Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Web Hosting

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To create a self hosted website or blog you need a web host (space), So in order to set up a website you need to buy a web hosting plan from web hosting providers; There are many web hosting companies offer cheap web hosting plans. These companies attract many newbies who are planning to build their own website.

In this article I’ll let you know why exactly you should never buy any cheap web hosting plan.

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Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Web Hosting

Remember, you’re saving some money and losing something:

Nothing comes for free in this world. So if you’re gaining something, be ready to lose something.

1.  Don’t expect quality service:

When we look for quality in web hosting companies, we need to consider these things

  • Bandwidth: don’t expect unlimited bandwidth from cheap web hosting companies, you’ll understand it later.
  • Space: since you’re paying low amount, obviously you won’t get much disk space.
  • Downtime: you might face a lot of downtime.
  • FTP access and control panel: These companies might not offer you control panel and FTP (file transfer protocol).
  • Emails: If you want to create a professional website you need Autoresponder email service, cheap web hosting companies won’t provide unlimited email accounts.
  • Security: Cheap companies won’t provide much security from malicious attacks.

2.  Don’t expect good Customer support:

Since they offer services at such a low price it is partly impossible them to offer good customer support. Good web hosting companies like Hostgator and BlueHost provide cheap web hosting plan with excellent customer support 24*7 through phone and chat. I highly recommend them.

Technical things to look in customer support:

  • MySQL Database support
  • PHP support
  • Free migration
  • Free installation of software like WordPress and Joomla

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You might think why you need these things, but in future you might come across internal database errors.

3.  You won’t get help in emergency situations:

Imagine your website is hacked; you won’t get any help from these companies for free. These companies will never take backups of your site. You’ll definitely suffer.

4.  Don’t expect high-speed server:

Cheap web hosting companies usually don’t provide high-speed servers. Remember, every micro second is essential. Low speed can cost you hundreds of dollars. Speed factor plays an important role in search engine optimization.

5.  They will suspend your account without notice:

This is scary thing actually; cheap web hosting companies will suspend your hosting account without any notice. There are many people who had a similar experience. Once they suspend your account you can’t do anything. In case you don’t have a backup, you’ll never get your website back.

Final Words:

If you are a newbie and planning to buy a web hosting plan, choose a quality web host rather than buying cheap web hosting plan, otherwise, you’ll end up in trouble.

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