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We all know the importance of Social Share Buttons on our Blogs, it’s necessary to have a good looking Share Buttons to make our audience click and share it.

There are several Social Share Button plugins, but they all lacked some kind of features; some plugins were not displaying buttons on mobile, some were increasing my site load-time, some had bugs and so on.

Recently I was searching for a All-in-one Social Sharing Buttons plugin and came across this Premium WordPress Plugin called Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

And I instantly brought this plugin without a second thought. In this article, I’ll explain this Best Social Share Plugin’s features and functionality.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress ReviewMashable, CopyBlogger and Upworthy Style share plugin

Have you wondered how to get a Stunning-looking Share Icons like; Mashable, Copyblogger and Upworthy sites? Well, these sites use custom made icons developed by their top coders.

But Hey, don’t get disappointed; You can get the Same Social Share Icons from this plugin called Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

Till date, this is the Best Social Sharing Buttons WordPress plugin I came across.

Features of ‘Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress’ Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons: Best Social Sharing Plugin WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is Ultimate social sharing plugin that allows you to share, monitor and increase your social popularity. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you will take your social sharing and following on a next level.

This plugin has 11 In-build automated display button methods and 5 powerful shortcodes, and it also comes with build-in modules for Click log analytics, Google Analytics Tracking, Social Media Metrics.

Powerful Shortcodes

One of the best thing I like about this plugin is its Shortcodes feature to insert Social Sharing buttons to your Blog post or anywhere you want.

Below is the demo of how I used Shortcodes to insert Share Buttons in the middle of this article.

[easy-social-share buttons=”facebook,twitter,more,google,linkedin,stumbleupon,pinterest” counters=0]

You can create custom buttons like the above with Shortcodes feature.

20+ Social Networks

WordPress Social Media Share PluginEasy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Plugin gives you over 20 Social Networks to choose from. And they promise to increase the selection of social networks.

Social Fans Counter

Best Social Share Plugin WordPress

You know the importance of building and retaining your Brand’s social following, this plugin lets you connect your website to all of your social networks and follow counts. With this plugin you can easily customize your social follow button colors.

Unique Button Display Styles

Best Social Share Buttons WordPress pluginEasy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin offers 4 unique button styles, with this you can easily customize the buttons as suitable for your theme.

Top Social Media Share Buttons WordPress

This plugin also includes 12 Display Locations, with this you can fully customize the social sharing buttons to reach the highest user engagement.

Moreover this plugin supports features like Click log analytics, Google Analytics Tracking, Social Media Metrics and so on. I’m still exploring its all features.

Try Easy Social Share

Final Verdict

This ‘Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress’ Plugin is one of the Best All-In-One Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress. Do I recommend this plugin? Absolutely Yes. One of the main reason I brought this plugin is because I wanted Mashable-Style Social Sharing Buttons.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase the plugin I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. And I only recommend quality products which I use and familiar with. Thanks for your support.

You can check the demo before buying, more importantly it just costs $19; That’s one-time investment.

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