7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins (free included)

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WordPress testimonial plugins are now needed more than ever because there is a cut-throat competition in every field of business, and if you want to appear credible and authoritative in your area, you need testimonials. Using testimonials can dramatically increase your conversion rates get you more leads.

Now to show the feedbacks of your customers to your prospects to win them, you need to present testimonials from your best clients in an interesting, appealing and attention-grabbing way. This is exactly what testimonial plugins allow you to do.

So to help you discover the most useful and widely used plugins, we have created this list of 7 best WordPress testimonial plugins:


WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Developed under the umbrella of Thrive Themes, Ovation is aimed to make the process of collecting and publishing testimonials as simple as possible. The creators of the plugin state that it automates a big chunk of the process by gathering the testimonials created by people through your website and then put them in a virtual Rolodex.

Then it offers webmaster the control whether those testimonials should be put on your website or not.

This feature saves a lot of time that would’ve been spent in gathering scattered testimonials in email inboxes or folders. Some key features are:

  • Put comments from people on website’s pages as testimonials
  • Convert social media testimonials in website testimonials
  • Conveniently manage testimonials and contact customers for permissions
  • Tag testimonials for the products they are meant for auto appearing
  • Automated gathering of testimonials

Testimonial Rotator

testimonial rotator plugin wordpress

An easy-to-use and one of the simplest WordPress testimonial plugins, Testimonial Rotator is not any typical plugin showing reviews from customers in a plain manner.

What makes this plugin great is that it allows you to create a testimonial carousel and put rotating testimonials on any place on your website. You can make multiple rotators and manually add information about customers such as job titles, feedback, and photos. The plugin comes with a shortcode and widget for the display of testimonials.

Some of its main features are:

  • Buttons for next and previous testimonials
  • Includes star ratings
  • Randomize the testimonials
  • Change image size and transition effects
  • Use pre-designed templates or create your own

Easy Testimonials

testimonial slider plugin wordpress

A plugin that allows users to put testimonials to multiple places including the sidebar, within a page or post through a shortcode, or a widget. It allows users to add a list of all testimonials, display a slideshow, or put out a random testimonial wherever they want on their website.

Another feature of Easy Testimonials is that it supports images so you can put a face to the testimonial for more credibility.

It leverages JSON-LD markup that is compliant with schema.org which means your testimonials will correctly appear in search results. Some primary features are:

  • Easy-to-use interface for testimonial management
  • Link testimonials to specific pages
  • Display testimonials with images and ratings
  • Responsive testimonials for different screen sizes
  • Add fading or sliding testimonials

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget

One of the best WordPress testimonial plugins that allow you to randomly list or slide selected quotes, portfolios, and text/videos with images or reviews on your website.

It enables users to add testimonials in three ways; theme functions, shortcode, or widgets with tag and category selections and multiple options to display them such as specific ordering or random.

It enables you to display more than one widget or shortcode at a time on a single page so you can put reviews wherever you need them.

Some features are:

  • Transitions such as; fade, carousel, and slide
  • Filter the testimonials in a slideshow by tags, post ID, or categories
  • A minimalistic style for easy adaption with a theme
  • Add both images and videos in a slideshow
  • Responsive slideshow for multiple devices

Testimonials Showcase

testimonials showcase - wordpress plugin

This one comes with a load of features that you might not find with its simpler counterparts.

Testimonials Showcase comes with over 15 options for layout customizations, has a star rating system, is translation ready, and has a slider and grid layout. Furthermore, it has five built-in theme options, it can be used for linking case studies as well, and on top of all, it is compatible with WordPress 5.

Some more key features of the plugin are:

  • Allows both widget and shortcode display
  • Over 10 visual customization options with a shortcode generator
  • Retina ready
  • Compatible with rich snippets
  • Advanced linking feature

Testimonial Builder

client testimonial carousel wordpress plugin

If you need a WordPress testimonial plugin that allows you to use unlimited color schemes on any post, page, or widget area while adding testimonials, this plugin is just what you need.

Whether you want to display reviews, quotes, or simple testimonials, you can add unlimited of them quickly and in a user-friendly way.

Furthermore, you can fully customize the plugin using Meta options and edit a variety of things such as font family, font size, color style, image layout, etc.

Some key features are:

  • Clean and fully responsive design
  • A high degree of customization
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Unlimited colors and testimonials

Strong Testimonials

responsive testimonial plugin wordpress

A standalone WordPress testimonial plugin built to simplify the process of adding testimonials and reviews.

The wealth of highly flexible customizable features that come with this plugin will surely impress both beginners and advanced users. The best part of using this one is that it is continuously improved with the help of customer feedback over four years making it nearly perfect for every type of user.

Some of its main features are:

  • Has a front-end form
  • Features star ratings
  • Display in carousel and slider
  • Translation ready
  • No use of complicated shortcodes

Nowadays, it is imperative to use testimonials on your business website to not only appear credible but also help your customers understand what features of your service are most loved by people.

The aforementioned WordPress testimonial plugins are widely used by individuals and businesses around the globe and are serving them well. Make sure to try out the ones you find the most interesting and let us know how it goes in the comments.


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