GetResponse Review And Comparison With 3 Others

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Are you an internet marketer looking for good email marketing solution at cheap price?? We are going to discuss about the best email marketing platforms available. There are many marketers who are wasting tons of extra money for email marketing solution for some, which could be done at much lesser price if one chooses wisely.

For a marketer it is very much important to get returning visitor rather than new visitor, because when a reader returns back to your blog it means that he found your blog useful due to which he/she returned back searching for some important thing. However, they may not visit your site more frequently if they are not subscribed to your blog. And possibly some day they may just get vanished and never come back to your blog.

GetResponse Review

But if you get him/her in your email subscribing list, the user may turn into a regular visitor and someday your valuable customer. It is clearly noticed that the products you promote or the services you provide are being taken by the one who trust over your websites and your returning visitors mostly. To turn your new visitor into subscriber you must use the most powerful tool that supports you to attract your users in every possible way you try.

Best platform Among AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp & ConstantContact:

To choose the best platform out of the email marketing service provider, we would look after various advantages and disadvantages which would be profitable for user with respect to money, features and advantages of using one service.

Pricings & Plans:

1. ConstantContact:  Charges from 20$-85$ for 500-10,000 subscriber [Charges 85$ for 10k subscriber]

ConstantContact2. AWeber: AWeber is charging from 19$-169$ for 500-25,000 subscriber [69$ for 10000 subscriber]


3. MailChimp: MailChimp is charging 10$-25$ for 500-2000 subscriber,whereas they are providing separate plan for bigger plan.


4. GetResponse: GetResponse is charging 15$-450$ for 1,000-100000 subscriber [65$ for 10000 email subscriber].


While comparing the pricing you can save lots of money while choosing the service provider very wisely. In the above comparison it is clear that GetResponse is the cheapest email marketing provider out of all. It is always good idea to save money while buying a similar kind of services.

Responsive & beautiful templates:

Email templates having beautiful templates always help in improving the CTR, which helps in pulling more visitors for your website. Varieties of templates option also helps in creating beautiful emails which looks very cool and professional which might be used for connecting with customers or readers in better way.


All the platforms try their best to provide more good templates for their users, so that both company and customers can get 100% advantage.  Despite of creating stunning templates option I prefer GetResponse templates gallery because it has better templates available with more fresh templates option. I also like the templates from Constant contacts but I prefer GetResponse more.

Drag and drop:

This is one of the most beneficial tool, which one can use to customize the email templates without any technical knowledge. However, one must have some technical knowledge to work with AWeber, otherwise rest tools are providing easy customizable platform.

Drag and Drop

Good support team:

All the Email Marketing platform providers have kept their support team aside to support the customer whenever they need support. But AWeber and GetResponse has also provided live chat support option for quick solution of any problem faced by the customer. On other hand Constant contact has provided phone call support with award winning support team, you just need to make a call whenever you need a help and they are ready to help you for free. Whereas MailChimp doesn’t look up to the mark if compared, so in support ConstantContact is providing good support followed by GetResponse and AWeber.

Sign Up process:

You can quickly signup for free trial on all email marketing platform mentioned here as they all had enabled free trial option. Out of which GetResponse is the best platform which support full premium features on free trial without credit card details.

Free Trials:

AWeber is also providing complete access to premium features in free trial [Credit card details required]. On other side MailChimp and constant contact is not providing the full premium features on free trial like at constant contact after 100 replies on comment the free trial gets over and MailChimp doesn’t provide any support and Auto responder for free trial users. Whereas GetResponse is the best platform which support full premium features on free trial without credit card details for 30 days. After which one has to upgrade for another month.


After looking over all the important points, I recommend  GetResponse email marketing platform personally. It is because GetResponse is perfect for professional use, and it has lots of small and big important features in it, which makes easier for one marketer to build better email list and send more professional emails.

It is overall the complete package for internet marketers which comes at very decent price, currently I’ve started with GetResponse’s 30 days free trial. If you have any good or bad experience for any of the tool please share us.

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