How to keep your Blogging Enthusiasm Alive

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When we first start something new, it will be exciting and we do it with lots of enthusiasm and energy. But later on we struggle to keep up the same enthusiasm and pace. Same thing happens with bloggers.

Sometimes we just feel sick to write or even get up. Sometimes writing can be boring. Sometimes our mind becomes blank and we run out of blogging ideas. Sometimes we lack enthusiasm or motivation to write. We just can’t afford this kind of situation, especially bloggers. We need to find a better solution to overcome this situation.

Blogosphere is getting competitive day-by-day, if we don’t show enthusiasm towards blogging, others will overtake us. so how to overcome this situation? read on.

Blogging Enthusiasm

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How to keep your Blogging Enthusiasm Alive:


1. Motivate yourself:

You need to motivate yourself, that’s what pro-bloggers do; they motivate themselves first then they motivate others. You should realize the fact that dreams doesn’t come true without taking a proper action. It feels good while dreaming but turning your dreams into reality would be much better.

2. Get Inspiration from Entrepreneurs:

Whenever I lack inspiration, I read entrepreneur’s stories. This gives an immense inspiration to achieve my dreams. Try to get inspiration from them.

Adopt these entrepreneur qualities:

  • Disciplined: entrepreneurs are so disciplined to make their businesses work that they are willing to take actions every day. They don’t like hanging around and doing nothing.
  • Work ethics: entrepreneurs never get shy at work. They don’t mind working 16-18 hours a day.
  • Never Lazy: entrepreneurs hate being lazy at work; if they have an idea, they never hesitate to executive it, because they know if they don’t someone else will.

“The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm” – Thomas J. Watson

3. Read Inspirational Books:

Books can give everything you don’t have now; in fact books can change your lifestyle. Read some inspirational books and then see the difference. Moreover, you will get lots of unique ideas and enthusiasm. Also, you can read some awesome blogs; I usually read Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development blog. If you haven’t read yet, go get some inspiration.

4. Keep reminding your goal:

Whenever you lack enthusiasm to write, keep reminding your goals. This will bring you back to reality. Don’t expect your blog to become popular without effort. Don’t show negligence towards blogging because it’ll haunt you later.

5. Write in the morning:

You know when is the best time to write? In the Morning; because your mind will be fresh and you’ll be high in energy. Most of the time i choose morning hours to write blog posts. Not to be surprised; the post that were written in the morning hours always comes good.

6. Consider Blogging as Hobby:

I don’t know how many of you think like this; but for me, blogging always remains as a hobby. Of course it is not bad to make money from blogging but you should consider blogging as a hobby rather than work. If you consider blogging as work, you may get burned out. Build affection towards your blog and blogging, then you’ll enjoy it.

Over to you:

Keeping Enthusiasm for Blogging  is very important to move forward in blogosphere, otherwise you might fail to reach the top. How do you keep yourself enthusiastic for blogging? leave your opinion in the comment section.


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