Best Places to Hire Freelance Graphic Designers

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The rapidly changing working environment has birthed digital working that allows employers to hire graphic designers from the comfort of their homes. All you need to do is to go to a freelancing marketplace, find a designer and start working. But, to make sure that you don’t fall victim to a digital scam or get low quality work, you should only hire freelancers from the top marketplaces.

And in this guide, we are going to reveal you the 7 best places to hire freelance graphic designers so you can get a bang for your buck, so let’s start:

Best Places to Hire Freelance Graphic Designers

99 Designs

Hire Freelance Graphic Designers

One of the main attractions of this platform is the contests. There are thousands of freelancers at the website that partake in the competitions held at the website hosted by buyers. And the design that the client likes the most gets the prize money set by the buyer/client.

This environment of competition brings out the best designs, which means as a buyer, you get fully professional graphics for your business at the surety of highest standards.

99 Designs is one of the most credible and professional platforms to get designers for your projects and the flexibility to set rates according to your budget allows you to get the best in the least.


Fiverr hire logo designers

If you have been searching for freelancing platforms lately, you must have come across Fiverr during your research. It is a name that cannot be ignored when it comes to hiring freelancers for any type of work. But the best part about Fiverr is its low prices. The name Fiverr is coined from ‘five’ which means you can get gigs for as little as five dollars.

Granted, the quality of work hugely depends on what you pay for; you can still get pretty good bargains from freelancers at this website. Even some of the most established sellers are making designs for as low as five dollars.

Furthermore, there is a whole portfolio of the designer at the website ranging from their own unique creations to the projects they have done for their clients. This can also help you a lot in quickly vetting the best graphic designers.



If you have deep pockets and only want to work with the cream of the crop, then Toptal might be the place for you. The reason why you can get only the best work from this platform is that they only accept 3% of the applicants (freelancers) to offer services at their platform.

The applicants go through a screening process to ensure only the worthy of them can provide services at their platform so their clients can get the top-class experience.

Since they accept only the cream, you are rest assured that the quality of work you will receive from the freelance designers will be top-notch.



Designhill is a standalone graphics design marketplace that has a variety of professional designers from around the world. Whether you are looking for a simple logo or the copy of Mona Lisa’s portrait, Designhill is your go-to place. Another reason why Designhill is one of the best places to hire freelance graphics designers is that it has tons of sub-categories in the designing area.

Whether you need a logo, website design, business cards, brochure design or simple packaging design, you will find professional graphic designers for your every need. Furthermore, the rates set by the professional graphic designers are not jaw-dropping as well.

You can get professionalism and high standard of work at very reasonable prices. And since there is a feedback system, you can offer your feedback to the designer to adjust the design according to your requirements and accept it when you are satisfied.



It is not possible that we discuss the best places to hire freelance graphic designers and not include Freelancer. The platform operates on a global level and has freelancers and clients from more than 240 countries, territories, and regions.

The behemoth in freelancing marketplaces caters to the needs of both individuals and businesses. It has a massive database of 21 million employers and freelancers that conduct business successfully.

The best part about the website is the various levels and badges that the freelancers have. You can quickly vet out the best from the rest by just looking at their multiple qualification badges and levels. This not only saves your time but also helps you find the right person for the right job at reasonable rates.



The mission of Truelancer is to build a global community consisting of highly trusted freelancers. And the best part is that they go out of their way to stay in line with their goal. Getting a freelancer at a highly affordable price and expecting great results are two different things that usually don’t go hand in hand.

However, Truelancer seems to be working with some of the most exceptional freelancers in every industry ranging from writing to designing. Furthermore, the ease of use and excellent customer support are also one of their main fortes.

If you are looking to try out a platform where you can create a free account and post projects for free, Truelancer is your go-to place.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour

There are tons of best places to hire freelance graphic designers but what makes People Per Hour stand out is its ability to keep everything at one place and well-organized. Let’s say you communicated with a seller and then placed an order, you need to be able to access all chat history before and after the order at one place which, most of the platforms, fail to provide.

This sometimes creates confusion, and people end up getting the designs that they didn’t want. So to help clients and freelancers understand and remember everything they discussed, People Per Hour has a WorkStream function that keeps everything from messages to quotes and briefs at one place.

Furthermore, the company only allows fully verified freelancers to be able to provide service at their platform, which means there is virtually zero chance of getting scammed.

Over to You

It is easy to find tons of freelance platforms on the internet but to find the best places to hire freelance graphic designers can be a daunting task if you are new to the whole digital working environment. But, with our list provided above, you can quickly find the most qualified freelance graphic designers at very reasonable rates.

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