Elementor Black Friday Deal 2022: Get up to 30% OFF

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Are you holding your breath for the Elementor Black Friday Deal 2022? The world’s best brands, including Elementor, treat you with some of the best discounts each year in November. Last year, Elementor facilitated its users with an insane Black Friday sale. Will this year match the craziness of that previous year’s sale?

You’ll be surprised that Elementor offers up to 30% OFF on its Agency Plan. It means you can get an exclusive WordPress website builder packed with an array of features only by paying $23.25 per month. If you’re just a blogger, you can also avail of 20% OFF on the Expert Plan of Elementor which offers up to 25 Pro Website Activations.

30% OFF

This Black Friday, one of the popular WordPress Page builders, Elementor is offering up to 30% OFF on its plugin and 20% OFF on its cloud website builder plan.

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You must be interested to know what Elementor is and how you can benefit from its Black Friday deal. Please continue reading to uncover every aspect of this extraordinary website builder.

What is Elementor’s Black Friday Deal?

Elementor Black Friday Deal

If you have been eyeing Elementor Pro for so long and waiting for a discounted offer, then the Elementor Black Friday deal is around the corner. Being a leading WYSIWYG page builder for WordPress, Elementor offers up to 30% OFF on its Pro plugin plans. You can avail of this exclusive offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In case you’re wondering if this Elementor Black Friday Sale will continue throughout the year. No, this discount will expire by 30th November 2022. So, hurry up and grab Elementor Pro at an unbelievable price.

What is Elementor: A Brief Overview?

Elementor overview

Elementor is a leading WYSIWYG website page builder plugin for WordPress. When designing customer pages or creating a new website from scratch on WordPress, you must hit a roadblock if you need prior coding or website design experience. Learning coding and website designing will take a lot of your time. It means you need to consider the most accessible and reliable approach. This is where Elementor offers top-notch services.

When you create pages with Elementor, you don’t need coding or website development expertise. Elementor is the best drag-and-drop plugin for WordPress that offers tons of exclusive features at affordable rates. Elementor was first launched in 2016, but it has gained massive penetration in the industry within this shorter period.

Whether you’re an agency, site builder, digital marketer, or casual WordPress user, Elementor offers something valuable.

Elementor Vs. Elementor Pro

You can also use the accessible version of Elementor if you want to ensure that it will go well with your expectations. The free version lacks essential features, such as widgets, an extensive library of page templates, and theme and popup builders. But this version will help you better understand the user experience and pricing plans of Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro is the advanced and paid version of Elementor, packed with many exclusive features. You need to activate the plugin on your WordPress to create custom designs for your pages. This WordPress plugin is more than a page builder. It also enables you to customize the footer, header, and other areas of your pages to give them a clutter-free appearance.

The recent updates of Elementor make it more than just an ordinary page builder. The straightforward and drag-and-drop interface of the plugin will not only help you create custom designs but also take control over the appearance and performance of your website.

Features of Elementor

1.      Theme Builder

Initially, this WordPress plugin was introduced as a page builder, but it has an updated theme builder feature. It lets you customize every aspect of your website. Apart from customizing the header, footer, post archives, and other website areas, you can now create custom templates for your posts and pages.

2.      An array of Widgets

Elementor offers an array of widgets you can insert into your website pages. You can get access to pricing tables, PayPal buttons, call-to-action buttons, carousels, and image galleries.

3.      Block & Templates

The editable templates are the most noticeable feature of Elementor. You can easily import your favorite template into your pages without having design expertise. Elementor offers 100+ content blocks and 300-page templates.

4.      Mobile Responsiveness

The mobile responsiveness editing controls of Elementor make it an ideal page Builder. The plugin gives you complete control over how your content should look on different screen sizes. For example, you can change the position of a page element or hide some features on mobile but make them visible on larger screens.

5.      Drag-and-Drop Editing

The drag-and-drop feature of Elementor allows you to resize the rows and columns and move items around the page by just dragging and dropping. Above all, you can access a vast selection of keyboard shortcuts to save you time.

6.      Context Controls

The context-sensitive controls of Elementor are beneficial in customizing your pages in terms of how they look and function. You can apply a range of animation effects and use text fields, sliders, or buttons to change the look of your pages.

7.      WooCommerce Builder

The WooCommerce builder feature of Elementor enables you to design and edit your WooCommerce stores more efficiently.

8.      User Experience

WordPress offers two primary user-interface WordPress Editor and WordPress Customizer. Elementor adds a third user interface to WordPress, helping you customize the appearance and functionality of your site.

You can also access some other features of Elementor, including Popup Builder, Form Builder, Hello Theme, Global Widgets, Integrations, and Role Manager.

Pricing Plans of Elementor

Pricing Plan
Regular Price
Elementor Black Friday Deal
$59/Year 1 Pro Website Activation
$10 OFF
$99/Year 3 Pro Website Activations
10% OFF
$199/Year 25 Pro Website Activations
20% OFF
$399/Year 1000 Pro Website Activations
30% OFF
Elementor Cloud
20% OFF

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to customize your existing WordPress website or create a new one from scratch, Elementor can be the right plugin. It is a powerful tool for building and customizing WordPress websites. The Elementor’s best balance of usability and exclusive features make it the perfect tool for digital marketers, site builders, and casual WordPress users.

If you want to join Elementor or upgrade to its higher-level plan, it is the perfect time to do so. The Elementor Black Friday deal is here. Go ahead, grab your favorite pricing plan at an unbelievable price, and enjoy all the perks you need to design and customize your WordPress website.


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