Create Beautiful CSS Buttons and Boxes with these WordPress Plugins

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You might have seen many eye-catching colorful call-to-action css buttons and boxes on varies websites. Usually these are done by CSS effects. These attractive CSS call-to-action buttons can increase the conversion rate of your leads or sales. So in this article, i’ll share some plugins to add css buttons and boxes.

CSS codes are easy to create and insert to your website, but if you want different kind of buttons and boxes each time, your style.css might get messy and heavy. So to solve this problem, I’m going to share some of the easy to use WordPress plugins that lets you create attractive and eye-catching CSS buttons and boxes.

WordPress Plugins to add css buttons and boxes

CSS Button Generator Plugins


Maxbuttons: WordPress Button Generator

css buttons and boxes

This is one of the best WordPress plugin to create stunning CSS buttons that can be used as call-to-action buttons on your post, page or on sales page.


  • No coding; you don’t have to hassle with your Style css or html. This plugin takes care of everything
  • This plugin lets you create unlimited number of buttons
  • Works with all browsers
  • Fully CSS3 compliant with text shadowing and gradients
  • Choose unlimited colors
  • See your buttons on different color backgrounds
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • It also allows you to add button links (ex: affiliate links) with nofollow attribute

This plugin also offers pro package with paid version which provides some extra features like Icon Support, Shopp Integration, etc.

To demonstrate this awesome plugin generated buttons, I’ve added a button on this page that you can see it right below.

WP CSS3 Button Creator

This is also a similar plugin which lets you create amazing CSS3 buttons on your WordPress site. The easy to use CSS3 button generator interface makes it super easy to generate eye-catching CSS3 buttons quickly.


  • Create unlimited number of CSS buttons
  • No CSS or coding knowledge required
  • Works with all modern browsers
  • CSS3 compliant with text shadowing, box shadowing, Opacity, etc
  • Color picker for unlimited color combinations
  • Icon support
  • It lets you customize the way you want
  • Generate and use buttons anywhere you want on your site

Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin

This is one of the newly released CSS Buttons Plugin, as the name suggests you don’t have to struggle to add Shortcodes. This plugin allows you to add beautiful CSS buttons directly through WordPress Visual editor.


  • Doesn’t require Shortcodes
  • directly add beautiful CSS buttons to your posts/pages
  • Various button types
  • Easy to use



CSS Box Generator plugins


Standout Color Boxes and Buttons

This plugin adds colored content boxes into a posts and pages. This plugin also lets you create buttons with boxes, but buttons are not that attractive as compared to above plugins. Using a shortcode or PHP function you can create buttons and content boxes.


  • Create unlimited number of content boxes and buttons
  • Works on all major browsers
  • CSS3 compliant
  • Choose your own color schemes
  • Write and include your own CSS

Drop Shadow Boxes

This plugin provides an easy way to highlight important content on your posts and pages inside a box with a drop shadow. You can Personalize the box with drop shadow effects like raised, lifted and perspective and choose whether the box has an inside shadow, outside shadow and rounded corners. This plugin includes a widget and shortcode builder with a preview so you can test your box before adding it.


  • No need to configure anything
  • Adds a widget and shortcode builder with a preview
  • Works on all major browsers
  • Highlights important content on your posts and pages with a drop shadow

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Even though we can easily add custom css to style.css directly, handling so many custom files can become messy, so try these plugins to add attractive css buttons and boxes to your WordPress site.

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