LearnDash Black Friday Deal 2022: Get 40% OFF

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With the start of November, you can expect Black Friday around the corner. The world’s best retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, are running Black Friday sales to attract more customers.

Black Friday means you’re ready to get the most important deals of the year and save on everything you need to buy. If you’re looking for something valuable in futuristic tech, plenty of things are available at affordable prices.

Like other best retailers, LearnDash offers one of the best Black Friday deals and discounts. You can get up to 40% off all the pricing plans of LearnDash. It is the first time, LearnDash is offering exclusive Black Friday deals and discounts to help customers enjoy the fantastic features of this LMS plugin at unbelievable prices.

You must be excited to learn more about this useful LMS plugin and its Black Friday deals. Please continue reading to uncover what is LearnDash Black Friday is and how it can help you grow your learning platform.

LearnDash Black Friday Deal

If you have been eyeing LearnDash for a long time to improve the performance of your online learning platform, you should not miss out on the LearnDash Black Friday deals and discounts.

40% OFF

This Black Friday, LearnDash is offering up to 40% OFF on the LearnDash plugin, LearnDash Cloud, and ProPanel for new customers. The deal expires on the 29th of November.

More Less
Expires on: 29-11-2022

Numerous educational institutes, developers, independent course creators, and non-profits rely on this LMS plugin to get more from their efforts.

LearnDash is offering the most considerable discount of the year. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022, you can avail up to 40% OFF all the pricing plans LearnDash.

What is LearnDash: A Detailed Overview?

LearnDash Black Friday Deal

LearnDash is a top-rated WordPress learning management plugin. The plugin is designed to create and manage the entire process of your online learning platform, from creating online courses to student registration to certification.

LearnDash offers you all the perks you need to grow your online learning platforms faster. It offers three pricing plans, Basic, Plus, and Pro, to cater to all your needs.

Ways to Create a Course with LearnDash

LearnDash offers two straightforward ways to create a course and manage the whole process.

  • First Way

 First, it used the same principle as other WordPress plugins. You had to purchase the plugin and install it on your WordPress website. It means you must have an already existing WordPress website on your web hosting to get started with LearnDash.

Most people prefer using this option. Because using the plugin on your hosting gives you more flexibility and ownership. It enables you to customize your site’s performance, optimize infrastructure, and access hosting setup.

  • Second Way

Apart from installing the plugin on your WordPress site, you can also use it as an all-in-one service known as “LearnDash Cloud.”

This option includes an optimized setup and built-in hosting, eliminating the need to purchase your web hosting.

LearnDash Plugin Vs. LearnDash Cloud

Unlike the LearnDash plugin, LearnDash cloud does not demand pre-installed tools and hosting parts. You must sign up for LearnDash Cloud, choose the site design from pre-built templates, and start adding your course content.

LearnDash Cloud
LearnDash Cloud

LearnDash Cloud offers predictable pricing plans, as you have to pay only once to enjoy all the core features you need. By paying only $29, you can get built-in hosting with all LearnDash features.

Key Features of LearnDash

LearnDash offers an array of exclusive features to help you in every aspect. The most apparent features of this WordPress plugin include the following;

Powerful Course Builder

LearnDash Course Builder

A powerful drag-and-drop course builder feature of LearnDash enables you to create complete online courses more efficiently. Using this feature, you can complete classes with the following;

  • Course forums
  • Badges and certificates
  • Drip-fed content
  • Lesson timers
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Videos including auto-playing options
  • Separate lessons and topics

The fantastic course builder feature of LearnDash makes it a leading Learning Management System (LMS) plugin in the market.

Engaging User Profile Page

Most students tend to have profiles on every educational website they use. It has become a market standard to provide learners with attractive and engaging user profiles. LearnDash understands your needs and enables you to build an optimized and attractive user profile for your students.

This approach can help your students track their progress and get valuable information using a single profile.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The complicated user interface (UI) is one of the most common complaints about different Learning Management Systems (LMS). Unlike other WordPress plugins, LearnDash offers a Drag and Drop interface to complete your job without having expertise in programming.

This LMS plugin enables you to add new topics and sections by just dragging and dropping. You can also add quizzes to your lessons without navigating the other page.

Multiple Payment Options

It would be great if you had multiple payment options for students from different countries. LearnDash lets you set up Stripe and PayPal without installing an additional WordPress plugin.

Above all, it allows you to specify if you want a recurring billing system or wish to collect all payments simultaneously.

Some Additional Features

LearnDash gives you some additional features, such as;

  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Creation of a marketplace
  • Addition of custom certificates
  • Manual grading of the students
  • Bonus points on course completion

Pricing Plans of LearnDash

Actual Pricing
LearnDash Black Friday Offer
Key Features
40% OFF
1 Site License Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Users, Course Forum, Certificates & Badges, Course Content Protection, Advanced Quizzing, Drip-Feed Lessons
40% OFF
Up to 10 Site Licenses including ProPanel, Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Users, Course Forum, Certificates & Badges, Course Content Protection, Advanced Quizzing, Drip-Feed Lessons
40% OFF
Unlimited Site Licenses, including ProPanel, Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Users, Course Forum Certificates & Badges, Course Content Protection, Advanced Quizzing, Drip-Feed Lessons

The Bottom Line

LearnDash is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress in the market. This WordPress plugin enables you to create, manage, market, and sell online courses.

The exclusive features of LearnDash keep your user profile engaging, set up multiple payment options, and upload the topics and sections with a drag-and-drop interface. You can access the premium features of this plugin by availing LearnDash Black Friday deals.


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