Grammarly Review: Is it worth Buying?

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If you’re a writer then you probably know the importance of grammar, and you might be already using some tools, but in this Grammarly Review, I’ll let you know my experience with Grammarly and its pro and cons.

I’ve been using the free Grammarly extension since very long, but recently upgraded to the premium version.

For those who don’t know, Grammarly is one of the most popular AI-powered automatic proofreading Grammar and punctuation checker tool that helps you correct your silly Grammar mistakes of your copy. For the record, Grammarly can detect and correct over 450 types of grammatical errors. It will even detect and correct some complex errors that you never thought of.

Grammarly has various types of software to use across different platforms; It has browser extension, an add-on for Microsoft Office, Windows, Mac App and online App.

Grammarly Review: What it does?

Grammarly Review

One of the best ways about being able to write on a computer is that you can easily put your words in a document at a very good speed. Some ergonomic keyboards allow you to increase your speed at a very fast pace.

But when you write fast, you are bound to make some mistakes. Whether you like it or not, these things happen, so you have to find a reliable, unique and creative way to eliminate all this trouble. And that’s what Grammarly can do for you.

Poor writing skills can easily hamper your career. Even a few grammar mistakes in a text can make the difference. So that’s the last thing you want to have here.

You need to find the right way to eliminate all the issues with your article, and you have to do that the best way you can. Grammarly is a tool that can be quite helpful since it finds the errors and grammar mistakes in your text.

At its core, the idea is simple. You install Grammarly in your browser, and you can write emails there, and the app will automatically tell you if there are issues with the text or not.

It helps a lot when it comes to eliminating mistakes, and the best part is that you can easily use it whenever and however you want. The app works very well, it’s extremely easy to install, and they did a good job at making it unique, distinct and very easy to use.

How can you use Grammarly?

Grammarly does a very good job with the idea of bringing you options. It has a free version that allows you to access solely the browser extension and 250 grammar mistakes.

If you pay the premium price that’s around $30 per month or ~$130 per year, you will also get access to many more grammar and style mistakes (up to 450) as well as a dedicated Microsoft Word plugin among others.

But yes, regardless of what plan you use, the situation is pretty much the same. You install the extension for your browser and Microsoft Word, and you are good to go.

Sometimes, you will note that you need to add your account if you got a Premium license. Otherwise, you can easily write without any issue and check the content with your regular version.

Using the Extension and the Web Version

Grammarly Extension FreeThe Chrome and Firefox extensions are great to use here. You can fire up and start writing on your blog or anything on the browser. Once you do that, you can easily start writing, and the extension will let you know if there are any issues with the text.

grammarly-toolThis comes as a slide-in, and once you press there, you will immediately know what issues are there and what you have to solve as fast as you can.

You can choose to ignore some of the fixes, or you can make them if you so desire. The way you work on this is totally up to you, but it can help you identify some issues with your text without a problem.

During the Grammarly review process, I realized that the web version is also as good as a browser extension.

You may not be using that very often, but it does work if you want to study text outside of WordPress; Upload the desired file or copy-paste in there, and you will surely be quite impressed with the way things pan out for sure.Grammarly WebThe proofreading process is easy to go into, and it can offer you all the information that you may need here. It does a very good job at offering the help you need, but at the same time, it doesn’t stand in your way at all.

It works extremely well in doing what it wants to do, and it does eliminate a wide range of problems in no time.

Grammarly for Microsoft Office and Outlook

The Microsoft products that received Grammarly plugins here are Outlook and Office. It makes sense because most people write content using Office, and the business world is mostly relying on Outlook, which is important to keep in mind.

That being said, they did a very good job when it comes to offering a delightful and unique user experience.

The way Grammarly works in Outlook and Word is similar. You have a button that allows you to enable or Grammarly as you see fit.

This is very good because not everyone wants to see their mistakes at all times while writing. It goes to show that Grammarly helps you identify mistakes in no time, and the best part is that you don’t have any limits here. You can easily go back and forth, and you can pick specific errors to focus on.

grammarly microsoft word

What I liked about the Grammarly is the fact that you have things like contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure or style already opened up. But you can also add vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism features if you want. Grammarly also has its own settings added inside the Microsoft apps too.

This way you can further customize your experience. Keep in mind that this will lead you inside the browser because you can’t change any settings inside the plugin. Which does make sense, to some extent.

Grammarly Windows and Mac App

Grammarly Windows App

Grammarly has a separate desktop Apps for Windows and Mac, even though it’s very similar to the web version, it’s quite easy to quickly launch the app.

I use this Grammarly app very often for my writing and other work.

Vocabulary Enhancement

This is a great feature that Grammarly has and which works great here. You will have to use this feature because it allows you to remove those unwanted, repeated expressions you always tend to add in each piece.

Unfortunately, all writers have this issue, and that’s why using such a tool can come in handy. It’s offering you various suggestions like synonyms. In theory, this will allow you to boost your vocabulary and take your entire experience to the next level.

Plagiarism Checker

A thing to note about the plagiarism checker in Grammarly is that this is not added automatically. It’s important to activate it if you want to check any plagiarism problems. But yes, when compared to Copyscape for example, it can be even more accurate than you imagine.

Whether you like using it or not, this is a feature that can and will come in handy most likely when you want to get some ideas from other sites, but you express them in your way.

Should you use Grammarly free or opt for Premium?

Right off the bat, you will notice that Grammarly has a lot of cool stuff in its free version. The punctuation checks are there, you can use it in the browser, and there are 100 points of grammar as well as 200+ mistakes revised in general.

It goes to show that there’s just a lot of value to have here and the experience on its own can be a nice one when you use this tool.

grammarly cost

But as you can imagine, the free tool does tell you how many repairs you can make if you would use the Premium version. There are 250 points of grammar here, 400+ repairs in total, sentence structure, style checks, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detection, document type checker, Office plugin and so on.

As always, it all comes down to what you want to do with Grammarly and how often you want to use it. If you are a writer and write a ton of content each day, then using Grammarly is a sheer necessity and using Premium can help you shine.

grammarly premium

But if you just write from time to time, Grammarly Premium may not bring you that much value right away. This is why the best thing you can do is to try out the free version and then you can opt for a monthly subscription when you need it the most.

That being said, there are lots of offers for Premium, usually, you can get at least 20% off or more, not to mention they have special sales. Premium is worth it if you write often, but keep in mind that at the regular price of around $30 per month, it’s a bit prohibitive for a lot of people.

It does allow you to identify mistakes and a variety of problems, so you do want to use it as fast as you can to reach the results you want. Whether it will work extremely well for you or not, that’s a debate, but it is a great tool and one that you will like quite a lot.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links; which means I earn some commissions if you purchase any plans using my links.

Final Verdict on Grammarly

Of course, Grammarly is one of the best spell checkers that you can find online. It works a lot better than Microsoft Word, it has a plagiarism tool, and it can be used as a Microsoft Word/Outlook plugin, desktop software, and web app. However, the issue is that you need to be online all the time.

GET Grammarly

It may not be a problem if you live in the city, but people without internet connection can’t access any of these features. Despite that, if you have an internet connection, installing Grammarly can pay off. It works extremely well with all types of content, and you are going to enjoy correcting mistakes with it.

Is Grammarly worth it? Yes. Do I recommend Grammarly? Yes! I highly recommend Grammarly for Writers, Authors, Bloggers, Students and other professionals who want to be perfect.

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