Leadpages Black Friday deals 2022: Get 50% OFF (Save $444)

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In this post, we’ll discuss the Black Friday deal that Leadpages is offering.

In today’s market, offline companies and new ventures are doomed to fail unless they have an online presence. On the other hand, it is not enough to merely exist in the digital realm.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, a digital marketer, or a blogger; you need to know how to make a landing page that looks stunning.

50% OFF

This Black Friday season, Leadpages is offering up to 50% OFF on annual subscriptions. You can save up to $444 using this deal.

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As an efficient method of creating landing pages and opt-in forms, Leadpages is a tool that is utilized to a large extent by online marketers and bloggers.

On this year’s Black Friday, Leadpages is slashing the prices of its various pricing plans by a whopping 50%! You will also get an AI Headline Generator which you can use to create compelling titles & headlines.

Leadpages Black Friday deals

Leadpages provides customers with a number of different pricing plans to choose from.

Leadpages pricing

The standard plan, which costs $37 per month, is the first choice available. With this plan, you get free hosting and management of a single website. While it does not have A/B testing, complex integrations, or email trigger links, it does have sophisticated integrations.

The next level up is the $74-per-month Pro plan, which provides additional support for three websites but does not include any advanced integrations.

Every one of these plans comes with an unlimited number of display pop-ups, landing pages, visitors, and potential customers. There will be a period of time during which each of these packages can be tried out for free.

Some features of Leadpages:

Leadpages can be accessed on any device and integrated with a wide variety of platforms, including WordPress.

Leadpages Integrations

Leadpages integrates using native HTML, which means it is compatible with any content management system. Leadpages is a powerful tool for building landing pages. You can integrate the services of any email marketing provider or webinar platform into your Leadpages website by using Leadpages.

You can quickly and easily add landing pages to your website by utilizing their WordPress plugin. The drag-and-drop builder that is a standard feature of Leadpages includes pre-built templates for use with the platform.

Leadpages Landing pages

One of the aspects of Leadpages’ landing page builder that I appreciated the most was its ease of use. This was one of the aspects of the service that I found to be the most appealing.

It provides more than 350 templates, and additionally, with the “Blank canvas” feature, you can construct your very own landing page from the ground up. By using Leadpages to design lead capture popups that offer lead magnets and exit popups that you can embed in your blog posts, you can increase the number of conversions that result from your blog posts.

You will be able to track the performance of lead boxes and evaluate their effectiveness if you make use of the tool that is known as “Leadbox tracking.” In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to integrate Google Analytics into your website.

Users are able to register for webinars and other events using their mobile devices because this service offers SMS opt-in codes, which is one of the distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from similar products. It’s pretty incredible, don’t you think?

A/B testing of landing pages and opt-in forms is a feature offered by Leadpages. This feature enables users to experiment with both options and determine which one produces the best results.

The unfortunate thing is that it can only be accessed by users who have paid for one of the Pro plans.

You can choose to host landing pages on your own servers by downloading the HTML code, or you can choose to host them on Leadpages itself if that is more convenient for you. You have the ability to choose either path.

FAQs on Leadpages

  1. How do I integrate MailChimp with my Leadpages account?

    Simply generate an API key from within your MailChimp account and add it to your Leadpages account.

  2. What are the steps to connect Leadpages to WordPress?

    In order to connect Leadpages to WordPress, you will need to make use of the Leadpages plugin.

  3. How do I configure a pixel on Leadpages to work with Facebook?

    To begin, you will need to obtain the pixel code and then copy and paste it into the “Head Section Tracking Code” area of the Google Analytics interface for Leadpages.

  4. How can Active Campaign and Leadpages be integrated together?

    There are two different approaches that can be taken in order to integrate Leadpages with ActiveCampaign. Once you have the information from Leadbox or Leadpages, your first step is to simply send the leads to Active Campaign. The second method involves pasting the code from ActiveCampaign onto Leadpages.

  5. Can landing pages from Leadpages be hosted on your own server?

    Yes, they can. Simply link your domain to the server, and then publish the landing pages you’ve created.


Leadpages is the way to go if you want to scale your online business and create beautiful landing pages.

Leadpages offers more advanced features, so if you want to scale your online business, you should use Leadpages. I hope you can save some money using this Leadpages black Friday deal.


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