • Include the title of your video through text; this will add context. Below is an excellent example of a YouTube thumbnail.
( Image courtesy:
  • Use a unique and bold font. Ensure this font style is consistently used across all video thumbnails.

(Image courtesy:

  • Use contrasting colors to make the title pop out
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  • Use relevant images or take screen grabs from the video itself.

Strategy 7- Cross-promote

Find out channels that upload similar content and collaborate with them. This method will benefit both parties and allow cross-promotion to take place. It will open doors for your channel to reach a new audience. Tips to successfully cross-promote- 

  • Create two different videos for both channels and provide a variety to your audiences. 
  • Mention the existence of the other video in your description by providing a link. 
  • Mention the collaborator’s channel in the title and description. 
  • Use a Call to action verbally in the video like ‘don’t forget to check out the video on the other channel.


Creating a YouTube channel is all about building a relationship with your audience. Applying these strategies will increase your presence online. Still, you must ensure the content is up to the mark. The content is crucial and should revolve around the audience’s preferences and the YouTube algorithm.

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