SEOPressor Review: Is it worth Buying?

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Update: I wrote this review 5 years ago, it seems overtime SEOPressor lost some quality. I also came to know from my audience that the support team is not responsive anymore; so buy at your own risk. Currently, I’m using SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, WP Rich Snippets and Author hReview.

I’ve been blogging since very long, but recently i brought SEOPressor plugin that increased my SERP rankings rapidly, I’ll be sharing my honest SEOPressor Review and I’ll let you know how exactly this plugin helped me.

SEOPressor is one of the popular on-page optimization premium WordPress plugin which will help you to get higher ranks on SERP. SEOPressor plugin has been used by thousands of bloggers and marketers, currently SEOPressor is powering more than 128,000 sites.

If you’re a novice and wondering how to effectively do On-Page optimization, then read this SEOPressor Review. I’m sure you probably heard about this plugin before, today I’m going to explain every features of this plugin and how effective it is.

I started using SEOPressor plugin exactly three months ago, and it has dramatically increased my SERP rankings. Initially i didn’t buy this plugin because i thought i can manually do On-page SEO without plugin. Oh Boy! I was wrong. I was missing so many steps while optimizing manually.

Now Let me share my SEOPressor Review with you.

Detailed SEOPressor Review: Best Premium On-Page SEO Plugin

SEOPressor Connect Review

Real-time Analysis with SEO Score

One of the best thing about SEOPressor plugin is, it displays real-time score of your On-Page Optimization. This will help you to understand your progress. Even if you’re a novice, it’s easy to use since this plugin guides you in real-time.

It’ll display your SEO score and Keyword density in real-time. The higher your keyword density, the higher SEO score you get.

Over-Optimization Warning

Over Optimization Warning

When i was doing On-Page optimization manually, i was not sure whether i was over-optimizing my keywords. I was worried about Google penalty from over-optimization; over-optimizing keywords can lead your blog to Google penalty. Once Google suspects your blog, it’s hard to recover.

But this SEOPressor plugin can prevent your blog from such penalty by giving over-optimization warning in Real-time. This is one of the reason i love this plugin, and without any doubt it’s one of the Best WP SEO Plugin.

Automatic Keyword Decoration

Keyword Decoration

Keyword decoration feature of this plugin lets you automatically decorate your keywords with Bold, Italic and Underline. Search engine bots give more preference to decorated keywords. Also, SEOPressor plugin automatically add Alt tags to your images. Also it helps you to add missing H1, H2 and H3 tags in keywords.

Basically, this plugin automatically does On-Page SEO optimization, all you need to do is concentrate on your content.

Supports Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets

You probably have seen many web pages showing Star Ratings and some unique description on SERP. These are basically called Rich Snippets. With Rich Snippets, your web pages will get higher click-through rate and SEO rankings. SEOPressor plugin supports Rich Snippets. With this feature, you can add Reviews, Events, Products, Recipes, etc.

Since Rich Snippets are Eye-catching, and adds extra bits of information, people are more likely to click your page than other pages. You don’t have to use another Rich Snippets plugin if you use SEOPressor.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Analysis

Complete SEOPressor Review: LSI Keywords

SEOPressor’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) feature gives you the list of long tail keywords related to the keywords that people are searching for. By using more LSI keywords, your page typically ranks better, because people usually search for the same keyword in various ways. For Example; If you search “Top WordPress Themes”, Google might also show “Best WordPress Themes”.

By using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, you can easily avoid Keyword Stuffing and eliminate the risk of getting Google Penalty. This is another best feature of this SEO Pressor plugin.

 Social SEO

social seo

As you all know, Social media is as important as Google. We need to use the various social media features to increase our blog’s visibility. Another best feature of this SEOPressor plugin is it lets you add Facebook Open graph and Twitter Cards.

As Google also consider Social Signals to rank contents, it’s important to make use of these features.

Automatic Smart Linking

This SEOPressor plugin also lets you automatically interlink your contents. You don’t have to struggle every-time to do it manually.  As you know Interlinks are one of the major On-Page factor to rank keywords on Google Results, it’s vital to interlink your new content with old pages.

Interlinking your page will also helps you to reduce your Bounce-rate. You don’t have to use any other interlinking plugin, SEOPressor plugin does this job.

SEOPressor plugin also lets you cloak your affiliate links. Affiliate links usually looks long and ugly, and people usually don’t click those types of links. So you can use this plugin to cloak your affiliate links.

SEOPressor Pricing


SEOPressor Starter Plan of Single-Site License just costsd $47 with offer, and Pro Plan with Multi-Site License is $5 per month.

If you have many sites, you can buy Pro plan which offers Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Keyword Evaluations Free Lifetime Updates, Lifetime Priority Support, 3 Keywords Optimization per Post, Installation Support and 60 Days “No Questions” Money Back Guarantee.


Money Back Guarantee

SEOPressor offers 60 Days “No Questions” Money Back Guarantee. Which means you get your money refunded if you’re not satisfied with SEOPressor product.

Moreover, SEOPressor offers 14-days trial for free. You can use SEOPressor trial version without risking your money.

SEOPressor Increased my Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales

 Search Engine Traffic = More Affiliate Sales

themefuse affilaite

With SEOPressor, I’m easily able to rank Low-competitive highly converting keywords without Backlinks. As you know, making affiliate sales isn’t easy; you need to get quality traffic from Search engine.

A lot of site owners doesn’t do proper On-Page Optimization. By using SEOPressor, you can easily optimize your site for search Engine traffic.

Add SEOPressor to cart

Within a couple of weeks after publishing this post, it reached First page of Google. Currently it’s Ranked in 3rd Position on Google Search Results.

seopressor Google Search ranking

As you can see, my post is ranking just above ShoutMeLoud site, which is a popular blog. Moreover, it’s showing Rich Snippets Star Ratings; which automatically increased my CTR by providing extra visibility.

Google keyword ranking

Search for “seopressor review” on Google – I made it to First Page

If you’re reading this post by visiting from Search Engine, there’s no need for better example.

Please note that this post contain affiliate links; which means I do earn a little commission if you purchase the product. However, you don’t have to pay any extra amount and I only recommend quality products which I use or familiar with.

Final Verdict on SEOPressor Review

SEOPressor is one of the best Premium On-Page Optimization WordPress Plugin. It does everything automatically. I highly recommend SEOPressor, you can use and test the trial version for free. This plugin runs smoothly with other SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Hope I cleared all your doubts on this SEOPressor review. However, don’t expect your keywords to rank overnight, it takes time. I wrote this SEOPressor Review in the year 2014, even after three years, it’s still ranking on Google, latest version of this plugin has many other features.

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