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How to Add an Email Opt-In form below posts on WordPress

Collecting emails from visitors and building list is one of the important aspect of online marketing. Over 80% of your new visitors won’t return back, so it’s wise to collect their emails. I’m sure you’ve already heard this quote thousand times – “The Money is in the List”. No matter how small your email list is, they are powerful. …

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6 Essential Tips For Successful Copywriting

Copywriting tips

Have you ever thought why are you aren’t able to expand your readers base? Why you aren’t able to get sales for your product? Why people are not trusting you? Why you aren’t able to sell your awesome e-books, apps or tutorials? No?? Why Not ? Let me tell you. The main problem lies with …

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How to Link Godaddy Domain Name with Hostgator Hosting

Creating a Self-Hosted Blog/website is quite easy. All you need is, a domain name and a web host. And then you need to Link the domain and hosting together. Once you’ve registered your domain name on Godaddy and brought Hostgator web hosting, you need to link it together. Today, I’ll share a detailed tutorial on how to Link Godaddy Domain …

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5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the best CMS platform with easy-to-install plugins and themes. There are millions of sites using WordPress because of its easy features. Plugins are like body parts of WordPress, without plugins WordPress is incomplete. Even though WordPress is good, it’s not SEO-friendly without SEO plugins. There are many Free and premium SEO plugins …

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Debunking 10 Common Blogging Myths

On the subject of making money with a blog, there are a lot of opinions out there, and many myths that seem to be floating around. I want to present 10 common blogging myths that I’ve found to be false through my own experience as a blogger. If any of these myths have been holding …

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