How To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic Without Getting Broke

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Blogging can be really hard. You write blog posts day after day, waiting for the search engines to rank your posts and start sending you hoards of traffic, but it seems that the traffic only rises for a bit when you publish something new and the next day it gets down again.

You dream of eventually getting hundreds of visits to your blog daily. People reading, commenting and sharing your blog posts, thus attracting even more visitors, but the traffic grows so, slow that it’s even hard to notice.

How To Increase Your Blog's Traffic Easily                                                  [Image: ddpavumba/FreeDigitalPhotos]

If only you could get a kickstart to get things going?

You Don’t Have Money To Spend On Ads

A good idea would be to spend a little bit of money and get some visitors to your blog, right? Well, if you have tried paid ads, then you know that running them isn’t easy. Most likely the first campaigns that you will run won’t get you any results, you will be just testing the waters and even if you manage to get a mildly successful campaign running, it’s very likely that your small budget won’t last long, because advertising costs are very high.

You Don’t Have A Profitable Sales Funnel

So, to sustain your paid traffic campaign, you would need a profitable sales funnel, meaning; you spend one dollar on ads and you get one dollar back in profits. Then again, how do you build a funnel like that?

Firstly, you need a high converting capture page, then a low ticket product, a upsell, down-sell, high ticket product, a continuity offer and an email sequence to tie everything up, if it sounds like a lot of work, then you are right, it is. There are so many variables that you need get right, until eventually you end up with a high converting funnel.

Yet you can avoid building a funnel at first.

The Only Hope Is Free Traffic

So, if you want to build a business without spending money on traffic, you can use free traffic. All the money you make using free traffic is pure profit, you don’t need a complicated funnel in place to cover the advertising costs.

Relying solely on the search engines for free traffic isn’t smart, because it’s slow and unpredictable, one Google update can take away your whole traffic. There are better ways to get free traffic that have been around for years and are still working.

3 Dead Simple Strategies To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Most of the free traffic strategies are quite simple, but they require work to start seeing results. To get you going I want to share 3 strategies on which you can start working as soon as today.

1. Blog Commenting

It can’t get any simpler than that, you write a comment on a related blog and you get traffic back to your site. Also, by leaving comments you build relationships with the blog owners and with others in the Blogging community, that will help with the 3rd strategy.

  1. You find related blogs using Google and Social Media.
  1. You select the ones that allow you to leave a link back to your website.
  1. You write relevant, value adding comments.

Tip: Look for blogs that have CommentLuv installed, which also allows you to feature a recent blog post.

Tip: Try to be one of the first people to leave a comment, then you will get more people to see it and you will get more traffic.

2. Forums

Another very simple traffic generation strategy.

Now, to start getting traffic you need to find forums that allow signatures and obviously you would put a link there back to your site and every time you post, you would get exposure to your link.

  1. Find relevant 2-3 blogs that allow signatures.
  1. Spend 15 minutes daily posting on the forums. Obviously don’t spam, make sure to provide value, this helps tremendously to get attention to your signature.

3. Guest Blogging

Out of the 3 strategies that I mentioned, this is by far the hardest, but then again Guest Blogging will bring you the best results.

  1. Find relevant blogs that accept guest posts.
  1. Contact the blog owners, start with the ones that you have built a relationship with by blog commenting.
  1. Pitch them your idea for a guest post.
  1. Write the guest post according to all of the guidelines that they have, guidelines differ on every blog.
  1. Wait for it to get published.
  1. Reply to all the comments you get to further build relationships in your niche.

In case you are wondering how you are going to generate traffic using guest blogging, it’s actually very simple. When guest blogging, you will be allowed to include a byline at the end of your post with links back to your website.


If you are a beginner blogger struggling with building your business, then I don’t recommend paid traffic, there’s so many steps ahead that you need to learn about, until you can be profitable with paid traffic, it’s not even funny. Better use free traffic and keep growing slowly and steadily and of course profitably. Again let me repeat myself, all the money you make using free traffic is profit.

Guest Article by Liudas Butkus

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